Easy DIY Ideas To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors At Home

How to clean ceramic tile floors? How to make your ceramic tile floor to sparkle? Hope these simple DIY ideas can help you much better.

Hope you do remember how shiny it was, the next after fixing. Do you want to bring that shine back? With proper cleaning techniques and necessary cleaning agents, it’s easy to get it sparkle like before.

Clean Ceramic Tile Floors At Your Home

In recent days, ceramic tiles are popular since it is available in amazing designs, different sizes and very much affordable. Even, people are likely to fix it completely on the side walls of kitchen and dining. The reason being, it is easy to maintain and clean. Indeed, it will bring down your painting cost and workload. It adds appealing look to your rooms.

Ceramic tiles are made of the mixture of sand, natural clay and water exposed to high temperatures to be hard and robust.

Why To Worry About Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors?

Ceramic tiles are highly durable. At the same time, it hides dirt and germs that cause illness to your family. So, it’s obvious that it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Also, to retain its shine and long-life, make sure you spend some time to clean ceramic tile floors.

Basically, ceramic tile floors are natural resistant to dust. Still, it will become dull or damaged over the time, if you don’t maintain it properly.

So, are you in the cleaning mood? Let’s get started to tackle floor cleaning tasks with these easy DIY ideas.

Before that, here is a small checklist on the essential things and cleaning agents to clean ceramic tile floors.

Essentials to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors and Grouts

  • Broom or vacuum or dust pan
  • Mop
  • Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Cleaning detergent
  • Bucket
  • Microfiber Towel

Simple Instructions For Ceramic Tiles Floor Cleaning

Sweep or vacuum your floor thrice in a week. Anyways, I do it every day. Tiny particles like sand and grit can even scratch your ceramic tiles. Make sure, your floor is not dirt and debris free now.

It’s time to mop to clean your ceramic tiles floor. Better to use rag or chamois mop instead of sponge or micro fiber mop. Since sponge or microfiber mop can push dirty water into the tiles grouts.

Now, mix the cleaning detergent with hot water in a bucket. Using rag mop, wipe your floor from a corner of the room. Make sure to change the bucket solution twice or even thrice. Otherwise, your mop will get dirty and leave cloudy marks on the floor.

Then, use micro fiber mop or towel to dry the floor absorbing the water on the floor. This will avoid water spots and streaks on your ceramic tiles floor.

Optionally, you can add vinegar or lemon juice to the bucket solution to ensure deep clean ceramic tile floors.


  • Don’t use too much of detergent or soap, you will end up with hazy floor even after cleaning.
  • Avoid oil cleaners on ceramic tiles as it will make your floor more slick.
  • Change the water often since applying the muddy water over and again dirt your floor more.
  • Don’t let your floor air-dry, the settling water will form spots. Dry it using micro fiber towels or mop immediately after wet moping.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains on Floor Tiles?

In areas where you find stubborn stains on your ceramic floor, then you may use baking soda.

Mix a squirt of baking soda with small water and make it like a paste. Apply it on the area where you got tough stains. Leave it for two minutes. Then, using microfiber mop, scrub the area gently moving the baking soda paste in a circle pattern.

Then, apply water and rinse the area to completely clean the stain as well as the baking soda mixture. Otherwise, baking soda can form a cloudy film on the floor. Buff the area finally.

To deal with grease stains, use commercial floor cleaner or club soda with water.

How to Clean Tile Grouts?

Grouts are the space between tile-joints, say between two tiles. Grout locks the tiles tight and gives complete look to your floor. It will be porous and absorbs water, grease or even coffee you spill out. Its equally imperative to take care of tile grouts like tiles.

Use the mixture of baking soda and water to remove the stains from the tile grouts. Don’t use harsh cleaners for grout lines since it will discolor and gives old look to your flooring tiles.

Alternatively, you may use steam cleaners to remove dust and stains in the tile grouts.

Anyways, once or twice in a year, hire a tiles installation agency to fix the broken tiles (if there is any). And also to reseal the grout lines to resist future stains.

Final Take Away

It’s so simple to clean ceramic tile floors at your home or office. Clean up the loose debris first, using right flooring mop clean the floor with water, and then dry it with microfiber towel or sponge mop.

Clean your tile grouts as well to avoid stains over there make your floor to look dull and discolor.

Experts suggest sweeping your floor regularly and mopping twice a week. Also, whenever you find a stain, go with spot cleaning.

With clear cleaning technique and products, make your ceramic tiles floor to sparkle like a new and lasts for long days.

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