Latest Home Improvement Trends To Follow!

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. It’s true. Since the days when man was living a hunter-gatherer life, there is ample evidence of his sense of belongingness towards his home.

With the advent of civilization, man left the caves and started to live in towns and cities. But the feeling remained; the feeling of being at home.

The idea of home grew to vast interpretations, from fatherland to the concept of internationalism, that the whole world belongs to everyone.

No such concept holds as much ground as the ownership of four-walls around the man and a roof above his head.

The whole life is spent for the betterment of this limited space to be more comfortable and accommodating.

Latest Home Improvement Trends 2020

Every year comes with different trends to make it easier for home-owners to make their spaces safe and up-to-date. 2020 is no exception. Home improvement trends are on the rise.

One reason is the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced everyone in quarantine. People have spent months in their homes, and they have done renovations that are translating into the latest fashion. Utility is the key here.

The latest home improvement trends to follow in 2020 are:

1. The whole house is a big kitchen

Those times are way past when houses were bigger and there was a small room with a stove and a water tap that people used to call a kitchen.

Now, houses are getting smaller and smarter and styles have developed to make the whole house a big kitchen. Kitchens serve to be living areas to sit and relax.

On occasions, they house family gatherings where ‘grab and eat’ is the norm. Kitchen appliances have grown in numbers and now take more space than ever.

The most influencing trend in 2020 is the transformation of kitchens. Latest home improvement ideas are developed and improved periodically to execute this transformation seamlessly.

2. Laundry & Storage

One of the latest home improvement trends that are shaping 2020 is the idea of a laundry room. People are effectively abandoning the idea of a washing machine in a closet.

There is a bit of a mess here, if you want to go for a dedicated laundry room. You need extra space for washing machine and drier, a safe place for detergents and bleaching agents, and a hanging space to dry hand-washed articles.

Yet, it’s a trend that has its own benefits. A dedicated space for washing and cleaning can save you a lot of trouble, while preserving the grace of your home.

Storage is also a big deal when it comes to home improvement trends in 2020. People are getting rid of all the useless clutter that has done nothing for them, except occupying precious space.

People are getting highly creative in this area, and finding solutions in the most unusual places. Every nook and corner of the house can be used as a storage. One simple way is to put a door and make a cupboard out of it.

3. Convertible spaces

Convertible spaces were the things of spy movies and novels in the past century. Now, it’s the thing of the smart age. Interior designing has taken this idea of space flexibility and turned it into an art.

Spaces in a house, like sitting rooms and guest houses, that were rarely used are now converted into home theatres and indoor playgrounds.

One way to get this done is by making furniture slide back into the wall. Another option is to get special furniture articles that are easily morphed into something else, when the need arises.

When you have some extra space, you could consider converting it into a mini golf course. Although it does not necessarily have to be set outside, and you do not have to spend money on professional golf putting landscaping. You can play golf indoors by setting up a golf simulator, which will use sensors to track your golf swing and provide you with data and feedback about your shot. This way, you can experience playing golf rain or shine, without having to leave the comfort of your home! Without having to go to the driving range or golf course, this is a great way to improve your game.

There are countless ways to transform a space into a multi-purpose room. Before doing so, keep in mind your lifestyle and the utility of the area.

4. Home offices

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc for people and businesses alike. Many have shut down operations and others have mandated their employees to work from home. No one knows when it’s going to end. The pandemic is here now, and you need to adapt to it to survive.

Working at home without a workspace can be overwhelming. You need a dedicated space, cut out for your needs to work at the optimum level. Always go for sustainable and affordable solutions when it comes to setting the home office.

Be sure to have enough air, natural light, and power in your workspace to help you get the work done with ease and calm.

5. Low maintenance options

Life is fast and busy. People need to juggle between work and home and then have some time to sit back and relax.

Ideally, every home needs a couple of hours every day to keep it clean and healthy for the residents. But, people have not a minute to spare on such tasks.

That’s why they are adopting options in construction and design that requires low maintenance, or none at all.

One of the affordable home renovation ideas is the fiber-cement siding. It’s a durable long-lasting option for homes and requires minimal maintenance.

6. Power tracking

Sustainability is the norm of the day. People are getting more conscious about the power spending habits. Home improvement ideas in 2020 have a special place for power tracking.

To measure power spending, appliances like trackers and monitors are available. They can track your energy consumption in both time and space categories.

In the space category, they can gauge effectively which room is hogging more resources and can notify you if you desire.

Considering time category, they keep records of power usage, from hourly to all the way to monthly usage. In this way, you can adjust your lifestyle and habits to be more sustainable.

Final Words

The art of home renovation and improvement never gets old. Every year had its own trends and fashions that took inspiration from the previous years.

These trends keep in mind the affordability, convenience and aesthetics of your space. Make sure to take a look on the trends above before you start renovation of your home.

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