Let’s Talk Through Window Glass Replacement- A Nifty DIY Project!

When your home window gets cracked or if it’s broken, the first thing that comes to mind will be; Expense! Another expense of the month, the thought itself is too irritating. You might think you would probably have to replace the entire window, which isn’t necessary.

Correct! Here we have brought a few quick tips for window glass replacement, which must check out before you opt for a costly replacement. You don’t need to replace an entire window when you have so many other tricks to fix the broken glass. Give this blog a 2-minute read and learn why to fix the broken glass at home by Yourself.

When To Replace Home Windows?

benefits of timely window replacement

One may wonder what’s the need of replacing the windows, so here are the reasons;

If the window seal or glass is broken or has visible cracks, it’s time to replace the defective element.

Broken or cracked window glass does not store the cooling/heat of your home, which doubles up the energy bills.

Sometimes windows get rusty or attacked by fungus, in that case, you should immediately take action before it spreads to the whole window.

When you’re facing difficulties while cleaning up the windows due to the structure, or if it’s causing trouble while opening/closing the window regularly.

Another dainty but mandatory motive to replace windows can be the outdated or former window look. Maintaining the interior aesthetics is way important!

Due to the corroded weatherstripping and sometimes faulty window seals creating haziness on the glass panes, such drafty windows should be immediately replaced.

Broken or cracked windows make way for burglars to step into your space, so increase the security by installing laminated glass windows.

laminated glass for windows doors

Replace Entire Window? Temporary Vs Long Term Replacement

The answer to this simple question demands to understand. One option is to replace the broken glass, which is a super affordable and handy DIY thing. Whereas, replacing the entire window is necessary for some critical situations, for example, if the window is entirely damaged, or if it is an IGU.

IGU, typically known as Insulated Glass Unit, basically includes 2 or more glass panes tightly sealed within a unit and the gaps between them are filled with air to provide insulation. When any of the glass panes are broken, it no longer remains an IG Unit and loses its insulation properties. In such a case, glass replacement can be a temporary fix but for long-term replacement and the durable one, you should go for replacing an entire window.

How To Replace The Broken Glass?

Avoiding even minor cracks on windows or doors, eventually, end up with massive wear and tear. So, here is the clever solution for a double pane windows replacement –

Tools you’ll need:

  • Putty knife
  • New Glass Pane
  • Suction cup grip
  • Protective gloves
  • Silicone sealant


Loosen the molding around the window unit, it will help to carefully remove the broken pieces and set the new glass.
Remove all kinds of glazing you found on the edges by using a putty knife.

By using a suction cup, you will be able to lift out the old window unit from a complex frame. After it, wear glasses and shielded gloves and simply break the remaining glass.

Then, pour silicone sealant into the area where you are going to adjust the replacement glass pane.

By using a suction cup grip, load the new glass pane and apply more sealant to fix the glass in its place. Let it dry.

Window Glass Replacement Cost

If your window frames are still safe from any damage, simply replace the glass pane without needing to switch the window frames. This DIY method is a matter of 40 Minutes. You can simply take this project into your hands to do all the knick-knacks until you get satisfied. Well, the estimated cost of this replacement glass procedure will be somewhere around $160-$180.


Replacing a window pane in any sort of window is still a budget-friendly option rather than replacing an entire window. But, if you are looking for some long-term solution and want to save some of your energy bills, Insulated Glass is above all.

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