Tree Removal Processes In North Sydney That You Need To Know

Tree removal processes in North Sydney & its need: North Sydney is a major proponent in Australia’s environmental sustainability. In 2018, its local government helped laid out sustainability goals for 2030, which includes making it a green city and closely monitoring its use of natural resources.

tree removal processes in North Sydney

Tree Removal Processes In North Sydney

To achieve these goals, one of the action points that the local government of Sydney proposed is yearly planting of 700 new trees and 50,000 shrubs in public gardens, parks, and streets. It will also increase its tree diversity by 40% and protect designated habitat sites.

Because of this direction towards sustainability, tree removal in North Sydney is not allowed unless it is done with government permission and by a professional arborist. What are the laws and processes related to cutting down trees in North Sydney? How much will you spend on having a tree in your property removed? This article endeavours to answer such questions.

Legal basis or regulation against tree removal

The Tree and Vegetation Management of North Sydney Council is the primary organisation in charge of all activities related to planting, removing, and pruning of trees in the area. Under its 2013 Control Plan and 20177 SEPP policies, unnecessary pruning, destruction, and removal of trees or vegetation that are more than five meters in height are not allowed. Additionally, any tree with a circumference of ten metres cannot be removed without proper authorisation.

Requesting permit

If you are a homeowner in North Sydney and would like to remove a tree within 5 metres of your property, you need to communicate with the local council. Upon request, the government body will advise you if you should get a Development Consent or a Tree Management Permit.

Once you have filed the appropriate document, an officer will drop a visit to check if the tree in question can be taken down or pruned. If approved, then you would need to communicate with a company providing services like tree removal in North Sydney to help you out.

Situations not needing a permit

The same policies also state situations that do not need a permit from the North Sydney Council. Trees that have been declared dead or dying by a qualified arborist can be chopped down. Biosecurity weeds can also be taken out.

Some plants like the African Olive Trees and Cocos Palms can also be removed without permission since they propagate easily. Furthermore, trees under the direct care of the North Sydney Council need not get Development Consent if it has been decided that they need to be chopped down.

Cost of tree removal

The cost of tree removal in North Sydney can vary between AUD 350-4,5000. However, on average most homeowners spend AUD 870.

The tree size and its weight are significant factors in the cost of its removal. Cutting timbers and gum trees are generally more expensive than others because removing them is labour extensive. They have large and heavy branches that can be difficult to dispose of. Furthermore, if the tree has wrapped itself around a foreign object, removing it would cost more since it will entail more work.

Lastly, its proximity to service wires is another factor in its removal cost. Power lines pose a threat to arborists, so expect that you will be paying more for the danger you will be exposing them to.

Final Words

To summarise, North Sydney is a place that cares a lot for its environment. Cutting trees because they block your view or because you do not like them is illegal. You could get a hefty fine by mindlessly removing them without the permission of the local authority. To be on the safe side, always consult with the city council and your local arborist before laying a finger on any tree in North Sydney.

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