What’s The Difference Between Pergolas & Gazebos?

Pergolas and gazebos are mainstay fixtures in garden and outdoor design anywhere and for very good reason. These magnificent structures shade, support and also create a stunning heaven in your garden while also adding all-the-best style to your outdoor living space. Not only are they extremely attractive, but they are also very versatile and easy to build. You have the option of using different types of materials for construction.

What’s Difference between Pergolas and Gazebos?

However, pergolas differ in a number of ways from gazebos, which we will discuss below.

Pergolas and Gazebos

● Pergolas are the perfect accompaniment to your yard, patio or garden as a secondary visual interest. They give the yard an added zing as well as the required shade and privacy. As with your primary visual interest, they can be used to add functionality, such as shade from the sun during hot summer months.

● The major difference between the pergola and the gazebo is that a pergola is much larger, usually spanning several yards, whereas the gazebo is only several feet in diameter. This makes a larger pergola much more suitable if you want to design an extension of your existing yard, deck or patio. You will also need a larger base to support the weight of the pergola or gazebo.

A floor-based pergola is a good choice for areas where it gets a lot of snowfall or extremely hot weather. However, if your base for your walkway or pavilion is not strong enough, it may buckle under the weight. If this should happen, you will probably end up having to rebuild the walkway and perhaps move the pavilion elsewhere.

● A pergola or gazebo can be constructed with a flat roof, one with a sloped roof, or even one with a lattice roof. With a flat roof, you will get more sun coverage and maximum UV rays. However, if you live in an area that experiences extreme cold, a lattice roof may be your best option because it offers the greatest amount of shade.

● In terms of maintenance, both structures are relatively low-maintenance. A pergola will require cleaning every six to eight weeks, while a gazebo will need to be washed out at least twice a year. For cleaning, you can use mild soap and water, or use a mild steel wool wash. For severe stains, it may be necessary to use a mild stain remover, which can be found at any home supply center. This is important because a soda or lemon juice solution can potentially discolor outdoor structures if left on for too long.

● The added benefit of installing one of these outdoor shade structures is that they are both cost effective and energy efficient. With a pergola, your heating and cooling costs will be lower because it takes up less space. It is also more compact, which will help your energy bills.

On the other hand, with a gazebo, you will have more square footage of the covered area, which will improve the energy efficiency of your backyard landscaping project. These structures are also known to help stabilize a property’s landscape and increase the property’s value. Installing one of these structures on your property will give you back more of your property’s equity than you would otherwise have by installing a single detached garage or detached shed.

● One major consideration you should think about when choosing whether to install a pergola or a gazebo is to ensure that you make the right structural choices. Since both structures use the same style of support, such as a series of columns supporting a trellis type roof, you have to choose the style of a pergola or gazebo that gives you the best overall appearance. You can go with a simple single color scheme that has lattice roof rafters and no other decorative embellishments, or you can decide to use an elaborate, highly-decorated design with colorful vines climbing all over the roof.

The Bottom Line

In the end, regardless of which structure you choose to install, you will find that pergolas and gazebos offer shade, elegance, and practicality for any backyard landscape. These structures are simple enough to build at home, but once you have finished, you will wonder how you lived without them! These structures also offer incredible privacy, which is important if you live in a neighborhood that does not allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being watched.

Some pergolas and gazebos even offer private decks that are out of sight from neighbors’ views, which makes them even more attractive to homeowners. No matter what your needs may be, there is sure to be a design and pergola roof style that will suit you perfectly.

If you’re tired of seeing the same pergola or gazebo tops every year on your deck or patio during the Toronto summer season then now is the time to build a new one. And the great thing about pergolas and gazebos is that you can consult GTA decks for the best quality and design pergola and design for your home. With a little bit of planning and know how anyone can have their own pergola or gazebo built that’s designed exactly to their tastes and needs!

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