How To Get Rid Of Condensation In Double Pane Windows?

Unlike traditional windows, double-pane windows, as the name suggests, boasts two panes. It is precisely done to create an air buffer between the two panes which acts as insulation.

Insulated windows is another name that is interchangeably used for double-paned windows.

Keeping this in mind, most homes these days have insulated windows as an energy-efficient measure. The windows do not allow the heat to flow in or out of the house. Thus, saving a lot in energy costs for heating or cooling of the indoor space.

Nonetheless, even double pane windows are not perfect.

Yes, you read that right.

How To Fix Condensation In Double Pane Windows?

One of the most common problems with double pane windows is condensation between the panes. Although in some windows, a desiccant may be added in the sealed space between the panes, it is still possible to develop moisture.

Besides, these windows also have two seals, one on the inner side and the other on the outer. The inner seal prevents corrosion and moisture, whereas the outer seal holds the structure in place.

You must be wondering, if so much is done to prevent moisture from building up in the first place, then how does it come to be?

Well, keep reading to find out.

What Causes Moisture Build-Up In Windows?

Typically, insulated glass windows can withstand a lot of strain, including the ones caused by temperature change too. However, with age, the seals on either side of the window may not be able to hold their integrity.

According to Marietta Georgia Window professionals, corrosion is also one of the contributing factors that can cause cracks in the inner/outer seal.

Besides, water retention in the frame, faulty drainage, and saturation of the desiccant material can also contribute to moisture build-up.

How To Prevent Moisture Build Up?

One of the ways to prevent moisture from building up in the first place is to enhance indoor air circulation.

You can turn on the exhaust to let out the moist air when you have a bath or are cooking in your kitchen.

Along with that, you can also turn on the ceiling fan to push down the warm air.

Or you can keep the windows open to let out the air without being trapped inside your home.

How To Get Rid Of Moisture In Windows?

If, despite all the preventive measures you take, moisture somehow enters between the panes, here’s what you can do:

#1 Replace The Window/Pane

In most cases, replacing the window or pane is the only option.

You can talk to a professional about whether you need to replace the whole window or simply replacing the panes can solve the condensation problem.

#2 Professional Cleaning

Another treatment, a less-invasive alternative, is to consult with a professional glass cleaner.

The professionals would drill small holes to let out the moisture and fill the gaps with a cleaning solution. Further, they may also refill the desiccant between the panes.

In the end, they will seal the holes off to prevent any leakage or moisture from entering again.

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