4 Tips To Make An Old Bathroom Look & Feel New

If your bathroom has a pastel bathtub, plate mirrors, and porcelain tiles, including other features and accessories that make you reminisce about the 1990s, you may have to consider updating it. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to sell your house, updating your old bathroom will remove the old vibe and replace it with something modern and exciting. That’s not all!

Make an Old Bathroom to Look & Feel New

bathroom remodeling tips

Updating your bathroom can also boost your home’s resale value, should you intend to sell it. In addition to that, sprucing up your bathroom can reduce clutter and help you save money on utility costs. Here are some easy ways to transform your bathroom from old to new.

#1 Clean the Grout

Grout is one of the first and most noticeable features that make a bathroom appear old and dirty. But it’s pretty easy to fix. If you have white grout which has turned brown, consider buying a grout whitener and get to work. What if your grout is colored? In that case, you’ll have to buy a colored grout restorer.

Alternatively, you can buy a quality grout cleaning brush and brush up the stains from your grout. If you decide to ignore other tips on this list, don’t ignore this one, as it’ll make a huge difference in transforming your bathroom from old to new.

#2 Update your Tiles

Colored tiles are awesome, but they can make a bathroom look outdated. If one of the reasons you’ve been itching to spruce up your bathroom is because you hate the color of your tiles, here is your chance to do something about it.

You can decide to repaint the tiles without retiling. However, ensure you go for a color that screams the 21st century and not something old and dull. There are lots of inspirations on the internet; leverage them to change the look of your tiles and update your bathroom.

Aside from repainting, you can consider retiling your bathroom. There are many options to consider; they include:

  • Vinyl tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Stone tiles
  • Plastic laminate tiles
  • Linoleum floor tiles

If updating your tiles or cleaning your grout seems hard for you, consider complete bathroom remodeling, a more effective way to make your old home feel brand new. Unlike DIY remodeling, remodeling your bathroom with the aid of a professional will ensure that it is by modern standards.

#3 Update the Fixtures

An old bathroom features outdated fixtures, so if you want to spruce it up, you’ll have to discard the outdated fixtures and replace them with modern ones. Common fixtures you need to replace are your old sconces, mirrors, faucets, lighting, sink, and other old fixtures that you suspect are responsible for the stale appearance.

You might also want to get rid of your old toilet and replace it with a modern and economical full-bath upflush toilet system. This means that a single macerating upflush toilet can handle the discharge of wastewater from the sink, shower, and tub. In this way, should you decide to remove the main fixtures of the toilet or bathroom, you can cut down on home renovation costs by installing a full-bath system.

In addition to updating your bathroom fixtures, it’s essential you paint the walls and medicine cabinet. You can consider painting them white while you paint the tiles any color. With a spruced-up wall, your colored tiles are bound to glow.

#4 Adorn your Bathroom with Artwork

The bathroom is usually the last place that comes to mind regarding artwork and wall decorations. However, like the artwork and wall décor in the other parts of the home, adorning your bathroom with a few captivating artworks can enhance its mood, add personality, and give souls to your dead walls. Consider adding some attractive artwork above your bathtub or sink. This makes your bathroom appear more luxurious and finished.


An old bathroom comes with old fixtures that may be responsible for your high utility cost. So ensure you consider renovating your old bathroom so whenever you stroll into it, you don’t see yourself stepping back in time.

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