Storage Facility Qualities To Look For Before Moving Things There

Before anyone realizes their need for more storage space, they would have used up all the space at their own place. You may have too many belongings that you are unable to part with, leading to the intolerable clutter and mess, and you end up with having little to no free space around the house.

Storage Facility Qualities to Look for

Quality of storage facilities

Not long after, in a moment of clarity, you start wishing for more storage space where you could securely put your things away, out of sight and outside the house.

That is when you start looking for rented storage units. Your need for storage space may lead you to make a hasty decision, and you might overlook some of the essential requirements of a storage facility before you move your belongings there.

Finding a storage facility that is conveniently near is just a Google search away, but choosing the right one, according to your unique needs, may not be so straightforward.

So, the next time you are in need of a storage unit, don’t just go with any facility nearest you. Make sure you run it against the following checklist to see if it can be the right place for your belongings.

#1 Location, Location, Location

Accessibility will be the first thing you would look for in a facility. It makes sense to rent a storage space near you as you would be needing your belongings every now and then, like camping gear or sports equipment.

Your need for storage space might be seasonal. If you live in a region where winters can be harsh, like the Grand Prairie in Alberta, Canada, then you might want a facility that is not only secure but allows for weather-insulated units, so your belongings don’t damage during their stay at the facility.

Luckily, the storage units Grande Prairie offer a whole host of features, including top-notch security, RV and boat storage, and online unit bookings.

#2 Security

It is necessary to see whether the facility you are choosing has a good security system or not. You expect your belongings to remain secure throughout their stay at the facility. A lock may be helpful but not enough.

Always ensure the security at the facility you pick is top-notch. Make sure the facility has access gates—a system that allows only authorized individuals to enter the premises—and is well-lit throughout the night to deter any thieves.

Also, make sure there is video surveillance installed at the place.

#3 Cleanliness

One of the basic qualities you should look for in a storage unit is its cleanliness. A good storage facility will keep with cleanliness standards and have pest control and protection in place.

No one wants to find cockroaches and pellets of rat excrements in their belongings. Pests can damage your belongings, such as moths damage textiles and mites destroy furniture.

You should visit the facility once before you bring your stuff for storage. You can get a good idea of a facility’s cleanliness by inspecting their units, hallways, and offices. Reading a bunch of online reviews can also help.

#4 Various Size Options

When it comes to choosing a storage unit, the variety of size options available is most commonly a deciding factor.

You want to make sure your unit has sufficient space for everything you want stored there.

A facility with multiple size options can best serve multiple needs. While the square footage of the unit is important, remember to ask about the ceiling height of your unit as well. Imagine the quantity and size of the belongings you want stored there, and then decide on unit size accordingly.

#5 Good Customer Service

Customer service is a deal breaker when it comes to choosing a storage facility. Whether you are reaching out to the management of the facility via phone call/email or in-person, you expect them to be courteous, honest, and helpful.

Positive customer service is a must because you might need to reach out to them in case of emergencies in the future, and you wouldn’t like receiving lack-luster responses to your problem queries.

#6 Delivery and Pick up Services

Although it may not be common in many storage facilities, some storage facilities out there offer pick-up and delivery services to their customers. Services like these make a storage facility stand a cut above the rest of the competition.

These services of convenience are a godsend for those with little time to spare between their professional and personal lives to go out of their way and pick up a thing or two from a storage facility located out of town. Also, these services benefit the elderly and the disabled who can’t venture far off from their own house.

#7 Climate-Controlled Environment

Depending on the items you want stored, you may need climate-controlled storage units that regulate climate factors, such as temperature and humidity, inside the unit to avoid your things from damaging.

Furniture, leather products, antiques, arts, paperwork, electronics, and photographs damage under extreme temperatures. If you are moving any of the items mentioned above, then it’s best you go for a climate-controlled unit.

#8 Cost-Effectiveness

Who wants to spend more on services that can be availed for affordable rates elsewhere? The cost usually depends on what type and size of storage unit you need.

The larger the size, the greater the cost will be. Also, the addition of other amenities and features to the unit you choose, such as climate control and lighting, will raise the renting costs. Think carefully about your needs and choose a unit that matches those exact needs, so you don’t end up spending on features or space you have no use for.

#9 Time Span

Don’t forget to consider how long you would be keeping your belongings in the storage unit. Most storage facilities lease month to month. Although many rental facilities don’t provide storage units for any time period shorter than a month, some facilities might. Talk to the management and see if you could negotiate a price for keeping your belongings in the unit for a week or two.

#10 Self-Service and Full-Service Units

A self-service unit provider enables you to access your belongings in the storage space whenever you need them, any time of day or night. Usually, you are provided with a lock and a key for your unit.

On the other hand, a full-service unit controls access, meaning you probably have to call in before you are granted access. The full-service is good for security purposes, and you should choose it over the self-service option if you have valuable belongings in the unit.


Houses can get cramped with so many belongings. If you are moving out, decluttering, creating space for a newborn, a spouse, or a partner, you might need to clear out some of your own belongings. Storage units help us store away our belongings safely. You should look for security, cleanliness, ease of access, customer service, and unit size options available at a facility before you choose to move your belongings there.

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