Benefits of Bamboo Plant in Home For Vastu & Health Too!

In early days, when we think Bamboo – we think of green long bamboo rods that we use to build houses or furniture. Otherwise, it’s a lovely food for Panda’s.

But, these days, people started believing in Feng Shui and hence, miniature version of the tall Bamboo, palm like trees are in boom. Beyond its Feng Shui values, there are several benefits of bamboo plant in home. Like money plants, it grows faster with regular irrigation and gives vibrant look. In this article, let’s see more about the different types of indoor bamboo plants, its health benefits and even more.

Types of Indoor Bamboo Plants

Generally, there are two types of indoor bamboo plants at home. They are –

  • Lucky bamboo (Dracena Sanderiana)
  • Lotus bamboo ( Dracena Deremensis)

I’m sure; you must be familiar with lucky bamboo – Dracena Sanderiana. Surprisingly, this lucky bamboo has got several names like –

  • Curly bamboo
  • Chinese water bamboo
  • Friendship bamboo
  • Goddess of Mercy plant
  • Belgian evergreen
  • Ribbon plant

There is a reason why we call it as Chinese bamboo. It plays a great role in their Feng Shui practices. Also, the Chinese name for this lucky bamboo is Fu Gui Zhu which means Fu – luck & fortune, Gui – power & honor & Zhu – bamboo.

Generally, according to the Feng Shui, people consider that having lucky bamboo in home brings them prosperity. Not to mention, that may be true.

The next one, lotus bamboo gets the name as its leaf bracts resemble the lotus flowers. It also has got other names like rose bamboo, flower bamboo, etc.

Knowing the varieties of indoor bamboo plants, let’s discuss the benefits of keeping bamboo plants in home.

Benefits of Bamboo Plants in Home

Not only the benefits of having bamboo plants in home, but also you can place in your workplaces. And, based on what you wish to accomplish, you can place the lucky bamboo plants in suitable places. The best places to keep bamboo plants at home or office are south east for wealth luck and east for health luck. Also, decorate your home office work table with a bamboo plant.

benefits of bamboo plant in home

Unlike other indoor plants, bamboo plant stalks a vital role in deciding the bamboo plant benefits in home.

  • Single bamboo stalk is a lucky log
  • Two bamboo stalks symbolizes love
  • Three bamboo stalks represent long-life, wealth & happiness
  • Four bamboo stalks draws negativity in home
  • Five bamboo stalks reinforces your emotion, mental, physical and mental health
  • Six bamboo stalks brings in prosperity
  • Seven stalks ensure overall health
  • Eight bamboo stalks represents grow & thrive. Also it improves fertility
  • Nine stalks bestows great luck to the receiver (gift nine stalked bamboo to your loved ones)
  • 10 stalked bamboos represent the completeness
  • Twenty one bamboo stalks gives both great wealth and strong health

So, the biggest benefits of bamboo plants at home are it comes flexible to accomplish what you desire based on the place and the number of stalks. Number of stalks for certain blessings!

How Indoor Bamboo Plant Benefits us?

Lucky bamboo with its five elements of Feng Shui benefits you. To pull off the maximum benefits of bamboo plants in house, its arrangements play great role.

  • Earth – pebbles or soil or rocks
  • Water – water that you feed to sustain the plan
  • Wood – the stalk of the plant
  • Fire – red or yellow tie or ribbon wrapped represents fire
  • Metal – glass itself a metal. If using any other containers to grow it, drop a coin inside

With all the goodness tied together, bamboo plants at home harness the vastu benefits. So, let’s see some other huge benefits of benefits of bamboo house plants.

Other Benefits of Bamboo Plant at Home

Bamboo plants have so many major benefits growing at home. When placing it in a best vastu places and in suitable pots, you can attain its complete benefits. Here are the popular benefits of bamboo plant in home.

#1 Positivity at home

Indeed, the indoor bamboo plants with four stalks are great to draws the negativity in your house. You can use to attract more positive energy, and vibes at home. People from any country, culture or religion believe in positive energy that brings good wealth. So, bring this luck bamboo plant to your home or office today to stay positive, energetic and highly productive.

#2 Good luck charm

Lucky bamboo plants tied with a red ribbon, especially six stalk bamboos is a symbol of fortune and good luck. Offering lucky bamboo plant as gifts to your loved ones would increase the luck of the receiver. So, it’s a good option to place it in your living room or home entrance as well as to gift other on their special days.

#3 Balance

With the five basic elements nature tied together, indoor bamboo plants present a soothing sight, and give you piece of mind. At the same time, its vibrant green color is great for eyesight. Green plants inside your home can reduce more strong lights and keep your eyes relaxed.

#4 Aesthetic Design

Unlike other indoor plants, you can manipulate the bamboo plants with ribbons into curls, braids, and twists. The plant grows in the direction of the sunlight. So, you can shield them away or place in a light to make the plant to grow in one direction as you wish.

#5 Purifies Air

Lotus bamboo plant is popular for its health benefits. In general, the indoor plants are good in purifying the air inside your home. Study shows that the indoor plants like bamboo plants are good natural disinfectants.

Indoor bamboo plant health benefits can keep your children and old parents to stay healthy inhaling fresh and pure air.

#6 Decorative

Bamboos are always a good piece of decoration to your home. Living for so many years, you can grow bamboos at home as ornamental plants. Its variegated leaves, stalks, striped rods, and patterns (like twists, curls, etc) adds appealing look to your rooms where you place it.

#7 Easy to grow & maintain

The significant benefits of indoor bamboo plant are its easy growth habits. With suitable climate, any type’s reasonably well-drained fertile soil, and with less maintenance it grows better. Also, as a perennial, it is arguably drought tolerant.

So, don’t you wish to bring the positive energy, prosperity and hence, good wealth & health to your family?

It’s is always inspiring to grow plants especially indoor plants. Experience its awesomeness and your well-being.

Where to Place Bamboo Plant in House? Vastu Tips Are Here!

However, naturally, the indoor plants have abundant health benefits than other Feng Shui or decoration placing it anywhere inside your home. Still, here are some of the vastu tips for the maximized prosperity and wealth advantages.

  • As it grows in the light direction, place the bamboo plant in the right direction
  • Dark green or yellow stem bamboos are less likely recommended by vastu experts
  • Make sure the bamboo plant represents the proper arrangement of its five elements
  • Trim the yellow leaves whenever you happen to see
  • Grow it in glass containers. In case of using other pots, make sure to put a coin inside

Final Words about Benefits of Bamboo Plants at Home

There is a strong belief that the hollow pipe like structure of bamboo plants allows the energy movement. With such distinct qualities and characteristics, bamboo plants are on popular demand as both Feng Shui and decorative indoor plants.

So, you can buy lucky bamboo plants online today, grow it and attain the fullest benefits of bamboo plant at home. Soon, I’ll write about how to grow bamboo plants at home and how to care for it. Keep visiting!

Share your comments below about your exciting stories growing indoor plants at your home like money plant, or any other air purifying indoor plants. I’m glad to hear from you.

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