Air Purifying Curtains To Fight Against Pollution Inside Your Home

Basically curtain is just a piece of cloth to block the obscure light or dust or water inside the house. Otherwise, to have your rooms insulated and hence, to give privacy. Like every other elements you use to decorate your home, curtains are one among those to give aesthetic look. Apart from these, have you ever heard about air purifying curtains?

People often spend enough time to choose their curtain patterns and designs as a plethora of styles out there. Curtains are available in wide range of length, fabrics, colors, and designs. Probably, your curtain must be perfect to your furniture, paint, and flooring.

Armed with all these information, today let’s explore some unique idea behind the purpose of using window curtains. Nothing but, the special curtain called air purifying curtains to make your rooms pollution-free.

Air Purifying Curtains To Make Your Room Dirt-Free

What if your window curtains can protect your life from harmful polluted air? Beyond decoration, window curtains are proved t be a life saver now. As a normal human, we all concern about the quality of the air we breathe. Around millions of people a year are dying by indoor air pollution ailments. Hence, WHO puts air pollution in top of the list of environmental health risks.

IKEA, the Sweden based home furnishing multinational company introduces GUNRID, an air purifying curtains. Obviously, this might be an affordable solution to deal with indoor air pollution. Moreover, curtains don’t occupy extra space in your room. So, it’s a space-saving solution to combat air pollution inside your house.

Idea Behind Air Purifying Curtains, GUNRID

We must say that this air purifying window curtain must be unique and innovation by its nature and purpose. Have you heard about Photosynthesis? The natural process that plants and some other organisms convert water and Co2 into food, using sunlight. The GUNRID uses the same principle here.

A mineral-based photo catalyst is applied to the fabric of the curtain, which is induced by the light. You believe it or not, most of the photo catalysts activated only by the natural light.
But the IKEA team with its innovation uses some special coating to break down the pollutants even with artificial indoor lights.

However, IKEA acknowledges that using this GUNRID air purifying curtains alone can’t resolve the air pollution problems completely. But, it can be one solution to help dealing with polluted air and reduce the risks breathing poor quality air. Why don’t we take a step ahead in leading a healthy life?

Does Air Purifying Curtains Available in the Market?

Unfortunately, these IKEA’s GUNRID air purifying curtains are in the testing phase. From the laboratory tests, it shows that it is safe to use and works well. And, it is yet to rest in real-time, home environment. Once everything goes well, soon we shall expect it in the market by 2020.

Hopefully, this product from IKEA could help more individuals who are all suffering from indoor air pollution, especially the elder family members.

Final Take Away: Air Purifying Curtains

How cool it will be if your DIY decoration element can contribute to quality air and healthy life style? Still, no idea whether these air purifying curtains will be available in different colors and patterns.

We must appreciate their thoughts behind utilizing every element in our home to favor our health. Let’s hope to have it in stores soon and wish the team to come up with more innovations.

Until then and forever, let’s practice to have natural air purifying agents, indoor plants. What do you say?

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