Quick Living Room Makeover On A Budget – DIY Ideas!

Living room makeover on a budget: Do you really want to give a new look to your own living space?

Human minds need change to be happy. Newness is a feeling that one loves to have in all kinds of things in life. Be it people, work, or your home sweet home.

You are going to the office every day. You are waking up on the same regular time. Basically, your life is all the same. You go out of the same house, come back to the same. Doesn’t that seem so monotonous?

You can’t change the office hours, the routine, but there is one thing you can change, which will ignite the spark of newness for sure. And that is the interiors and aesthetic of your living room.

No! Don’t think it’s gonna be expensive because it is going to be a DIY process without any contribution from an expensive interior designer. And this will be all your creativity.

Quick Living Room Makeover On A Budget

Let’s start with living room design because that is one place you see the first when you enter your home after a long tiring day. This blog will talk about how to decorate the living room and add some cool living room accessories that make it look outstanding.

Quick Living Room Makeover Ideas

In this blog, you will find some amazing tips and tricks on how to decorate the living room. Once you decide on what and where to decorate the living room, you will be able to give a fresh look to your room without knocking out any walls.

Change the Flooring

Wait, don’t think it is going to be a time-consuming process. It won’t take time if you go for a floating laminate floor. One of the best options to get is the dark-stained, hand-scraped finish as they mimic the look of real hardwood. And the best part is that they take a few hours to get installed. With the essential tools for home, the flooring process becomes no less than a breeze.

Rearrange the Furniture

Before you jump onto buying new things for the makeover, re-envision what you already have. This one will cost you almost nothing, just some manual labor. Furniture plays a crucial role in your living room’s aesthetics if you don’t wish to spend on a new one. Change the place they have been for ages because it’s time to give them some change and yourself too.

Just switch the placement of the seating arrangement in the opposite direction. Change places of the wall pieces and frames too. The change that will come out from this exercise is going to thrill you for sure!

So, here is a free tip for you. Totally a win-win!

Make Art for Your Living Room

The furniture. The walls, the overall ambiance can be created by anybody, how do you make your living room your own? Here is a simple way out: Make Art.

Putting up your own art in your living room is great for giving it your own vibe. It will be reflective of how you are as a person.

Go to Pinterest for some living room for apartment ideas and inspiration and start creating what you like. It will not be only a task for your room renovation but a long lost hobby that you are resorting to now.

Create arms that you can get framed and put it in the living room background. Put these paintings and photos in reusable frames so that you can choose to do the same activity again when you get bored.

Match art to your furniture

If you are not a great fan of making art, go online, download some interesting pieces that go with the overall color theme.

Whether you choose to print or download, just make sure you have a color palette that you stick to throughout the process. You don’t want a lack of aesthetic in the overall arrangement.

Go Minimal, be Trendy

We all know how minimalism has become a never-ending trend. The minimalistic approach has been adored by many people these days. ‘Less is more,’ and people love it a lot.

So start looking around you, see if there is something that you don’t need anything. Take a look at everything and ask yourself if it’s adding any value to your living room and if the answer is no. It doesn’t deserve to crowd the room with its presence. Also, are living room curtains in style? Make sure they aren’t too dominating.

Find out what all stuff you use, which ones beautify your room and which ones don’t. A lot of people find it way too difficult to get rid of old things, and these people tend to have heaps of old stuff. But, before your home becomes a space full of old stuff with cobwebs on it. If there are a few irreplaceable things, they can be shifted to another room.

More space is good not from just the aesthetic point of view, but for your mind and soul. If you like a living room with plants, you can put little plants in beautiful pots and bottles.

A Pop of Colors

Minimal designs are incomplete without a pop of colors. If your room is full of neutral colors, they can bring in colorful throws that add to the outlook of your living.

Suppose if your sofa is of one color, put some colorful throws that balance the color of the ambiance making it more playful and fun. If your living room is too dark, try putting some light colors to bring a contrast to the overall tone of the room. The colors need to complement each other to bring out the best in your living room without a rug.

For the visual enhancement, you can add curtains, throws, cushions, and rugs. The best part about having them is that you will not need to pay a lot for these items. You can easily get them changed when you want.

Bins & Baskets at the Right Spots

Once you are done with the decluttering process, you need spaces to keep the stuff for utility. And bins and baskets are the best to help you be more organized about your stuff. It adds more storage in your room without making the things visible.

So, this means less stuff, less clutter. You can find a plethora of options when you plan to buy a bin or baskets. From the wired ones to woven ones, there are many attractive options available that are easy on the pocket too.

Do you know what the other fun part is? You can utilize the bins and baskets in other ways too. For example, you can make it your coffee table or end table. Pick a corner in your home and decide the size of the bin. Don’t just pick randomly that will ruin your plan for sure.

Wall Mirrors & Lamp Lighting

Ever wondered why they put such huge mirrors in hotel rooms, it’s because the reflection makes the room look bigger and better. The natural lighting reflects and lights up the aura of the entire room.

And when we say wall mirrors for the living room, we don’t mean those generic ones. Once you look out for them, you will find endless options, and you are going to love it. Some have great looking thick borders, some have wooden ones, and the options are endless.

We love the wooden borders because they generally go with all kinds of decor. You can DIY a lot of stuff and do some cool stuff around it. You can add bulbs and a lot more.

Now coming to the lamps, they add to the decorum and the decor. They make the vibe even better. The yellow light is soft and works magic. The warmth will create more space and a sense of comfort. And above all, it will pay more attention to the other stuff in the living room.

Styled Bookshelves

Many use living rooms for reading, so keeping a bookshelf is an ideal thing to do. It brings utility and a home decor piece in your living room. There are many chic designs you can find online, and you can easily get one made for yourself if you have a design in mind.

You can keep nice candle holders, showpieces, frames, and plants as well. Just don’t make your living room like a garden. The books and other items together will add so much grace and aesthetic to your living room.

You can look for inspiration on Pinterest and come up with your own design. Call a carpenter, and you will get your customized bookshelf that no one else would be able to find for their own living room.

Room Divider

Many consider this an old style, but these days old is the new ‘new.’ Isn’t it? If you have a huge living room, you can utilize a room divider to give more structure to the room. It will be more organized that way.

You can use a divider to give more definition to your living room. You can use it to distinguish between your living room and kitchen or between your living room with dining table.

Don’t settle for a cliché room divider pick the one that is trendy and doesn’t go off with the color scheme of your living room. If you are not able to find it, customization is still an option.

Let’s Sum Up The Living Room Makeover Ideas

A home makeover isn’t as dreadful as people think it to be. It is easy, but it takes time and a lot of thinking. You need to activate your creative side of yours and then begin the process. Keep these points in the head while giving makeovers for living room.

Thanks for reading!

This article is contributed by Archie Adams. He was a builder for more than 40 years. Mainly after his retirement, he engages himself with the enthusiastic electrical works in garden and writes for a blog Homemakerguide.com. His many years of experience can get you the right tool reviews whether it is a drill, welding machine or so. An impressive fact to note about him is that almost everything in his house is a representation of his skills made by his hands.

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