3 Ways To Treat Your Home To Some TLC

Owning a home comes with a great deal of responsibility. From ensuring that the inside and outside is clean, tidy and organised. As well as making sure that the structure of your house is in working order to help keep your home in one piece.

Ways to treat your home to some TLC

This article will outline 3 ways in which you can treat your home to some tlc to not only keep your house looking nice, but also in full working order.

ways to treat your home to some tlc

#1 Exterior Cleaning

There are various different types of cleaning for the outside of your home that are very important to help maintain the exterior of your home. This can include elements of your home itself, such as the roof, gutter or brickwork, to your front or back garden.

It is very important to clean out your gutters, or have someone else clean them out for you as clogged gutters can cause roof damage which if not resolved can cause damage to the overall structure of your home.

You also want to ensure that your roof is clean to avoid damage as a leaky roof can cause moisture to enter your house causing internal damage to your home. A dirty roof can also affect the curb appeal of your home and make it look dirty. This is not ideal if you want to give the impression that your home is well maintained or even if you are planning on putting your house on the market.

Another way you can attend to the exterior of your home is by giving your windows a clean on both the inside and the outside, not only can this make the exterior of your home look more appealing. It can also make looking out of your windows from the inside of your home a more pleasant experience as you will not be looking out to dirt and grime which has built up on your windows over time. When you clean the outside of your windows, you should also clean the framework as this can also have a lot of dirt build up if not cleaned regularly.

#2 Declutter and Organise

Having a cluttered home can cause your home to look messy and make it appear that you have a lack of space. Having an excessive amount of clutter out on show can also make it more of a task when it comes to cleaning your home, this is due to the fact that these in some cases, pointless objects collect dust and give you more to clean.

Having non necessary objects, which do not match the decor of the room they are present in, or do not serve a purpose, can make the room look constantly messy despite how often you clean it. In some cases looking at clutter which is out of place can cause unnecessary stress. People often find that having a declutter brings a great amount of peace to the mind. This is because when you declutter your home you will remove anything that is visually distracting.

If you are well organised with the storage space you have and it is utilised in the best way possible, you should be able to keep the amount of clutter to a minimum. This is why regularly organising your cupboards, wardrobes and draws can be really beneficial, especially if you live in a smaller house and find yourself running out of room. Having everything in your home well organised can also make it easier to find anything you are looking for, as it will have a designated home.

#3 A Lick of Paint

A fresh coat of paint often goes a long way if you are looking to give your home a bit of tlc. As time passes, the colours that are on trend change. So what was popular when you originally painted a certain room, might now be outdated. This does not mean that if you like the colour of the room you should change it to keep up with the current trends, but in some cases a change of colour can really adjust the vibe of the room.

Excessive sunlight can also cause paint to fade, making the room appear dull. Adding a new coat of paint can really freshen up a room and bring it back to life.

Bright white paint which is often used on window sills and skirting boards can turn off white and cream in places which are hidden from sunlight. This might not be a problem, but if you rearrange a room and move a cabinet from one wall to the next you might be able to clearly see where the cabinet once was due to the colour or the skirting board behind it. Topping up the white parts of your home is a simple way to make it look like the whole has been redecorated and make it look fresh.


To conclude there are many ways in which you can give your home some much needed tlc both inside and outside. These simple ways to freshen up the appearance of your home are great if you want to maintain a fresh vibe within your home, or even if you are thinking of putting your house on the market in near future.

Having an uncluttered home which looks nice and tidy from the very first impression as you pull up to the house, to a well organised and clean looking space, is really going to help with the curb appeal of your house, as well as make your house feel more like a home.

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