6 Simple Bathroom Remodeling Tips & Tricks On Budget

Do you still have avocado sinks and cabinets with mirrors? Or grimy shower curtains that have not been changed since the turn of the millennium? Here you go for the cheap but best bathroom remodeling tips and ideas on your budget!

It’s time to bring your bathrooms to this century.

Easy Bathroom Remodeling Tips & Ideas

Bathroom remodeling is a great way of increasing your home’s value – especially if you are planning on selling.

However, the process can feel overwhelming, as the bathrooms are some of the busiest and most important rooms in a home. You will need to balance style and functionality, which calls for careful planning and finding the right contractors for the project.

Luckily, there are ways to make the process less daunting. Here are some expert tips and tricks to get you started.

Start with a plan

For a successful bathroom remodel, start with a well-thought plan.

Unfortunately, many skip this step, which leads to stalled projects, overrun budgets and wrong materials installed.

A solid plan helps you to identify your project requirements – how much it will cost, the ideas and creativity you need, where to get the materials, timelines and the right contractors.

The plan will also help you set expectations of your desired outcome – and of course, the expectations should be realistic.

When planning for the cost of your bathroom remodel, add an extra 20% to your budget, as an emergency fund, to cover unexpected costs.

Include the duration of your project in your plan. This is something you will need to discuss with your contractor. In any case, never go against your plan (unless circumstances force you to) as this will create other hidden costs that are likely to strain your budget.

If you find it hard to draft a well-thought plan, you can always seek help and advice from a professional remodeling contractor. You may even seek a quotation highlighting the types of materials you will need as well as their prices – this way, your budget will be more realistic.

Find the right materials

By this time, you should be knowing the type of things or materials you need for your bathroom remodel -they are all in your plan, right?

Here, you only need to know the quality of the materials and where to get them.

Quality should be a top priority when finding the right materials including door handles for your bathroom remodel. You don’t want to fit something in your bathroom that will require constant replacement.

You also need to determine a suitable supplier for your materials. You don’t just walk into the first shop you see and order the materials. Shop around.

Cost affects the choice of materials – avoid substandard low-priced goods. There are many high-quality cheaper alternatives that you can use that will serve you well.

For example, epoxy flooring is a great alternative to tiles. It is highly durable, looks good and can be easily customized to suit any decor, it is slip resistant (a handy feature in a bathroom) and very easy to maintain.

Consider your bathroom’s space

You have a Pinterest board overflowing with beautiful designs that you love just love.

However, not everything would look good in your bathroom. Perhaps the materials are way above your budget, or your bathroom space is too small. You will have to choose what will be best for your space.

For a small bathroom, you can add some mirrors to make it appear bigger and spacious. However, the mirrors only create imaginary space – which you can not use to add extra fixtures to your bathroom.

So what do you do?

bathroom remodeling

First, you need to set realistic expectations. The design you want for your bathroom should fit into the space available.

If you want more room in your bathroom, consider switching to a smaller toilet. By eliminating the need for a tank and traditional plumbing, compact toilets with built-in macerators save space and money. They can be installed in places where extending plumbing lines would be difficult, such as a basement or a second floor, or in other situations where a traditional gravity-fed toilet is not practical, such as mobile homes.

Make good use of the space available – get creative. There are many designs that do not require a lot of space.

Choose the right flooring for your bathroom

Considering the function of a bathroom, the floor is very critical.

But, before you settle for any flooring solution for your bathroom remodeling, you must first understand its features. Not all flooring solutions work in bathrooms.

Go for a water-resistant floor that is slip-resistant, for added safety.

Choose a bathroom floor that is stylish and durable. Bathrooms have constant foot traffic  and your floor must be able to withstand it and look good over a long period.

Don’t go with the trends

While it is good to get inspired by the latest fashion, not all trending ideas may be perfect for your bathroom.

Remember, one of the main aims of the bathroom remodel is to increase your home’s value. Therefore, any remodeling you do, should help you to achieve that.

So, if hot pink bathrooms are all the rage this season, chances are they will be completely outdated in a few years when you decide to sell your house.

While it is good to incorporate some ideas and designs, to make your bathroom stylish and trendy, you should also consider longevity. The styles and designs you incorporate in your bathroom should be evergreen and not those that are likely to fade away over time. Just remember, if you want to keep your bathroom trendy, be ready for many bathroom remodeling in the future.

How can we incorporate trends into our bathroom remodels?

Does that mean we should just have plain white bathrooms that will appeal to buyers?


You can easily incorporate trending colors and designs with accessories. Let’s use our hot pink bathrooms example above. Paint one wall hot pink, get hot pink towels and bath mats, put in beautiful accessories that evoke the trend without putting in expensive trendy fittings.

These small changes are easy and cheap to reverse and should you require to sell, you will still have the classic look that will retain your home’s value and appeal to many buyers.

Get the right professionals

Today, you can do almost everything by yourself – all you need is to google or watch some guidelines and tutorial videos online.

However, some projects are best left to the experts with knowledge and experience.

For a major bathroom overhaul, you will need more than one contractor.

You’ll need some plumbing knowledge for installation, maintenance, and repairs of fixtures and pipes associated with water distribution, heating, cooling, and sanitation systems.

You will also have to deal with electricity and wiring – which is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

While it is possible to DIY the project, we highly recommend using the professionals for any work that is more than cosmetic.

However, you don’t need to hire individual contractors to do the job in parts – as this may strain your budget. All you need to do is find a professional bathroom remodeling Springfield VA contractor. Indeed, who will come with enough manpower to handle any kind of job available, from plumbing to wiring and flooring.

Best Remodeling Tips & Tricks – Final Words

Your bathroom is among the busiest and most important rooms in your house – which is why you need to keep it stylish and functional. When remodeling it, you need to pick the right materials from the right source. Avoid being too trendy and consider long-term results. But before all this, have a plan and a budget for the whole bathroom remodel to ensure everything flows smoothly.

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