Rointe Electric Radiators – Energy Efficient Heaters At Greater Prices!

Have you heard about ROINTE electric radiators?

Air conditioning the rooms is super essential either it is heating or cooling. In this article, let’s see how efffective the Rointe electric heaters are to keep you warm!

This manufacturer has been developing low consumption electric radiators since 1985, more than 30 years, which gives them so much experience when it comes to innovation. In the manufacture of electric heaters: they use only the best and most appropriate materials for their construction.

They have an experienced R&D department that incorporates new features into their heating systems every season, such as replacing standard radiator oil with high-density thermal fluid that completely fills the interior of the radiator. This has led them to be leaders among other products in their sector.

What’s Special About Rointe Electric Radiators?

It’s time to bring in energy efficient radiators to your home. Let’s explore the best qualities of Rointe electric radiators and go for it.

Rointe electric heaters

# Good Practice in the choice of Electric Radiators

“Small portable heaters are a thing of the past”.

When looking for heaters we usually go for small systems, with a lot of power and if possible, wheels so we can move it from one place to another.

But we know these solutions are unbalanced in terms of power and energy efficiency, do not provide adequate comfort and considerably increase the cost of our energy bills.

# Climate Zone

“Depending on the climate zone in your area, you will need more or less power”.

The power needed depending on whether we are in a hot, mild, cold or very cold area will be very different. So the climate zone is a crucial factor to take into account when making the purchase.

The easiest way is to consult the climatic zone through a climatic map like this one. If we know the characteristics of the home and the climate zone, it is easier to choose the best heater for our home.

# The Importance of the Sizing

Basically, the idea is to have different sizes of radiators for different room sizes.

“To ensure energy efficiency, these systems must always be correctly sized”.

This means that not all models and sizes of electric radiators would be suitable for all rooms in your home.

Depending on the size of each room, a number of elements (name of the heating modules that form the radiator) will be suitable to heat the room in an efficient way. The balance between power and number of modules in your system will make your heating 100% efficient and effective.

To summarize, a 3 elements radiator will never be able to heat a 12 m² room.

# The Most Appropriate Installation

“Electric radiators should be hung on the wall and under the window”.

That is why the electric radiators that Rointe puts on the market are designed to be wall-mounted.

Unless the conditions in the two different rooms are similar, these radiators must not be interchanged.

In addition, the radiators must be placed in a position perpendicular to the facade. And almost never under a window, as this would cause greater consumption as the reading of the temperature probe would be altered. Proper installation matters!

So, Calculate your heating needs and discover the suitable Rointe heating products for your installationn, today!

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