Kitchen Knife Buying Guide: What Kitchen Knives Do I Need?

Don’t fed-up with your carving jobs that go botched. Perhaps, you might need to need some perfect kitchen knives that can make your jobs smoother. Investing in good kitchen accessories will add pleasure to your food preparations. Keep reading this kitchen knife buying guide to bring best knife to your kitchen.

Guide to Buying Kitchen Knife Set

Major Types of Kitchen Knives

The single knife cannot meet your all kitchen chopping, cutting and carving to-do’s. There are a plethora of kitchen knives of even different sizes out there. Each type of kitchen knife serves unique needs. Hence, you might opt for buying kitchen knife set.

Do you think you will use every single knife in the set? No way. Why to buy something you don’t use. Run through the major types of kitchen knives available and buy exactly what you need.

Chef Knife – No kitchen will be complete without a chef knife. The most commonly used kitchen knife with a long, triangular but also smoother blades to slice and dice all varieties of vegetables and even meat.

Paring Knife – It’s the smaller version of check knife. Entitling chef knife to meat, then use paring knives to cut vegetables or any small cutting tasks. Otherwise, there’s no more specific task to use paring knife.

Utility Knife – We often call it as all-purpose knife that comes with a longer blade than paring knife. It can help you performing your every cutting job. Whenever you need more than a knife in your kitchen, have it then.

Serrated/Bread Knife – The kitchen or dining knives that have a long, thin blades serrated on the end to slice breads. Also, you can use to cut tough skin vegetables like tomatoes without destroying it.

Santoku Knife – It’s a popular types of Japanese knives. Santoku refers to three virtues. The single kitchen knife that you can use to slice, chop and mince. It has more thinner blades than a chef knife for more precise cutting.

Boning Knife – One of the types of kitchen knives that have long, thin and flexible blades to single out flesh from the accompanying bones. May not be the choice for every cook, unless you do bone-out often.

Filleting Knife – Almost similar to boning knife. The kitchen knife that has thinner blade specially designed to cut fish.

Few other Types of Kitchen Knives by its nature & Use

  • Slicing Knife
  • Electric Knife
  • Cleaver Knife
  • Butcher Knife
  • Cimeter Knife
  • Breaking Knife
  • Tomato Knife
  • Oyster Knife
  • Peeling Knife
  • Sandwich Knife

Kitchen Knife Set Buying Guide

Adding the suitable knives to your kitchen is somehow overwhelming. If you are an aesthetic cook, then I am sure you must spend some time to choose perfect kitchen knife set. Before getting into the various aspects to check on any kitchen to buy, understand your needs. Focus on your essentials and your cooking style.

Things to consider before buying any Kitchen Knife

Any usual kitchen must have at least four different knives. It includes chef’s knife, utility knife, slicer, and paring knife. With these four different kitchen knives, you can uncover all your kitchen cutting and carving woks. Rather buying a kitchen knife set, set to buy must-to-have kitchen knives saving your money.

Know the terminologies, purpose, types and nature of different kitchen knives before buying. Consider your cooking style. What sort of cutting or slicing task you do have often? Are you the only player in your kitchen? How frequent you love including meat or fish to your meals?

Before buying a kitchen knife, get to find answers for these common queries. Then, you will find this kitchen knife buying guide more helpful to choose and buy your best kitchen knives.

Kitchen Knife Buying Guide: Let’s Get Started

To be precise, let me share few simple things to consider buying the kitchen knife. Hope, considering a bit about all these can help you adding the most useful multi-purpose but also economical utilities to your kitchen room.

#1 Knife construction

Majorly, there are two ways knives are made usually: forged and stamped. The forged knives are made of heating a steel metal under extreme heat to mould it to any desired shape. These are tending not to bend over time and usage.

It will be bit costlier than another, with stronger blades.

#2 Material

Most of the knives we use today are made of stainless steel. These stainless steel knives needs frequent sharpening.

Further, carbon stainless steel knives will be its best alternatives but expensive.

Ceramic knives that are made of Zirconium oxide will be more hard but light to handle. Comparatively, these ceramic knives need less-frequent sharpening than stainless steel knives. Go between these choices.

#3 Sharpness

Depending on your needs and your knife-handling experience, decide upon your kitchen knife. Have a try cutting your vegetables or meat with a blunt knife. You will feel the wrist pain and thus, the importance of knife sharpness. I insist you to sharpen your kitchen knives periodically ensuring its long-life.

#4 Rusting & Corrosion

Do you have the habit of leaving your knives unwashed? How your knives and kitchen utilities are dishwasher-safe? The knife you buy must be rust and corrosion resistant. Make sure you are washing the knives before its every use.

#5 Knife Handle

The most common knife handle options are: wood, plastic, and metal. Your kitchen knife must be excellent for handle comfort and balance. Ensure there is a balanced weight between the blade and handle. So that, handling will be easy and comfort. The knife weight is another significant factor to consider while choosing your kitchen knife set.

#6 Cost

Usually, knives won’t cost you much. Only a very few kitchen knife models like Santoku would be expensive. Since these are multi-purpose and easy-to-handle knives. It’s good have combination of these knives in your kitchen to ease-out your cooking.

Buying a Kitchen Knife to Cut Meat

If you are meat lover or hunter, then you must be dying to buying a kitchen knife to cut meat. Then, usual chef’s knife or carving knives are best choices. If you often need meat cutting, obviously, boning, or filleting knives are specific to cut flesh from bones and ligaments.

Pro-tips: In case you are using same knife to cut vegetables and meat, make sure you are washing it thoroughly after every use. If not, it can bring even more illness and make you to fall sick.

Kitchen Knife Maintenance and Care

I am here splitting kitchen knife maintenance and care into three crucial aspects.

# Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Have the perfect knife sharpening tools handy. Sharpening your kitchen knives periodically can make it serve you longer. Your kitchen knives lasts long life. Indeed, you will find it pain-free and comfort to cut vegetables, onions or anything. Especially, chopping green leaves and tomatoes, you knives must sharpener.

You can also wipe two knife blades to get it more sharpen. But, handle with care.

# Kitchen Knife Washing & Drying

Though most of the kitchen knives are dishwasher safe, still hand washing and drying is recommended. This can keep your knife in a good condition. If you use dishwasher for washing and drying kitchen knives, better to remove it before the cycle completes and dry it by hand.

# Kitchen Knife Storage Options

Irrespective to the quality of any kitchen knife, it is obvious to store in a proper place. So that, you can protect blades from damage. Use storage boards, or knife blocks to store kitchen knives safe and smooth.

Ensure you are using knives to cut on smoother surfaces only.

Final Take Away: Buying a kitchen knife guide

How to choose a chef knife? I hope this kitchen knife buying guide will be more helpful. You will find it easy to buy only the essential kitchen knife that you often use. You can save enough time, and money.

So far, if you have bought your kitchen knives randomly, then it’s time to organize your kitchen with best knives. Try some high-quality knives and feel the difference. Your chopping will be easier, and cooking will be faster. Overall, the time you spend in kitchen for cooking will be compact. Finish your cooking soon and relax calm.

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