6 Things That Are Hiding In Your Carpet!

How sure are you that your carpet is clean? Do you know what lurks hidden on it?

A home with a carpet feels warm and cozy. It gives a comforting atmosphere that everyone wants in their household. It, however, can hide many undesirable things. If you’re not familiar with unwanted things that can hide in your carpet, do read on.

What’s Hiding in your Carpet?

things hide in carpet

Knowing things that are possibly hidden in your household will greatly help you in ensuring that your carpet is always hygienic and fresh-smelling.

#1 Bugs

Bed bugs love carpets! You may think your carpet is free from bugs as you rarely closely check it but it’s actually home to dust mites, fleas, and bed bugs. This is the case if you don’t regularly clean your carpet. Having carpet bugs is easily avoidable if you’d vacuum your carpet regularly. To keep your carpet free from bugs, you should at least vacuum it twice a week. Vacuuming can ensure that bugs stay out of the way!

Why your carpet shouldn’t have bugs: bugs can cause allergies. Their waste and molten skin can cause extreme allergic reactions.

#2 Food and Drinks

Your carpet has so many stains and spilled drinks that you’re not aware of. It’s also filled with food crumbs. This should not be the case because bacteria and organisms love food and drinks. Spilled drinks and food crumbs are their preferred food source.

This is why it’s always advisable for you to instantly clean your carpet every time you’d encounter a spill. This is also why it’s not advisable to snack heavily when on a carpeted area. You should always immediately blot any spilled liquid. Vacuuming after snacking around should be a consistent practice.

Why your carpet shouldn’t have food and drinks: failing to immediately clean spilled drink and scattered food crumbs can create contaminants. Contaminants should be avoided at all costs because they can cause sneezing, allergies, breathing problems, and even colds. Your family will all the more be at risk if there is embedded cigarette smoke in your carpet as it can be hazardous.

#3 Pet Hair, Skin Flakes, and Dander

You should know that you shed 1.5 million skin flakes every day. Naturally, some of it will be stuck on your carpet. Such is not an ideal case because microscopic insects can feed on them. If you don’t regularly vacuum, you’d have mites and fleas hanging around your carpet waiting on fallen skin flakes.

You will have more of these unwanted agents if you have pets. To ensure that your carpet is thoroughly rid of skin flakes, pet hair, and dander, you should book a schedule with professional carpet cleaners. Fremantle’s first choice carpet cleaners can help you in ensuring that your carpet is not a breeding ground for mites, ticks, and fleas.

Why your carpet shouldn’t have dander, pet hair, and skin flakes: they can cause severe allergic reactions and affect people with sinus issues.

#4 Dirt and Soil

An average household can accumulate at least 20 kilos of dust every year. Most of it goes directly to your carpet. It’s tricky to monitor dirt because layers and layers of it could accumulate without being easily noticed. A white carpet can easily look grayish in just weeks if it’s not maintained well.

You should actively do maintenance work to effectively avoid dirt and soil build-up. Ask everyone to always ensure that their shoes are clean before entering. Place doormats on all entrance points. Even on ones inside your home. Regular vacuuming is also essential.

Why your carpet shouldn’t have dirt and soil: it can promote the breeding of bacteria. It will also damage your carpet’s color and fiber. Dirt build-up can also cause severe allergies.

#5 Mold, Mildew, and Other Bacteria

The tricky thing with mildew, mold and other bacteria is that you can’t see them! They’re not visible to the naked eye so no carpet owner can easily know their presence. This is why you should always be proactive in maintaining your carpet. No one wants pathogens like E. Coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus around their household. Such pathogens are extremely harmful and can cause severe illness.

One way to make sure that your carpet is free from any form of mold, mildew, and bacteria is by endeavoring to keep it clean and dry at all times. Moist invites mold, mildew, and other bacteria so it’s best for your carpet to always be dry. If you’re not familiar with carpet maintenance, have professionals do it for you to ensure that your carpet is completely dry after cleaning.

Why your carpet shouldn’t have mold, mildew, and other bacteria: they can cause severe illness and severe allergy attacks.

#6 Odors

Nothing is more shocking and embarrassing than having strangers notice that your carpet already smells when you’re not even aware of it. This is usually the case because most homeowners are so used to the smell of their living spaces that their sense of smell is already immune. Hence, what smells foul to others is already normalized and non-alarming.

No one wants to be in such a situation. Thankfully, it is avoidable. To do so, immediate carpet cleaning should always be done should any of the following accidents take place:

  • Pet pee accidents
  • Liquid spills
  • Spilled food

Smoking can also leave a foul smell. Any wet accident that is not dealt with immediately will end up smelling because of bacteria, mold, and mildew build-up in moist areas. Hence, you should always immediately clean all kinds of spills. You should also keep people from smoking in carpeted living spaces at home.

Why your carpet shouldn’t have odor: it is toxic to one’s health. The leftover cigarette smell can be hazardous.

So, make sure to clean your carpet regularly and opt for necessary carpet repair services whenever it deserves.

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