8 Best Pest Control Tips and Ideas

Do you want to know the best ways to keep harmful pests out of your home and yard ? Here are the DIY pest control tips.

Today, I am going to help you out with tips to ward off pests like cockroaches, spiders, bugs, insects, etc.

Live Hygienic at your Pest-Free Home

best pest control tips

These pests not only damage your food products or anything. But, it can also spread infections. Hence, it is always advice able to keep your home free from pests. Maintaining your home more hygienic is more important than decorating homes to look awesome.

Probably, most of the pest control work is ease to handle by the house owners itself. Still, if you find it tough and you may call external pest control service, try these basic tips before that. However, there are some severe harmful pests too. Against which, you have to call for such pest control services. Else, you can do it yourself.

DIY Best Pest Control Tips and Ideas

#1 Keep Kitchen and Dining Clean

Kitchen and dining are the areas where it attracts more tiny pests. It will be highly dangerous too. To avoid pest entry into such areas, maintain your kitchen racks, stove-top, kitchen cabinets, dining shelves as much as clean and almost dry. The dirty and damp surfaces drive in the pests mostly. Make sure not to keep any food substances in open. The best practice would be wiping the floors or counters regularly and trashing out the garbage wastes instantly.

#2 Have Bathroom Area Clean and Dry

Only best way to stay the pests out from your bathroom is keeping the bathroom space clean and dry. If   some minute dust or hair blocks the outlet drain, then the water will be staging which will form like a dust bunnies.

Wash the sink, tubs and basins very frequently using powerful cleaners. By these ways, you can have your bathroom, a hygienic one.

#3 Avoid Water Stagnant Around House

Standing water would be the favorite breeding space for mosquitoes. Almost we all miss out to notice this stagnant water in and around our house areas. You will have to periodically check even the appliances like air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. You will have it clear it instantly, if there is any water leakage.

Also, to get rid of the standing water, avoid dumping fire woods around your house area.

#4 Garden or Yard Maintenance

Don’t grow some bushy plants on top of your roofs. Or else, you can trim such shrubs and plants that acts as a bridge for the pests to enter your home. Fill in the holes and pits where ever it is unnecessarily being. Ultimately, you have to completely get rid of the stagnant water. Prune the garden plants regularly to have your yard area bush-free.

#5 Fill the Cracks and Gaps

The primary pest control advice would be fixing mosquito net for windows and doors. If you find any broken window or door panels, glass fixtures, etc. repair it at the earliest. These ideas must be the best to stop pests entering in.

Probably, you have to check the plumbing lines, electric and cable wiring points. These are less noticed areas but easy ways for the pests to invade into your home.

#6 Furniture Maintenance

You must clean or wipe your furniture very frequently to get rid of pests like spiders. It is also must to ensure the long life of the furniture. Inspect swings and outdoor furniture periodically and check the chains and corners. These places are the best for spider webs and eggs.

If you couldn’t prevent, then you must spend more time, efforts and money to clean it then. Else, it will go useless very soon. And don’t ever bring outside things in. In case of bringing, wipe it well and then get it inside. Else, there are chances to take in the insects voluntarily.

#7 Lights Fixing Ideas

You may use high pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights instead of mercury lamps. By which, you can avoid flying insects around doors and windows. Instead of placing lights on the wall near the main door, fix a light on the interior wall. And then, place another light away from the door using poles. By which, you can get light shining towards the door as well as those exterior lights can attract the insects. You can stop insects and bugs entering your home.

#8 Drains and Recyclables

Inspect every drainage outlets periodically and keep it clean ever. Sink, bathroom, floor drains accumulate to get debris often. Insects, small flies, and mosquitoes can easily invade in to those areas easily. Especially laundry rooms, balconies, area around plant pots, etc.

Final Words: How to Control Pests at Home?

Still, there are lot of things you can do preventing pests to enter in and around your home. Probably, the best pest control tips shared here are the preventive measures you can do it yourself periodically to get rid of harmful pests invading in. Also, I would remind you to keep the toxic cleaners and pesticides out of your children and pets.

Though, if you find it stretches beyond and you couldn’t have control over it, then you may call for the professional pest control services.

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