6 Styling Tips To Maximize An Open Floor Plan

One of the things many people forget when designing the home is the space you have. If you are not careful, you will end up in a badly designed place. Open spaces are nice to look at, but they can pose a challenge for organizing. The reason behind this is that there are no boundaries for where things will go.

Tips to maximize the Open Floor Plan

tips to maximize open floor plan

If you are in such a predicament, worry not. These tips will come in handy for you.

#1 Use Rugs to Distinguish Spaces

Open-plan spaces mean you can have more than one area in the same room. While there is enough space for your dining area and the living room, you need to get to a point where people can tell if they are in the living room or dining. Rugs come in handy in such a scenario. While you do not have to get more than one rug, having rugs helps.

You can choose to have a rug for the dining or living room area. If you want more than one rug, ensure they are not too big because they tend to make the whole space look squeezed up.

#2 Play Around with Colors

Having an open-plan floor means you will have an overall color scheme for the entire room. Play around with accent colors to help make the two areas look different. It will help if these colors compliment each other to avoid too much color explosion in the room. Many people who use this rule have been able to put more things in a room than most people.

#3 Go Minimalist

It is easy for you to get carried away with all the space available. One way of avoiding this would be to cut down on the furniture and furnishing. A minimalist look makes it more spacious since there is space to move around. Big furniture makes the entire space look and feels cramped, which beats the whole point of having the space. Reduce the chairs you have and settle for a slightly smaller dining table. Having more space in an open floor plan makes the whole place look put together.

#4 Look at the Foot Traffic

When it comes to setting up furniture, ensure you consider foot traffic. It makes no sense for you to have your living room set where people keep walking by. It also makes no sense to have your dining table in the middle of the room.

By figuring out how people move around, you also get to figure out how your living will be arranged. That way, everything comes together seamlessly.

#5 Introduce Focal Points

If you have more than two rooms in one open-plan, people might get conflicted about what area of the house they are in. To help with this, introduce different focal points for the different areas. You can have the kitchen cooking area as your focal point for the kitchen and have a painting in the dining room. Having the TV mounted on one part of the wall for the living room is an easier way to create a focal point. That way, one knows if they have strayed into one area of the space based on what catches their eye the most.

#6 Play Around with the Lighting

While there needs to be consistency in the fixtures you use, you can still play around with the lighting each area gets.

The kitchen needs brighter lighting. On the other hand, you can choose to have the living room light with lamp shades for a dimmer light. You will be surprised how big of a difference the features you choose will make in the different areas of the open plan you have.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to decorating an open-plan space, you might get overwhelmed. The trick is to take your time before you start with all the decorating. You get to make an elaborate plan for the different spaces. You do not have to worry about putting too much in one area. All the spaces will be well thought through and look beautiful as well. Once you have the plan, you can then execute it. Where in doubt, getting the help of a professional will come in handy,

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