Clever Ways To Redesign A Small Living Space

Your home is where the heart is. No matter the size of your space, it’s important to feel welcomed and comfortable in your living room. Look no further for our top clever ways to redesigning a small living space to create a spot in your house you will want to gather and make memories in.

Redesigning a Small Living Place

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#1 Dual-purpose furniture

If you are lacking in square footage, the best way to redesign your living room is to think about adding some dual-purpose furniture. Consider an upholstered ottoman which can double as a footrest and a coffee table. Select pieces that offer built-in storage or choose a convertible couch that can transform into a daybed. Utilizing multi-functional furniture pieces will save you space and add effortless utility to your living room.

#2 Open up

Our next tip for redesigning a small living space is to decorate with mirrors. Mirrors not only bounce light throughout your room for a bright and bold look, but they also offer the illusion of a more open space. Try hanging various mirrors in different sizes and shapes for an added aesthetic you and guests will adore.

#3 Go big and bold

While it’s not the best idea to fill your small living room with oversized furniture, it is a brilliant idea to go big and bold is with an area rug. Select a rug with a large scale and fun pattern to create the illusion that your room is larger than it is. A great area rug can ground your design and make an impact by creating the impression that your room is bigger than it truly is.

#4 Be unexpected

When redesigning a small living room, it’s important to be unexpected with your design. Select furniture and décor with some spunk to give the small room a wow-factor. Try adding built-in lighting with a unique design (without taking up floor space!) or select a fun pattern on your accent chair. A room with bold design will appear larger and more inviting.

#5 Sofa swap

If your living room is lacking in space, try swapping that oversized sectional sofa for dual club chairs. Two cozy armchairs create the comfort you desire, while adding interesting and unexpected space-saving design. Angle the chairs inward slightly and facing a focal point, such as a fireplace. This cultivates gathering and conversation while drawing the eye to the center point of your room.

#6 Keep a color story

Just because your living room is small, does not mean you have steer clear from color. If you’re a color lover, avoid a chaotic look in your space by keeping to a color story. Think about sticking with pretty pastels or go bold with more saturated hues in the same family. Mix patterns in your color story for a cheerful room that is ready to be lived in.

#7 Float the furniture

Our final tip for redesigning a small living room is to resist the urge to push furniture up against your walls. You may think if you push the sofa up against the wall it will make the most of your small space; but doing this can actually make the room appear more cramped and subsequently smaller. Instead, give your furniture some breathing room by scooting it away from the walls a few inches for an open and airy look.

Author Bio: Olivia Forgette is a real estate marketing specialist, writer, and homeowner who enjoys using her experience to help buyers and sellers feel informed and confident during their big real estate transactions and beyond. When not writing and blogging, you can find her loving on her newborn baby boy, or in the kitchen baking some homemade sweet treats.

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