Considering A Car Roof Rack? Top Points For Choosing & Installing!

A car roof rack is so much useful yet overlooked by people.

When traveling, people either stuff their bags and suitcases in the back of the car or the back seat. It affects the driving experience and takes a lot of seat space as well. If you’re looking for a convenient way to travel around with your bags and don’t want to load up the back seat or the back of your car then installing roof racks is the best solution for you.

car roof rack

There are different kinds of roof racks and you’d need to find the perfect one for your car. Don’t worry if you are confused about finding the best roof racks for your car because we’re here to help you out.

Keep reading to learn about choosing the best car roof racks for yourself as well as have tips on installing them.

How To Choose A Suitable Roof Rack?

#1. Check Compatibility

Every car is built differently in terms of design and durability. You surely don’t want to buy a roof rack which is not useful for your car and might just damage your car in different ways. You have to look for the user manual or owner manual of your car to find out about the weight limit supported by the roof of your car.

If you can’t find the owner’s manual or user manual of your car then you can either call the manufacturer helpline to ask them the necessary questions or you can search online about the weight limit as well.

It is recommended to call the helpline and get suggestions on the best roof racks for your car as well.

#2. Consider your Luggage/Cargo

You have to consider the kind of cargo you would be carrying on your car roof with the help of a rack as it can help you decide which size could be best for you. Buying a too little or too big roof rack would be as useless as you can think.

#3. Permanent or Temporary Roof Rack?

There is both kind of car roof racks available in the markets, some are permanent while others are temporary.

You can remove and install the temporary one whenever needed or install it on other cars as well while the permanent roof racks are meant to be installed once and all and take long for installation as well.

Once you have found the best car roof rack for your car, you’ll have to install it.

#4. Install Fit Kit: How to Install a Car Rack?

The fit kit is a part of the car rack that helps the rack to stay on the car rack. It clamps onto the edges of the roof of your car. It helps to install the roof rack without spoiling car paint.

#5. Attach Foot Pack

Use the screws to attach the podium-like foot pack to the fit kit. It will connect the four feet of the rack to the base of the roof.

#6. Add Crossbars

Adjust the crossbars according to the rack’s instruction manual and then use the provided fasteners, screws, nuts, or straps, to finally fit the roof rack.

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