Pros & Cons Of Living In Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is an exceedingly beautiful and charming place to live in owing to several reasons. The city is perfect for those who enjoy a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle near the ocean and beach. However, like all other places on Earth, Pensacola also has multiple downsides. Nonetheless, the negative aspects of the city remain in balance with the positive elements.

Living in Pensacola: Pros & Cons

living in pensacola

In this article, let us deliberate on the pros and cons of living in Pensacola.


#1 Affordable Living Costs

pensacola living costs

Pensacola is an exceptionally affordable place. The statement stands true concerning several factors required to sustain daily life. For instance, the price of food, clothes, and other daily necessities is exceedingly low. The most significant aspect of this point is the low housing cost. An individual in Pensacola can cut down on the annual budget owing to the minimal expenses associated with real estate.

Thus, you can effortlessly find a high-quality home for sale in Pensacola at affordable rates.

#2 Absence of Income Tax

The most favorable and notable part of living anywhere in Florida, including Pensacola, is the absence of income tax. In other words, you do not need to pay state income taxes if you live in the city. It can help save a substantial amount or sum of money and aid you in dire situations and circumstances.

However, federal income taxes do not leave the picture. Nonetheless, it is better to have one tax less to worry about and consider.

#3 Superior Employment Opportunities

Pensacola offers an excellent and valuable job market. The city’s small population ensures several employment opportunities. Thus, the anticipating job seekers can get work for various roles and positions. For instance, an individual can get work at Pensacola’s Naval Air Station if they possess the suitable qualifications and skills.

On top of that, numerous opportunities exist to allow a person to hone their existing skills and develop new ones while they work. They can even get certification for their abilities from their respective organizations. In addition to that, the job benefits are superior and highly sought-after.


#1 Inclement Weather

Although the climate in Pensacola is generally pleasant, the city remains vulnerable to hurricanes or tornadoes from other places in the Florida panhandle. In other words, inclement weather may be frequent there. It can get owed to the city’s geographic location in the northwestern part of Florida. It results in Pensacola remaining in the path of intense weather systems from the Atlantic Ocean.

Nonetheless, the city remains active in taking appropriate measures to prevent the effects of hurricanes. In addition, they have suitable measures to repair any damages sustained because of them.

#2 High Crime Rates

Pensacola crime rates

The high crime rate in Pensacola is a significant negative aspect of the city. Offenses and misdeeds related to property or violence are common incidents in the area. Almost 5.5 occurrences yearly of a crime has gotten recorded for every 1000 residents. It exceeds approximately 25% of the state average, which notes 39.2 property offenses for the same number of citizens.

However, Pensacola emphasizes home security systems for that reason. It can get owed to the fact that property crimes are the most prevalent.

#3 Local Government Functioning

Pensacola has a lack of local taxes that limits the city’s funding. It, in turn, results in several shortcomings attributed primarily to the local government. For instance, frequent complaints come against the inadequate or inappropriate upkeep of public places such as libraries, parks, playgrounds, etc.

On top of that, the sanitation program in Pensacola is poor. It leads to an inferior and mediocre state of the recycling and street cleaning endeavors that the local government undertakes.

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