How To Keep Your Room Cool Without Air Conditioning in Summer?

The kind of summer that is wild and unbearable these days. When heat rises outside, the house interior is getting hotter. If you don’t have air conditioners or you are serious about saving energy, there are lots of ways to stay cool. Hence, I am writing about how to keep your room cool without air conditioning during summer, that to naturally.

How to Cool your Room without AC?

Brutal summer heat is unavoidable at a point of time. Air conditioner is the only thing we do have to deal with extreme heat? Why can’t we make a room cool without AC? If you don’t believe in it, then let me take you through natural ways to keep your room chill. Obviously, our grandparents did it all the time, every summer.

What’s the possible eco-friendly, budget-conscious ways to keep your room cool during summer?

Keeping House Cool in Extreme Heat

We have a wrong misconception that the obvious solution to stay cool is air conditioner. To have deep sleep during hot summer nights, only it could maintain the appropriate room temperature. But, it costs you high. Also, you will annoying with its noise while booting. Or, you love to hear it as a lullaby?

Anything, air conditioner is not the only solution to keep your house cool in extreme heat. Possibly, water and fan can do wonders. Let’s see how these diy strategies and tips can help us to deal with temperature rise and sweat.

How to Keep Room Cool in Summer, Naturally?

Whatsoever, let’s undergo slight irregularities in our everyday lifestyle to fight against the summer heat.

#1 Keep Windows Closed

Though windows can help you in ventilation, still it is wiser to keep closed during day time. Studies tell that around 30 percent of heat comes via windows, blinds, shades, etc. Especially, shut the south and west facing windows. To the worst case, you can have your room out off extreme heat.

#2 Prefer Insulated Curtains

Experts recommend using seasonal window curtains. During summer, prefer to use insulated black out window curtains that are light-colored. This can prevent your room reducing 33 percent heat rise. At the same time, close the unused room doors preventing cool air spreading out those rooms. Indeed resulting in temperature rise in your room.

#3 Prefer Cotton

Seasonal bed swapping can not only give you freshness and deep sleep, but also keep your room cool. Cotton fabrics can breathe easier and hence, keeps room cooler. Cotton mattresses can exhaust your body temperature too and make you feel chilled out.

#4 Set Your Ceiling Fan

Do you know seasonal set up of your fan? Of course, you can change the fan rotating direction to control over the air flow in the room. During summer to manage extreme heat, set your ceiling fan to rotate in counter-clockwise to create wind-breeze air circulations and to stay cool.

#5 Focus on Body Temperature

You can try thousands of tips to keep your room cool. Still, you have to care about your inner body temperature to really feel breezy. Try out Egyptian method of sleeping. It’s nothing but, dampening a cloth in a cold water and use it as a blanket. It helps you to maintain your internal body temperature. Then, have a bowl of water aside your bed. During sleep, if you felt too hot dip your feet into it for a few minutes to reduce the heat.

#6 Heat-proof with Water or Ice

You can hack windows to chill-out the air inside the room. Close the down section of your window and open the down section upwind side. Then, hang over a wet cloth in front of the window like a curtain to permit cold air inner.

Also, you can do the same at the back side of your table or pedestrian fans to have breezy air. Also, you can place an ice bowl instead of wet cloth.

#7 Sleep on the Floor

Sleep low to avoid heat raises. Even put your mattresses on the floor and lie down. Avoid bed during these summer days where the heat will be extreme. As low as you lie, you feel air cooler than heights.

#8 Let the Night Air Circulate

As I told you to shut the blinds during day time, make those to refresh keeping it open. Since temperature will get down during summer nights. So, let the might chill air circulate inside the room over the night. But make sure you are again shutting down the windows and shades before it gets too hot in the morning.

#9 Fire up the Grill

Summer is not a pleasant time to intake hot chillies, or roast chicken. Rather, rely on some chill dishes like fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, etc. By staying away from the stove or oven can avoid generating further more heat in your house. Still, if you tempt for hot food, fire up the grill.

#10 Grains Can Do

Grains aren’t just for cooking and eating. These can be used to cool your hot nights. You may use Buckwheat pillows as it has air space between naturally. Hence, it won’t hold on your body temperature like other pillows. Otherwise, fill up a sock with rice grains, tie off, and cool it in a freezer for an hour. The sack pillow can sustain its chillness for half an hour which is a leisure time to fall asleep.

Final Take Away: Keep Your Room Cool Without Air Conditioning

Are you really serious about ignoring AC but to have your house cool? Then you will have to make some changes to your home for seasons to come. Replace your conventional windows with insulated windows films decorated with neutral-colored curtains.

Most importantly, plant some trees or vines near light-facing windows. That can provide shield from the direct sun rays reducing the amount of heat your home absorbs. Hence, you can have your room cool even during summer. Don’t just rely on air conditioners that consume huge energy as well as cause more health risks. Usual water, fan and other few tricks can help you keep your room clean with air conditioner.

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