7 Tips For Storing Seasonal Items

Seasons come and go, and with them come changes to our decor and wardrobes. Summers in Pacheco can be long, warm, and dry, and the winters are short, cold, wet, and partly cloudy. In climates with distinct seasonal changes, we need to swap out our clothes twice a year to accommodate the warmer and colder weather. We also need to store away seasonal decorations, such as Christmas trees and Halloween pumpkins, when we’re not using them.

Seasonal clothing, decor, and equipment can take up a lot of room and end up cluttering your living spaces. Devising a seasonal storage plan can be beneficial and also help you organize everything, leading to a more efficient system.

Tips for Storing Seasonal Items

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Here are some tips for storing seasonal items.

#1 Find the right Storage Spot

The best place to store seasonal clothing and other items is somewhere dark, dry, and cold. Your garage, attic, basement, under your bed, or guest room closet can be good places to store your seasonal belongings. But be warned that garages and attics might not be the best places if you live in extremely hot or cold climates. And if you live in a flood-prone area like Pacheco, CA, things in your basement can get damaged. Choose the space wisely for an optimal and secure storage plan.

A facility for storage Pacheco CA offers would be the best choice, providing different options to store things seasonally. It can act as an extension of the space in your home without cluttering your actual living space.

#2 Get rid of unwanted Belongings

When switching out items as the season changes, it can be good to thoroughly look at your belongings and get rid of unwanted belongings. In terms of clothing, it’s best to clear out any clothes you have worn in a while—things you don’t fit into anymore. Look at your seasonal equipment, like pool or water toys, camping equipment, kayaks, or dive gear, to see if they are in the best condition and will be in use next season; otherwise, get rid of them or donate them.

Look through your seasonal decor items. Is anything outdated that you don’t use anymore, worn out, out of style, or broken? Giving away unused items will help you create much-needed space, avoid clutter, and be more organized.

#3 Purchase Storage Containers

Determine what needs to be stored, take stock, and decide what sort of storage container you might need. Plastic bins can be a great choice to store clothing because they keep moisture, dust, or bugs out. Clear boxes are also efficient because you can look inside and see what they contain. Cardboard boxes can be a good option for storing ceramics, seasonal cutlery, accessories, or equipment.

#4 Organize and Group Everything

When packing stuff away for the season, make a list of your inventory and organize it into different groups and piles. Pair things that are similar together; you can group them by different seasons, holidays, or decor items. Disassemble anything that needs to be taken apart for storage. Decide what item goes into which storage container.

#5 Clean Things Before Storing

Before storing anything, make sure it’s clean. Clear away any dust that might have accumulated on different decor items.

Wash and dry any clothing, bedding, or fabrics that will be stored. Make sure they are completely dry and that there is no moisture present.

Remove any stains on the clothes for storage because the longer you store them, the harder they will be to take out. Mend anything that’s damaged, like the zipper, buttons, or unraveling seams.

#6 Label Everything

When packing away stuff, try to label every box. This will help you locate what you want. You can use a pen to mark each box or a label maker to create custom labels. You can also allocate a color to different holidays and mark the containers with it so it’s easier to spot them.

Try to group similar boxes so they are easier to find. You can keep stuff that you need more often at an easier-to-reach level and things that are seldom required at the top or behind other containers. This way, you won’t have to go through a ton of other containers to get to what you want.

#7 Store According to Size and Weight

Store heavy and large equipment like furniture, appliances, and other big items. Place them towards the back of the storage unit on the bottom so that you don’t crush or damage smaller items. When organizing your storage area, go vertical with your belongings. Stack boxes high to get the most out of the space.


Knowing how to store seasonal items effectively can prolong the life of your cherished possessions. With a little effort, you can create an effective storage system. Embracing these storage tips can ensure the safety of your belongings and make for a more organized and spacious home.

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