Reasons Why You Should Never Clean Bird Guano By Yourself

There are some people who love bird spotting and listening to them singing in the morning. Then, there are others that would prefer never to see them. But, one thing we can agree on is that birds can make a mess. It does not matter whether it is seagulls or pigeons, when they roost, they leave droppings everywhere.

If birds are bringing down the look of your building, it is best to tackle the problem sooner rather than later. This is because of the acidic nature of bird guano. It can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces to brick exteriors.

Reasons Why You Should Never Clean Bird Guano by Yourself

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However, if you are thinking of cleaning your building by yourself, this is not a good idea. This can be a more dangerous task than it sounds. Let’s take a closer look at why you need to call in the professionals for this task.

#1 There are Health Risks

Not a lot of people realise that there are health risks when it comes to guano. Unless you are wearing protective clothing, as well as a mask, it can be dangerous to clean off your building by yourself. You also have to have the right equipment and experience to know the best way to get rid of guano quickly and effectively. To read more about an expert team that you can hire for the job, visit Apex Bird Control’s website. They offer everything from anti-bird solutions to guano cleaning services so that you do not have to put your health at risk.

There are a number of diseases that can be caught from bird guano. For instance, there is candidiasis, which is found and can be caught from pigeons. It can cause pain and itching to the skin and even problems with the respiratory system. Then, there is a dangerous disease that comes from a fungus that grows on bird guano. This is called histoplasmosis. It is so dangerous that it can be fatal for some people.

Another one you have to watch out for is E.coli. You have probably heard of this infection before but might not realise that it can be traced from pigeon droppings, as well as other rodents. There is also salmonellosis, which you may know as food poisoning. Well, it can actually be found in bird guano. It travels in the dust from droppings, which means that it can contaminate everything from the air you breathe to food sources.

#2 It Can Be Slippery

Let’s not forget one of the obvious dangers of bird droppings. They can be slippery if you are careful. Often, birds will flock in groups and this means that they roost together. All of the bird guano gathers in one spot and even on top of each other. When it is all combined together, this becomes very slippery.

If you are trying to clean up a high spot on your building, such as a roof, it can be very dangerous. One wrong move and there could be bad consequences. Another issue with this is that people try to do the job without the right equipment and think they can just get by. But, without the tools and safety equipment, you are taking risks when it comes to your safety.

A professional bird control company have everything they need to tackle dangerous spots on your building. They have the safety equipment and this means that you do not have to take any risks. What’s more, they have the experience necessary to know the best ways to get rid of the bird guano efficiently and effectively.

#3 You Can Damage the Building

One of the main reasons you are probably considering bird guano cleaning services is because it is making a mess of your property. Indeed, bird droppings can look nasty and really destroy the aesthetic of your building. They are not something that simply washes away with the rain. In fact, they seem to stain and not go away by themselves.

Something you need to realise is that bird guano is very damaging due to it containing uric acid. This has the ability to corrode buildings and other surfaces. You need to be very careful how you clean this away from your building. It can be a difficult task and one that requires all of the right equipment. Again, experts know how to do this without causing further damage to your building. So, you do not want to attempt to try this job on your own if you have no experience.

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