Best Electric Log Splitter To Buy: What You Need To Know?

Are you planning to buy a safe and easy way to split firewood, then you surely need an electric log splitter.

What is the Best Electric Log Splitter to Buy?

Manually taking over the task will give you uneven firewood, and it will eventually impact the efficient burning of firewood. You would also not want to be left exhausted. So, the easy way out is to invest in electric log splitters. There are so many brands offering powerful and an efficient electric log splitter, but not every electric log splitter is for you. Hence, we have got this blog to get complete information about the electric log splitters.

best electric log splitter to buy

Benefits Of Electric Log Splitter

There are several advantages of electric log splitters which we have enumerated below:

  • It makes the task of splitting the log faster and easier. You can split the log with ease. So in less time, you can easily chop larger chunks.
  • These are powerful machinery and also have a silent functioning as compared to the gas-version.
  • There is no poisonous fume emission in an electric log splitter, so you save yourself from harmful gases like carbon monoxide.
  • These are easy to maintain. You don’t have to clean and remove thickened oil.
  • There are also energy-efficient models. All you need to do is to look for the different models. We will be highlighting some of the key features that you must consider while buying an electric log splitter.

Key factors to consider Buying Electric Log Splitter

electric log splitter

Some key factors that one must consider when buying these splitters are:

#1 Horsepower

The first parameter you must consider while buying an electric log splitter is the horsepower. It defines the efficiency of the machine, and how easily it can split the log. You can invest in a splitter that comes with 2 HP for average use, and for some extra work, you can choose a 3.5 HP motor.

#2 Portability

You would also need an electric log splitter that you can move from one place to another. It must not be very heavy and should be easily moveable.

#3 Build

The body of an electric log splitter must be made of the best quality material for it to bear the pressure of splitting the long into halves. A poor-quality machine will easily break down. Make sure that you choose a high-quality product, though it may come at a higher price; it will last longer.

#4 Cycle Time

it means the time splitter takes to split the log. Some of the best electric log splitters have a cycle time of 10 seconds. It means that the machine can split a log into two halves into 10 seconds.

#5 Splitting Force

It is measured in tons. Again the splitting force depends on the type and age of the wood. For example, if an electric log splitter takes 12-15 tons of force to split a 12-inch thick softwood log, it will take double force to split a hardwood log.

#6 Height Adjustments

The height here means the log plate. All the logs are not the same; some are thick, while others are not so chunky, most of the electric log splitter model comes with 2-3 adjustments. But make sure that you check these before making a purchase.

#7 Type and Age of the Wood

We have already mentioned that type of wood also impacts the electric log splitter force. So, if you are planning to use the splitter for hardwood like maple, beech, and oak, you need a more powerful machine than the ones used for cutting softwood.

Conclusion – Electric Log Splitter

These are some of the basic factors that influence the effectiveness of the electric log splitters. Make sure that you take into account all these factors before making a final call.

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