Purchasing Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets – Buying Guide!

Traditional kitchen cabinets are becoming less of a choice for modern home designers, savvy remodelers, and DIYers. A more space-friendly, customizable, cost-effective, and modernistic kitchen is now achievable with little to no stress at all. Thanks to ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, you can have the best kitchen setup without knowing a thing about interior decor. Just a good eye for one, and you will get some perfect kitchen cabinets for your liking and space.

Because there are thousands of variants available on the market, selecting the best for your kitchen can be tricky. Remodelers often go for the look alone, without bothering about what and where to look. Under listed are 4 key areas you must look into when buying an RTA cabinet. Else, your return to the market is imminent in no time. Unfortunately, not many people care.

Buying Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinetry Before letting you in on these core areas, let’s have a look at what advantage this type of cabinet has over pre-built and custom-made cabinets. Why are a lot of people making their rush?

#1 Less Expensive

The cost of ready to assemble cabinets is way below that of custom-made cabinets. Most luxury kitchens have custom-made cabinets in their setups, but their price can be too much for what an average remodeler can afford.

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets give you the same-like quality without you having to break the bank. You can get your luxury kitchen while saving yourself a heavy kitchen remodeling budget. A pre-built cabinet can be less expensive than RTA cabinets. They can never boast its quality.

#2 Easy to Put Together

IF you are a DIY enthusiast, you can install the cabinets without much of a fuss. The process is somewhat simple and easy. A how-to video or easy-to-follow instructional manual from the manufacturer with a dash of wit can be enough to get your cabinet up. Every tool you need to assemble your cabinets is available. Screws, hinges, and wood will come along with your order.

If you are not that sure, you can hire a professional to ensure a flawless installation. Even with the cost of hiring a professional, you will still not spend up to the cost of custom cabinets.

#3 Fast Shipment and Delivery

RTA cabinets shipment and delivery takes place within a short time. Typically, it takes less than a week to get the ready to assemble cabinet delivered to your location. Just make sure to buy from a reputable online RTA cabinet store. If you are buying from a local store, a day or two is all it takes.

Custom-made cabinets, on the other hand, can take forever and can put you behind in your remodeling schedule. You have no option but to wait till the manufacturer produces your custom cabinet. After which they send for delivery. A little back and forth is always involved.

Things To Consider Purchasing Ready To Buy Kitchen Cabinets?

Now, Let’s get down to business.

#1 What Do You Want in A Cabinet?

Don’t just buy for the sake of buying. Do you need a kitchen cabinet? Yes, but that’s not all. Different people have different things they look for in a ready to assemble kitchen cabinet. Yours should have requirements and what you think is necessary. Create a list of the must-haves and other features that you consider extra or additional. The goal here is to ensure that you are not only going for the look. You are going for a cabinet that will serve your requirements.

For instance, if you are interested in maximizing storage and want easy access to your dishes, foodstuffs, and kitchen utensils, going with a cabinet with drawers is the best. Drawers allow better use of space than shelves. Behind-the-door shelves can serve the same purpose if you prefer the sight of doors. They are the better choice if you want to reduce the number of bending that will take place in your kitchen.

#2 Check The Quality of the Material

Another thing you want to be clear of when you enter a cabinet store is the quality of the material. There are varieties of cabinet materials on the market. Wood is predominantly the most common cabinet type. Other options like thermofoil and laminate cabinets are gaining popularity in recent times. Thanks to their extreme durability compared to wood. The only aspect you might reconsider is their weight.

While a nice-looking cabinet can appeal to you, the quality and durability are more important. A high-quality cabinet will always have a nice look. Beyond that, check the quality of the material and its grades.

A piece of advice; don’t ever buy a cabinet without a reasonable warranty on your purchase.

#3 Space-Match The Cabinet with Kitchen Dimension

One assignment you ought to have done before coming to the market is to know your kitchen dimension. A standard cabinet may not fit into your kitchen space. It is either too big or too small.

To save yourself any after-purchase headache, get on point with your kitchen dimension then explore the world of ready to assemble cabinets. You will surely find the perfect size for your kitchen.

To do this, measure the length, breadth, and width of the space you are planning to place your cabinet. Get the dimension and use it to compare that of the cabinet you want to buy.

#4 Use Customer Support Help

Buying cabinet is an investment in thousands. Ask as many questions as possible. This is one key area most buyers overlook.

The truth about the RTA cabinet is that you can never get all the information you need by just checking it out online. Also, when you buy in your local store, get answers to all the questions that come to your mind.

Never assume your kitchen cabinet purchase is a one-off affair. You will need some help at some point after purchase. Bad customer service can make you recant your purchase after a while, no matter how detail oriented the product is.


RTA cabinets give the advantage of cost, time, and quality. They are better in quality than premade cabinets and pocket-friendlier than custom cabinetry. Consider the tips above when purchasing your next kitchen cabinet.

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