Best Household Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Dirt-Free

Are you getting tired cleaning your house? You admit your house wanted to be clean and dust-free always. How to clean your house effectively? How to maintain your home from dust? This post on best household cleaning tips can help well to clean your home and maintain it dirt-free.

best household cleaning tips

How do you feel while entering your house? Relaxed or stressed? It depends on how your house is organized with things and how clean it is. Statistics says that your home environment impacts on your mood greatly. We feel more anxious if our home looks messy.

Keeping our house cleaning is a best solution to have our mind stress-free. But, the cleaning itself makes us so anxious. We will be uncertain about where to start cleaning? How often we need to clean our house holdings? How much it will take to clean entire house (average size)? It is hardly possible to hire cleaning professionals all the time? OMG.

Cool. The entire house cleaning will be simple if you do it regularly. Save your money by doing it yourself. Moreover, women or maid will feel free to clean house with these tips and ideas. You will feel relaxed from stresses, if you enjoy the house cleaning jobs.

Without further odo, let’s get into the best household cleaning tips.

Best Household Cleaning Tips for Effective Freshness

Start with any room. But ensure that you are first cleaning the highest point in the room. Hence, you won’t knock dust onto the already cleaned things. And, then clean from left to right, not to miss any things.

#1 Dust Removal

First, start dusting your household things. It may be furniture, shelves, flower vases, picture frames, mirror, etc. Use light wet microfiber cloth to remove sticky dust else go with dry clothes. Normally, we will miss cleaning the top portion of any household items. So, make sure you are wiping the top side of furniture, or anything. Make sure you are wiping mirrors with a cloth that is soft.

You may use some cleansing agents or soap water to wipe windows of your entire house. Have both wet and dry cloth while cleaning windows. First wipe with wet cloth to remove dust or sticky chores. Then, wipe thoroughly with dry cloth leaving no stripes or strikes.

#2 Clean Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan is the most forgettable thing in house that most of the people often miss cleaning. Make sure that the switch is off before start cleaning your ceiling fans. Use dusting spray and then wipe it using both wet and then dry fabric. Make sure you are wiping both up and downside of the wings and the edges too. Use ladder and place it firmly before climbing. Any work you do, safety comes first.

#3 Wash Furniture Fabrics

If you are not replacing your furniture with fresh or washed fabric, then your cleaning process is incomplete. You won’t get fulfilment to sit and relax even after cleaning. But, don’t feel anxious that cleaning mattresses, table cloths, and windows screens is cumbersome. It is not so. Just soak these clothes in a bucket of water with baking soda. Then rinse for 2 times and dry it. You may also use some liquid agents to spread amazing fragrance on those fabrics.

#4 Kitchen Makeover

What you are feeling is right. Cleaning kitchen is a tedious one. The only way to make it simple is, clean every day. It is obvious to maintain your kitchen hygienic and free from contamination. The kitchen cabinets will often accumulate the oil substances on it, particularly near the handles.

The microfiber cloth would be the perfect to deal with tougher mess on the kitchen appliances. Sprinkle some soap water on those appliances. Leave it for less than a minute and then wipe to remove those oil chores on those utensils and other appliances. Take special care on your kitchen sinks. After cleaning sanitize sinks and tap handles with antibacterial cleanser and then wipe tap with wax paper. This is to remove water drops and to protect taps and tap handles from future stains. If not wax paper, you may use white fabric for wiping.

Clean your coffee maker, blender, mixer, juicer, etc. with some vinegar solutions to retain its original look and shine. Pack the stove burners in a bag and soak it in ammonia for a whole night. Then, wipe it with dry cloth to remove the grime and grease on it.

#5 Let your Bathroom take Bath

The most crucial area in your house to be maintained clean and fresh is your bathroom. First, clear the bathroom outlet counters, spray it and clean it thoroughly with some effective cleaning agent. At last, spray fragrance deo onto the entire bathroom. Make sure you are having separate brushes and wipers for cleaning tap handles, shower heads and toilet tubs.

Again, if you have mirror fittings in your bathroom, use brass agents for perfect finishing and cleanliness. Then, finally wipe the bathroom floor. As you will be using soap agents and water more in that area, the floor might be slippery. Hence, don’t be hurry while cleaning bathroom floors.

Like kitchen, frequent cleaning can make your job simpler in bathrooms. There are some specific places we often forget clean. It includes tooth brush holders, area around your faucet, etc. Check it once that you are done with everything.

There are higher possibilities in washing machines to have bacteria or other harmful germs. Use the combination of some hot water and bleach to get rid of harmful pets or organisms and sanitize it with smelling fresh.

#6 Mop Your Entire House

After cleaning or wiping every household things in all the rooms, mop you entire house for complete cleaning. You may use vacuum cleaner or stem mops to wipe even carpeted area, hard surfaces, room corners, edges, etc, Mix water with some smelling detergents to mop the floors for the first round. And then, for the 2nd time, just mop it with water. Use your mop as much as dry before wiping on the floor, to make your floors free from water drops..

#7 Plants Need maintenance

Don’t forget about to keep an eye on your indoor plants. Make sure there is no water stagnant in the plant pots, no mud cluster around pots, etc. Move the pots nearby, wipe the area where you had plants and then bring them back to its original position. For a change, you may change the places you keep different plants. This might give you a different look and awesome feel.

Typical Household Cleaning Tasks to do on a Regular Basis

To the bottom line, the basic household cleaning includes the below tasks. If you can prepare yourself to do so, then house cleaning won’t be unconvincing.

  • Cleaning kitchen includes wiping down appliances, counters, sinks, cabinet doors, shelves, washing utensils and drying, etc.
  • Bathroom cleaning takes in wiping or washing mirrors, toilets, bathtubs, showers, wash basins, faucets, etc.
  • Cleaning windows mirrors, washing window screen, furniture fabric, mattresses, bed linens, table clothes, and changing whatever necessary.
  • Considering entire house, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and then moping.
  • Finally removing garbage or recycling. Then restocking the cleaning products or agents and things like tissues, wax paper, cleaning clothes, etc.

Few Most Commonly Used Things for House Cleaning

Here are the typical cleaning products you must have to maintain your house clean and dirt-free. In further articles, let’s see more about these essential items needed for household cleaning.

  • Dusting spray
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Sweeper
  • Mops
  • Baking soda
  • Soap or essential oil
  • Vinegar solutions
  • Sponge, microfibers
  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Ladder and so on.

Have You Done Your Today’s Cleaning? It’s Time To!

Actively preventing from messes can reduce your cleaning tasks and time drastically. The good house cleaning tips will take much lesser efforts; but save your big cleaning time. The few best household cleaning tips shared here are simple to do. Try out these easy housekeeping tips to maintain your house free from dirt and dust. Live hygienically and be healthy.

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