7 Types Of Wooden Furniture Leg Shapes

Through interesting at-home projects, you can give your table a unique look that will match none other besides saving you money. The latest rage in DIY furniture is about upgrading your standard table and adding a set of wood island legs.

The popularity of wooden legs to furniture pieces grew extensively in 2021 because people did something creative during the pandemic. The result was that the total DIY lumberyard sales amounted to a little over $137 billion in a single year.

Fortunately, the furniture parts suppliers have a variety of shapes, sizes, and quality of table legs that can match your style and temperament.

Types Of Wooden Furniture Leg Shapes

wooden furniture leg shapes

If you are looking for furniture legs, here are some types of wooden legs shapes.

#1 Flute-Shaped Legs

The most elegant yet straightforward leg shapes are modeled based on columns present in ancient Greek monuments. They have grooves or channels carved vertically, giving the leg a slender appearance. They make for an ideal neoclassical feel to your kitchen island.

#2 Spiral Legs

Resembling a twisted rope, this is a classic originating from India. The Europeans brought the style to the west in the 17th century and were widely accepted in many Victorian pieces. These wood island legs make a comeback and are highly popular with those looking to add character to their island table.

#3 Trumpet-Like Legs

If you are looking for flares and round rather than simple flute-like legs, then these are the ones to pick. They have multiple cures on the top and the bottom, giving your island a luxurious appearance.

#4 Cabriole Style Legs

If you want to go antique with your island, then this is the way to go. Typical of the Queen Anne style of furniture, these legs curve outward at the knee and inward at the base. They end with a claw foot at the bottom, giving your table a Victorian appeal.

#5 Flemish Scroll Legs

Featured in William and Mary pieces, Restoration furniture, and Baroque style furniture, Flemish scroll legs have scrolls at the top and bottom. Both scrolls are in opposing directions, giving an S-shaped look. If you want a solid appearance, the scroll legs are the way to go.

#6 Marlborough Legs

Plain and straight, the Marlborough legs have no curves, grooves, channels, or scrolls. They have a minimalist appeal which goes well with Chippendale-style islands. They may end in a block foot or be footless. During the middle of the 18th century, they were in style and made a comeback with the unpretentious.

#7 Saber-Style Legs

As the name suggests, they arched in a concave shape and usually tapered out at the bottom. Also known as splayed legs, they were pretty popular with late 18th-century furniture designers. They are typical of Empire and Regency style furniture.


Whether you want a beautiful piece of furniture or cannot find the right coffee table for your living room, or you do not want to let go of the classic table you have, the legs are worn out and unsafe. No matter your reason, you can order a set of wood island legs and give your table a brand new appearance.

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