How To Keep Your House Clean During The Pandemics like Corona?

Microbes are everywhere. Some of those are pathogenic causing illness to our human beings. It is always crucial to stay away from or get rid of those harmful agents at your home, workplace or everywhere. Clean home would be your last line of defense. Still, regular house cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing things won’t be enough. Disinfecting your house is what you should do. So, how to keep your house clean during the pandemics like Corona? Here it is.

Stop Bringing such Pandemic Viruses to your Home

Stay isolated. If you are back to home from high-risk environments like congested public halls, hospitals, etc. take shower before touching any accessories at your home. Indeed, put your clothes directly into the washing machine.

house clean during the pandemicsMost importantly, those viruses cannot pass though the skin layers. Infection occurs only when the virus is on your hands, and you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Keep your grocery bags in a transition zone.

Wash your hands gently, unload the bags and trash the bags. Clean the surface where you had the carry bags placed.

It is always good to avoid bringing things from outside during such severe pandemics.

How to Clean your Home during Corona Pandemic?

Of somebody in the house has been with affected with virus, there are chances your inner surfaces of home would be. Mostly,

  • the taps,
  • door handles,
  • kitchen utensils,
  • bathroom,
  • towels,
  • remote controls,
  • switch boards,
  • refrigerator doors,
  • kettle
  • wardrobe, etc

– must be the high potentially compromised things in the house. In such a case, how to disinfect your household things to combat against such dreadful organisms?

Let me share some ideas to clean or disinfect your house to stay safe at home.

Tips to Stay Safe at Home during a Pandemic like Corona

To deal with those pandemics, it’s often diligent to practice social distancing. Even, your family members can keep distances. Make your time more productive by deep cleaning your home with healthy homemade cleaning products. Here is the cleaning checklist during the pandemics like COVID-19, SARS, etc.

  • Clean your house and its surfaces everyday
  • Keep cleaning utilities around whenever it is required
  • Make sure to wash hands before and after your every activity
  • Use alcohol-based disinfectants
  • Use wipes that can kill 99.9% germs
  • Let your hand sanitizers have 60% alcohol content in it
  • Use different water for dishes, washing clothes and floor cleaning
  • Every day clean your bathroom surfaces
  • Clean your everyday high-touch surfaces often
  • Throw off the carry bags coming from outside
  • Deep clean the kitchen sink even thrice a day or more
  • De-clutter and clean your air vents
  • Clean your daily usable like makeup brushes, etc
  • Keep your kitchen trash empty
  • Use disposable gloves while putting & collecting your clothes for laundry
  • Make sure to disinfectant your washing machine with hot water, disinfectant & detergents and dry it up after use
  • Clean & change the bedroom linen, curtains, floor mats, rugs, and bed sheets regularly.
  • Have your cleaning utilities disinfected
  • Always wear protective gloves, masks, while cleaning
  • Scrub the microfiber with hot water before and after use it to mop the floor

And, it goes. Try to clean and disinfectant your house holdings as much as possible, to stop the virus spreading.

It’s essential to Disinfect your House

Cleaning is different from disinfecting. House cleaning can be done anytime. But, when you are under the threat, it is important to disinfectant your house and its holdings. Especially, clean your daily-touchable things thoroughly to kill the germs on it.

Indeed, washing with water and soap is good enough. Still, using disinfectants that have 60% alcohol content gives you confident that you are safe.

The fact is, with deep cleaning you can prevent the micro-organisms spreading inside your house. With disinfecting, you are killing the victims.

How to safeguard your children at home against Corona or any severe pandemics?

It is always troublesome to protect our kids and old parents against such attacks since their immunity will be low. They are easily affected. So, here are some of the tips to care for your kids.

  • Deep clean their regular usable things like toys
  • Don’t share their towels, soaps, etc.
  • It’s hard, still don’t hug or kiss them during the pandemics
  • Don’t bring them to the crowds or for any events
  • Make them to wash their hands often
  • Better to wear masks, gloves all the time
  • Make them to take shower multiple times a day

Be caution and take it serious. It is always good to stay clean and safe.

Final Words about House Cleaning during Pandemics

If you have more questions about those pandemic diseases, refer to this article. The popular health and cleaning experts answering the questions from common people about keeping their home sanitized and disinfected.

Share your precautionary measures, house cleaning progress and more about keeping your clean and disinfectant against the pandemic viruses.

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