Looking For Canvas Stretching Brisbane? Check Out This Guide!

Do you live in Brisbane or the surrounding areas and are looking for canvas stretching services?

If yes, the skilled team at Mobile Frames 2U can help! We specialise in high-quality framing, and we can stretch your canvas to produce a stunning art display for your business or home. The difference between us and a traditional framing company is that we are completely mobile.

Rather than you having to find the time to come to us, we can come to you.

When we pick your canvas up, every precaution is taken to ensure it is transported and framed with care and attention. We can work collaboratively with you to come up with a framing solution that suits your specific requirements and budget.

Canvas stretching, what is it exactly?

canvas stretching

Often art is painted or printed onto a canvas, and to display it in a professional manner, it is commonly stretched. This process involves stretching the canvas over a timber frame using stretcher bars. It is wrapped and secured around the frame tightly to produce a piece of art.

A reputable framer will only use the very best equipment and materials to conduct their canvas stretching services. They ensure that the canvas isn’t pulled too tight or loose and will ensure that all edges are neatly secured to the framing to produce a professional and long-lasting product.

Canvas stretching requires a certain level of skill, and it can be quite difficult to produce a flawless finish if you are an amateur.

Why choose canvas stretching for your canvas Brisbane?

Canvas stretching effectively preserves the canvas and prevents it from avoidable damage. The longer you leave your canvas unstretched, the more susceptible it will be to deterioration from external contaminants such as dirt, mould, as well as crease and paint damage from being rolled or folded for too long. From an aesthetic perspective, it can enhance the look of your artwork tenfold. It enables you to create a unique piece of art that is easy to move and display. You can choose the size that your canvas is, and you can add a floating frame if you choose to give your stretched canvas a high-end look. There are many options available, and these will be discussed with you when in the planning phase of your canvas stretching service.

What types of art can be put on canvas?

It’s not only original artwork that can be applied to canvases, here are some other ways canvases can be used to produce art:

  • Printed art. This is generally a copy of an original piece of art. Many choose this over original art as it is much more affordable.
  • Photographs can be printed onto canvas and displayed in your home.
  • Text and graphics can be printed on canvas.

How do you hang stretched canvas artwork on a wall?

At Mobile Frames 2U, we take immense pride in the standard of our work, and you can be assured that your stretched canvas will be presented in the absolute highest manner allowing your art to take centre stage in your home or business. A question we get asked often is, “how are stretched canvases hung?”

When stretching your canvas, we add premium fittings to the back of your frame. This enables you to hang your art on the wall using your preferred hanging fixing. You can add a permanent fixing such as a picture hook that is screwed into the wall, or you can buy adhesive picture hooks. It’s important that you check the weight-bearing capabilities of the hook before attempting to hang your stretched canvas. They can be quite heavy, and your hook needs to be able to withhold such weight otherwise it may fall and cause damage to your canvas.

Canvas stretching choices Brisbane

When it comes to Canvas Stretching Brisbane choices, you have two different options. Including:

Standard canvas stretching services

Our standard canvas stretching services include stretching your canvas over a timber frame. This is then secured into position.

Floating frame canvas services

Our floating framing service is the same as our standard canvas stretching service but in addition, timber framing is added to the outer edge of the canvas. This produces a floating effect. This technique has grown in popularity over the years and can give your stretched canvas a more professional look than canvas stretching alone. It also offers a functional purpose, the outer timber framing can protect the canvas from warping.

Why choose Mobile Frames 2U for your canvas stretching in Brisbane?

Your canvas stretching project will be completed by an experienced and skilled framing professional

You can have peace of mind that only a professional framer will be handling your stretched framing project. We have more than 30 years of framing experience!

Exceptional workmanship guaranteed

At Mobile Frames 2U, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality framing services in Brisbane. We offer a 6-month guarantee on all orders for additional assurance

Lots of options to choose from

If you opt for a floating canvas stretching service, we have tonnes of framing options to choose from. They come in many colours, materials and sizes.

We pick up and deliver your stretched canvas to you

Instead of having to find the time to come to us, we come to you at a time that suits. Once your canvas has been stretched and packaged, we will then drop it off to you.

Competitive Pricing

At Mobile Frames 2U, we provide competitive pricing on all our canvas stretching services.

We only use high-quality materials and products

With us, you can expect your canvas to be stretched using the very best materials and products. This ensures your canvas is preserved in optimal condition for decades to come.

Brisbane’s go-to canvas stretching team

Canvas stretching is an effective way to protect your canvas from damage and display it in the best light.

At Mobile Frames 2U, our framers have decades of experience, and we love being able to create showstopping works of art for our customers. We know they will be treasured and marvelled at for many years to come. If you have a canvas that you’d like to have stretched and you are in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, contact us today on 1300 157 720 for an obligation-free quote.

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