Simple Home Decoration Ideas to Make Over Your Rooms So Fast

Don’t panic to decorate your rooms. It won’t take much time as you think. There are easy home decoration ideas that you can do in a day. Indeed, you can change the look and feel of the rooms than ever before. In this article, I am going to share a few simple home decorating ideas that you can try even today. Among other ideas from various home improvements blogs, you will find these ideas simple to try.

Easy Home Decoration Ideas That You Will Love

#1 Sofas and Tables

You may change over the sofa covers with adorable white pattern mixed with some bright colors like Blue or orange.

Rather using some boring, dull table clothes, add a luxury style hand painted tablecloths. The same that looks pretty lifeless earlier will now give you new appearance.

sofas and tables

You can also move or alter the places where you have typical furniture usually. Place your coffee tables in a new place so that you can have a relaxed snack time. Mix and match furniture that is made of wooden, glass and so on.

Using Wicker Baskets or tables, you can decorate your living room or lobby is more impressive. Those wicker baskets are mostly available in pleasant colors made of anything like the banana leaf to natural rattan.

wicker tables and chair


#2 Book & Dining Shelves

Anyways, you will be having plenty of book resources. Then what? Try changing the book’s positions and alignments to have a different look. To have a drastic new look, try painting some dark shake painting to the background of the bookcases.

You can even hang your favorite art in the centre of the bookshelf.

Rearraning-Book-case-and-Dining-ShelfThere is no hard rule that you must have your books organized only on bookshelves. For a change, place your books randomly in the dining shelves. You will have a pleasant look. You are doing nothing, but making changes to the usual makes sense.

#3 Brighten up Built-ins

In case of aligning pillows and sofa cushions, don’t hesitate to mix the floral printed designs with geometric or striped patterns. Just maintain the color theme similar and consistent. By using such mixed patterns, you can avoid coziness during bedtime.


#4 Deck-out Windows

Anybody would love to enjoy the scenic beauty standing to sight through windows. To have a pleasant experience, you may smarten up window shades, multi-color fabric patterns, a small tie-up in between the fabric, etc.

Multicolor-Window-FabricsAlso, I am sure that you would love this one. Try trimming the edges of the window screens so that giving it a unique pattern as you wish.

#5 Wall Decoration

Wallpapers and wall painting are the easy ideas to make over the walls instantly. Display the collections of wall painting and fix in a pro-style texture. Create a statement wall using photo frames whether it is old or new. Even empty frames of different colors can get you some impressive look.

You may try fixing a tilted mirror at the entrance which can observe the natural light. Try pasting some decorating color papers around the mirror frame. You can feel an ever experienced freshness through which. Even you might not require any vague tools for DIY works.

#6 Fire Place

Probably, your fire room area will be of bricks or stones. Provide it with a different painting using dark colors or art pattern to make it look idle. You can spread over a patterned carpet that can keep you warm.


#7 Staircase Area

Decorate your staircase area with dim floor lights that will reflect on the ceiling bring a new brightness. Also, you can fix your photo frames along the staircase. A wall with white texture with hanging black framed photos, you will love to experience it.


#8 Indoor Plants

Besides its health benefits, indoor plants are best for decorating and welcoming. There are some common indoor plants that are specific to particular rooms depending on its nature. Place big plants in the corner and tiny indoor plants in the centre of the room, or keep it on the table, etc.

Living-Room-Decoration-with-Indoor-PlantsEven growing some colorful decoration plants at the doorsteps can have a warm greeting and appealing nature.

It’s Your Turn to Try Awesome Home Decoration Tips

Hope, you are interested in trying the above home decoration ideas right now. It does not dig much time. Moreover, while doing it, you will find still more ideas to make over your rooms. You will get involved in doing so. Anyways, there are still loads of home interior decoration ideas persisting among the experts. I will keep updating you randomly. Try these and share your experience. Hope you would love it.

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