DIY Backyard Barbecue Setup Tips To Save Up On Costs

A backyard barbeque is probably the most engaging activity for friends and family members to indulge in on a warm summer’s day. In places like the USA and Australia, backyard barbeques are a thing. People make it a point to invite their friends, families, and neighbors to an evening of fun while they host them and prepare barbecue food for them. The entire point of having a barbeque mostly is to have fun, eat and bond over a couple of beers. Damn sure that these DIY backyard barbecue setup would help you to make your day very special saving money as well.

DIY Backyard Barbecue Setup Tips

backyard barbecue setup

To actually host a barbeque for a number of people the actual barbeque grill is not the only thing you need to have. It requires a whole setup and a considerable amount of infrastructure. People pay thousands of dollars to get their backyard barbeque setup for such parties and gatherings. Though if you don’t have that kind of money you need not worry. There are some very simple DIY solutions that you can look into that will save your day.

#1 Do your own planning and designing

If you are willing to host a BBQ you better be ready to take charge of the whole event. Your backyard may not be ready for a barbeque and people would be suggesting you get a professional designer or a landscape professional to make the area barbeque ready. But doing that means wasting a ton of money on such professional services.

All you need to do is to chalk out the area you have and segregate it into different sections. You need to plan where the BBQ grill will be placed, where the guests will sit, where you can set up an extra table, where other things like beer crates and other such stuff will go.

It is not hard to plan a BBQ as it is not a formal affair but a place where the loved ones come together to have fun and enjoy good food. Taking care of the basic necessities should be enough.

#2 No Need to Buy Fancy Grills

A while ago a huge trend of buying fancy grills started which put people on a spree to buy new grills for their backyards. This trend can burn a huge in your pocket if you also become a part of it. On the other hand, if you are looking to find a cheaper option than buying a fancy grill then you can hand pick out a whole lot.

DIY BBQ grills are very common and you would have probably come across many in your lifetime. You can make a grill using things like ceramic, bricks, or stones. A well-made wood burning fire pit is also a good option which you can easily get made. It is more or less the same thing as it basically helps cook food like a BBQ. When the point is to have fun with your friends and family you don’t need to have a fancy grill as you can make one at home quite easily. These homemade ones, if built the right way, can easily handle wood and charcoal on fire. With the setup of a typical backyard, a homemade grill made of bricks and other earthen materials often looks much better than a professional one.

#3 Avoid Buying Extra Furniture

Furniture does not come cheap and buying extra furniture especially for an outdoor BBQ area can set you back a few hundred dollars easily. Many suggest hiring a designer to select the furniture for the BBQ area but again, that would make you spend money on something that you can very easily do yourself. You don’t even need to buy extra furniture as you can simply shift some of it from inside the house to the backyard for a while. The main thing about using furniture for the backyard event is to make sure the furniture is made for the outdoors. A little dust, smoke, and water can easily ruin your plush sofa if it is made from material that can not tolerate the outdoors. It’s better to shift the simple plastic chairs and tables to the backyard. You can even think of laying down a rug and some cushions.

#4 Lighting Plays a Part

You may not have proper lighting in your backyard and without the proper lighting, your event may not go as planned. Your guests need to see what they’re eating, you need to see what you’re cooking and you practically need light for almost everything. It is not necessary that you need to have proper lights installed for all of this. In fact, you may not need to buy bulbs and tube lights at all. All you need to do is look for the right kind of fairy lights. Make sure these fairy lights have a decent length and have the right amount of brightness. Try sticking to the color yellow as it has the best effect. Place the lights near the BBQ and wherever your guests would be sitting.

#5 Playlists on a Bluetooth Speaker

It’s okay if you don’t have an expensive sound system setup outdoors. You don’t need to pay extra and spend an enormous amount on the installation of speakers in the backyard. Especially for BBQ events, where you are inviting people to have fun and chill out, it is not necessary to be extravagant at all.

All you need is a Bluetooth speaker with good enough sound. Make your playlist in advance on free streaming services like SoundCloud and Youtube. We obviously will not recommend you to get a cheap speaker as the low sound quality can easily get the mood from happy to irritated.

So make sure that if you are saving up hundreds of dollars on a proper sound system, you play your playlist on a decent Bluetooth speaker. Keep it a little away from the guest so that they can make conversations and keep an eye on the volume so that you don’t disturb the neighbors.

BBQ events are very casual events and do not need a lot of running around and spending money. Getting things together for such an evening can be done very easily. You can use these DIY backyard barbecue setup techniques to save up on cost and throw a banging BBQ event.

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