11 Things You Should NOT Store In Your Home

Hoarding isn’t healthy, and sometimes it becomes even dangerous to your family’s well-being. What sort of stuff can you not store in your home or backyard? We all have our attics, garages, and basements filled with things nobody’s used in ages, but they’re just lying there taking space.

Homeowners often forget about most of their leftovers, and these belongings gradually disintegrate into useless garbage.

Conversely, some folks store certain objects in their apartments that are in remarkably excellent condition but just a little catch; they’re harmful to your health.

Things NOT to Store in your Home

We’ve explained which objects homeowners should refrain from storing in their humble abodes – especially when we have storage facilities for this purpose. Here goes the list:

What can you not keep in your home?

#1 Cracked helmets

Don’t forget that helmets have been manufactured as single-usage gadgets, which means you cannot continue wearing them after being in an accident. Helmets are like car seats; they’ll break down over time. Inspect them for damage and replace your helmets after a few years. It’s useless to store cracked helmets in the attic because they become unusable after five years.

#2 Large vehicles

Are you storing larger vehicles in your garage or merely parking them along the driveway? These vehicles often claim a lot of space and prevent homeowners from using their garages for other purposes. There are self-storage facilities where you can keep your boats and RVs now. So residents in states with abundant waterways and lakes like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Alabama can easily store their personal boats in these facilities. For example, people living in Jefferson County can look up “boat storage Birmingham AL” and find some good nearby locations and start storing today! There’s no need to worry about garage space anymore.

#3 Canned food

Some people believe canned food isn’t spoil-proof, and age may ruin these ready-to-eat meals. We don’t suggest you place these canned items in the garage because the humidity ruins them. The cover may rust, causing chemical reactions with the stored edibles. You don’t wish to eat rotten food now, don’t you! You must store canned items in temperature-controlled facilities.

#4 Old toys

It’s common for people to stash their childhood memories in the attic for safekeeping. However, the sentimental attachment with these aged toys won’t stop humidity spoiling them. You shouldn’t that damp’s the only foe your toys shall encounter in the attic; there are mice, mites, and critters for ruining your nonliving playmates as well. So, use airtight plastic containers for safekeeping the toy.

#5 Old clothes

Now, we’re not against storing worn-out clothes in your home. You just can’t keep them in the attic or your garage. Remember that clothes attract moths and pests. Also, leather dresses cannot endure being in damp areas. We suggest placing your older clothes in plastic containers to keep them safe. There’s another solution- donating your old and unwanted outfits.

#6 Expired medication

A 2017 survey showed that one-third of Americans hadn’t cleaned out their medicine cabinets in the past twelve months. It’s dangerous to stash these impotent medicines in your home. Therefore, you should consider discarding the prescription medications you don’t use anymore. You may check the FDA’s “flush list” to identify these risky drugs. Don’t keep them just lying there inside your house.

#7 Old tech

Who doesn’t have worn-out laptops just claiming spaces in the attic! Electronics mustn’t be placed where temperature fluctuations are more than frequent. Also, realize that moisture spoils your gadgets. You should sell this old tech on eBay or place them in self-storage facilities for safekeeping. There’s no need to hoard ancient computers and start decluttering today.

#8 Old rugs

Storing carpets in your home is like inviting birds, moths, and beetles to a feast! They love nestling in worn-out carpets stashed away in gloomy places like the attic. It’s better to have rugs cleaned by professionals before storing them in heavy-duty polythene bags. You may even store these rugs in a storage facility for safekeeping. Don’t forget to check for mold/mildew before storing carpets now.

#9 Propane tanks

Now, there’s nothing wrong with propane tanks themselves. But leaks in these tanks, while stashed in enclosed locations, may turn even small sparks into huge fires. So, refrain from keeping propane tanks in your garages. It’s better to keep them outside where temperature fluctuations cannot cause these tanks to burst. The same goes for other dangerous chemicals that have a risk of combustion.

#10 Dangerous chemicals

Homeowners shouldn’t stockpile flammable materials such as dangerous chemicals in their garages. Some chemicals aren’t easily combustible but have air-quality hazards because of which folks should never keep them in their apartments. Never undervalue inhalation hazards while stashing away your chemical-soaked tools after DIY projects.

Similarly, oil-stained rugs are flammable and dangerous.

#11 Picture albums

Our modern-day memories are stored digitally and uploaded on the cloud for safekeeping. But what about old family photos and albums? These family heirlooms shouldn’t be stored in your home. They may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Again, you must place them in self-storage units where these treasured memories are kept safe from danger. It’s the right way of protecting your photos.


When was the last time you decluttered your house? Homeowners often remove their domestic garbage before relocating. However, a study shows that almost 6% of Americans (19 million people) in 2019 had become compulsive hoarders. Remember that hoarding’s unhealthy since you can’t and shouldn’t store certain things in your home.

There are several self-storage facilities in the country where Americans can dump their belongings. Thus, you may now store your vessels and vehicles for proper safekeeping.

These temperature-controlled facilities can hold your old tech, toys, and rugs/carpets. So, store your antique furniture, worn-out documents, and treasured family photos here. Also, refrain from storing canned meals or expired drugs in your home because these things do spoil after expiring. It’s not safe to keep propane tanks, dangerous chemicals, and other flammable materials in the garage. You can get hurt if these things combust. Now, cater to your family’s well-being and avoid storing flammables.

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