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Being this as the first Blog posts on Gift Your Home, I would like to present the top most players in the home improvement arena. I am glad to mention those in the very first blog post. The reason behind, these following blogs are my inspirations in a way or either. Hence, I would be happier to begin with this article on top home improvement blogs to follow in 2021.

All these blogs in the list would deal with everything related to your home improvements. It includes home decor, home DIY projects, enhancements, pest control, gardening, and more. The personalities behind these blogs are passionate about beatifying and modifying home for its loveliness.

home improvement blogs to follow

The resources provided in this article would be more helpful for the individuals who wish to improve the look and functionality of their houses. Undoubtedly, DIY’ers would love. I am confident that you would love this article on top home improvements blogs over the web.

How Top DIY Home Improvement Blogs Can Help?

Home improvement works can be threatening especially if you decide to do it yourself. And, if you are unsure where to start. The list of DIY home improvement blogs in this article can be your handbooks to assist to handle your DIY home improvement tasks. The blogs by DIY’ers sharing tips and ideas scratch from cleaning to renovating to gardening to anything. Stick to your decision. DIY home improvement can save you big bucks anyways.

Home Improvement Blogs/Websites To Inspire You

Best Home Improvement Blogs to Follow

Let’s get into the small but curated list of top home improvement blogs to follow not only in 2021, any time.

#1. Homey Improvements

James, a part-time construction worker is the man behind this successful home improvements blog. He loves to do tiny home projects to make his home a best place to enjoy. With that strong expertise, he could come up with tips, tricks and ideas to help others who are passionate about it. His wife Alicia also contributes to him in the home DIY and blogging works.

#2. Home Depot

The Home Depot blog holds endless amount of DIY ideas. Thankfully, you can get tips and ideas on how to start a DIY work and how to complete it successfully. Moreover, you can find more DIY jobs that you can enjoy doing it on your holidays. Once you started reading it, you will vigorously follow for its innovative insights. The Home Depot is one of the popular home improvement stores in USA, Canada, Mexico, and furthermore countries.

#3. Room for Improvements

Being so many years in the industry, Room for Improvements holds for more than thousands of products especially for building & bathrooms. The products are nothing but all you need for your home repair needs. Besides, its blog deals with the fantastic interior decoration ideas, tips to have a smart home, and every nook and corner about your home needs. You can make use of it and give yourself a heavenly experience staying at your home.

#4. Urban Gardens

Gardening is an art of life that gives you the space to lead a peaceful life. The blog Urban Gardens features anything and everything about Gardening. It starts from planting a seed, cultivating, till harvesting and beyond. You can grasp more ideas about indoor and outdoor gardening. Also it talks about green walls, green roofing, permaculture, and so on.

#5. Young House Love

John and Sherry are the two powerful pillars that make Young House Love to stand out from the crowd. With more than ten years of experience, it is now holding thousands of DIY’s projects. With their real-time experiments and projects, they are capable enough to serve others with new ideas and tips for home repairing and renovating needs.

#6. DIY Show Off

Roeshel, DIY enthusiast – who runs DIY Show Off. She defines her blog as her online home. She is more passionate about DIY, creative works, re-purposing things, and keeps decorating anything around her. That leads her to own such a popular DIY home improvements blog. Following DIY Show Off, you can make your home or house – a complete one. With the great DIY ideas, you will love to spend your holidays at your home furnishing it.

#7. Home Decor Expert

Home Decor Expert would be the ultimate destination for designing and decorating enthusiasts. It is exclusive for providing interior designs and projects related ideas. Also, you can find more useful guides and tips to buy perfect products and accessories for your home improvement needs.

#8. DIY Doctor’s

DIY Doctor’s is an UK based home improvement blog. On which, you can get best innovative ideas for your DIY home projects. It can be of anything like decoration, renovation, repairing, etc. Mostly, it deals with ‘how to’, tips, ideas, advices related content that helps you to understand the insights on any home DIY works.

#9. DIY Diva

Kit, the successful female, an experienced DIY’er, admitted power tool junkie, and an accidental farmer. She love to play around with power tools for all the home related DIY projects. And she is something unique with her attitude and thoughts. She doesn’t be interesting on any easy jobs. She states the word ‘easy’ refers to ‘boring’. The hard worker who renovates her farm herself and working on projects. Probably, you could find more interesting facts in the blog DIY Diva.

#10 Apartment Therapy

The popular home improvement, and decor blog by ‘apartment therapist’ Maxwell Ryan. Apartment Therapy has now become a inspirational blog for the leading source of designs, real-life decor solutions. The blog is the compilation of articles like shopping guides and DIY’s hacks from real-time experience, and expert ideas. Apartment Therapy has a community now with more than 20 million followers to its website, newsletters and social networks.

#11 REMODELaholic

The blog name itself tells that it is about remodeling. Cassity, the married women, interior designer who is passionate about sharing DIY home renovation ideas. The blog motto is 5’s: reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel. You will love to follow her blog since it will be more appealing and interesting with illustrative photos, videos, and instructions. Above all, the renovation ideas would be on a budget and you can simply remodel your kitchen interiors, master bedroom, living room, or anything.

Final Words on Top Home Improvement Blogs of 2021

Now, you have seen the best home improvements blogs over there. Hope, this article would be helpful in a way or either when you are looking for ideas about DIY home improvement projects. And I must be thankful for your valuable time and interest spent here. I would keep publishing most informative, interesting, and helpful posts forever, vigorously. I wish to have your support in bringing up this blog Gift Your Home to reach its newer heights.


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