Benefits Of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floor could potentially last a few decades, but it takes proper care and maintenance to achieve that goal. However, even with reasonable care and maintenance, there comes a time when you need to refinish your hardwood floor to extend its life. A proper floor refinishing company in Victoria can help restore your hardwood floor’s appeal.

Refinishing hardwood floors requires a lot of knowledge and experience. There is a lot of precision work involved. This is one task you want to let the professional take care of. Although it is not expensive to refinish floors, you do not want to see money wasted due to a small error, which a professional can easily avoid.

Hardwood floors will stand the test of time, provided they’ve been maintained regularly.

Benefits of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

benefits of refurnishing hardwood floors

Let us look at a few advantages of refinishing hardwood floors.

#1 Aesthetics

As your hardwood floors age over a period of time, they also gather a lot of character. Of course, you’ll want to get rid of those ugly dents and imperfections, but the minimal scars and scrapes assert the longevity of your hardwood floors. Although refinishing your hardwood floors restores their original splendor, it also refreshes that timeless look. In other words, refinishing your hardwood floors professionally helps you reminisce about the years gone by.

Refinishing your hardwood floors also helps you preserve designs and patterns that are no longer available. Thus you can retain the revered and admired look of your hardwood floors for many more years.

#2 Cost

Over the years, seeing your beautiful hardwood floors in bad condition can be very disheartening. Areas exposed to sunlight might fade while other areas retain their original color, thus resulting in an uneven look overall.

It is very tempting to install new floors, but that is very costly compared to refinishing your hardwood floors. Refinishing makes it look as good as new for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace your hardwood floor. Furthermore, you will also incur the cost of removing and disposing of the old floor and preparing the subfloor for installing new hardwood floors.

Refinishing hardwood flooring is the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to preserve the warmth and beauty of your home. The average cost of installing new hardwood floors is $4568, whereas the average cost of refinishing is $1800.

#3 Boost Home Value

Whether you are refinishing your hardwood floors to sell your house or as part of maintenance, the value of your home will spike. Refinished hardwood floors improve the resale value of a house for a very economical expense. Hence, they provide an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

Homes with refinished hardwood floors sell quicker for the asking price. Of late, prospective home buyers prefer hardwood flooring over any other type of flooring. According to National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) survey, 90% of agents believed that hardwood floors boost the value of a house.

#4 Promotes Safety

Even though they are tough, hardwood floors take a beating after bearing footfall traffic, spills and stains, and furniture being dragged over them. All of this could lead to splintering. This could cause serious injury to someone’s foot, especially carefree kids running around the house.

Furthermore, uneven surfaces can cause someone to trip and fall. In fact, some hardwood floor planks may be cracked and need to be replaced during the refinishing project.

Refinishing your hardwood floors will ensure all dents, scratches, splinters, and cracks are taken care of, thus providing a safe surface to walk on.

#5 Durability

Regular care and cleaning help keep your hardwood floors in good condition. But, to prolong the life of your floors, refinishing them is a must. It would also ensure that the cost of maintenance remains at a minimum.

Hardwood floors are porous. Hence, they require a sealant to prevent moisture from getting into the pores and damaging the floors. Unfortunately, the sealant layer deteriorates over time. Refinishing includes sanding down a paper thin layer of surface and then adding a few layers of coating and stain.

This process ensures the durability of your hardwood floors.

#6 Deters Pests

Old and battered hardwood floors have a lot of holes and crevices. These become breeding grounds for pests. Of all the pests, termites are known to be the most dangerous ones. They are silent destroyers of your hardwood. Some termites eat deadwood inside out, causing them to crack in multiple places. This makes floors dangerous to walk on as they can no longer bear the amount of traffic.

Refinishing ensures all the holes and crevices are filled, and the damaged planks are repaired.


Whether your aim is to sell your home or to enhance the aesthetics of your home, refinishing your hardwood floors is an easy and economical choice.

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