Planning A Home Renovation? Winter Is A Perfect Time!

Where to begin your Edmonton home renovation? Well, it’s easy to jump to the details like wall colors, cabinetry, flooring, etc. But a successful home renovation needs planning. And one important part of planning a home renovation is deciding the right time to begin the process. While most people think that the best time to renovate a home is when the sun shines bright and the weather is nice. However, winter is the right time to start home renovation projects for a plethora of reasons.

Home Renovation in Winter

winter ready home

Let home builders in Edmonton show you how easy it is to renovate your home in winter-

#1 There Are Off-Season Discounts

One of the best advantages of planning a home renovation in winter is that you can leverage off-season discounts.

During winters, the supply for home builders and renovation contractors exceeds the demand. You will likely get huge discounts on home renovation services, and you can save a lot of money. Whether you need to give your home a paint makeover or want to replace your doors or windows, consider doing so in the winter months.

#2 Renovation Contractors Are Easily Available

Planning your home renovation during winters means you have abundant contractors to do the job. If you consider the spring or summer months, the contractors may not even return your calls because these are the busiest months of the year when it comes to renovation. However, during winters, the contractors have enough time to sit with you and plan the process. Also, if you want custom home renovation, it takes thorough planning and time. Thus, starting a new indoor or outdoor renovation during winters makes sense.

#3 Get Your Home Renovation Done Faster

Professional home renovation contractors ensure to deliver the projects on time, even during the busy summer season. But, if you decide to renovate during winters, they may even complete the project earlier. There are few customers with ongoing renovation projects, so manufacturers are not busy. Thus, if you want to install custom windows in your room, there are high chances of getting your windows installed earlier.

#4 Perfect Time To Make Improvements To Your Custom Home

January to March is a good time to add more living space to your custom home in Edmonton. During winters, dry air and frozen ground aid in digging foundations and pouring concrete footers compared to hot and humid summers.

Plus, the custom home builders in Edmonton can easily do interior work during this time.

#5 You Can Take Some Time Off

Waiting to go for a long-awaited vacation? Winter is the best time! Have custom home builders in Edmonton do the renovation work for you while you enjoy your holidays. When you come back, you will cherish the new, improved renovations. Plus, this saves you from going through the hassles of living in a house under renovation. So, why not take some time off while your home renovation project is being completed?

#6 Make Ample Time For Summer Renovations

Home renovations done in winter let you save the summer time for other renovations on your list. Rather than planning all projects to be accomplished in the summer, completing some of the things in winter will cause you less stress. Further, you will have more time to arrange for the next project. One of these projects can be installing the best waterproof decking boards for your backyard. The best thing is that you can spend your money wisely and manage your finances better.


So, these are some thoughtful considerations that make winters ideal for completing a home renovation project in Edmonton. It will make the process quicker, and you will get the best results.

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