Advantages Of Using Laminated Glass For Windows & Doors

The right glass for your windows or doors is not the economic option always. Especially, when you have some safety and security concerns, never compromise on the quality and ultra-strong features of safety materials such as laminated glass. The price could be high, but the advantages that it carries are hefty and significant. So, on this page, you can see all those advantages that make laminated glass a preferred choice for windows and doors.

Laminated Glass for Doors & Windows

laminated glass for windows doors

Before moving ahead, you must know the materials that constitute a laminated glass!

The two main elements of this type of safety glass are a vinyl interlayer and two glass sheets outer layer. The interlayer serves the key part that protects the glass pieces from scattering apart upon hard impact. All the broken pieces of the glass remained intact with the vinyl interlayer upon breakage to ensure safety and avoid possible injuries. Moreover, the price of laminated glass becomes even higher when it uses another safety glass type, i.e. tempered glass, as an outer layer.

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Difference between laminated and ordinary glass

#1 Manufacturing process

Ordinary glass is manufactured by making a single-layer sheet of glass from liquid silicon obtained from the sand. It is done by melting at an incredibly high temperature of 3090°F (1700°C). On the other hand, laminated glass is made by joining the two layers of glass sheets with a vinyl interlayer that makes the glass truly strong and durable.

#2 Cost

The cost of a normal glass sheet per square foot ranges from $50 to $300. On the other hand, the cost of laminated glass ranges from $214 to $650 per square foot.

#3 Strength

Clearly, the strength of laminated glass can be up to 5 times that of ordinary glass. That is why it is considered the safest choice to use in storefront or security doors and windows. This makes the safety glass a more durable and rigid option compared to standard glass.

#4 Uses

Ordinary glass has widespread uses due to its low replacement cost. However, in areas where the glass breaks frequently or where safety and security are the concern, laminated glass is used. This safety glass is a one-time investment that can serve for a longer time.

Laminated Glass vs Other Safety Materials such as Tempered glass or Plexiglass

Pros and Cons of Laminated Glass


  • It is less hazardous when broken and it provides safety for kids and pets.
  • Impact-resistant and durable option
  • Burglars and thieves cannot cut laminated glass easily to enter the property.
  • It blocks sound coming from outside and provides peace of mind.
  • Protects from UV rays


  • It is an expensive glass option and should be installed only where extremely needed.
  • DIY installation is risky and poor installation could be problematic.

Pros and Cons of Tempered Glass


  • It turns into small round-shaped innocuous pieces when broken.
  • Highly resistant to heat.
  • Stronger than ordinary glass


  • It cannot be cut to different shapes without turning into ordinary glass
  • A bit costly choice.
  • A good friend of burglars and thieves.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic


  • A Shatter-resistant glass option for windows and doors
  • Up to 20 times stronger than ordinary glass
  • Almost half as much weight as that of glass
  • More clear than glass
  • Provides UV resistant
  • A highly durable glass option


  • It cannot withstand high temperature
  • Prone to scratches
  • A more costly choice

Properties of Laminated Glass

– that make it a preferred choice for doors and windows.

#1 Safety and Security

Burglars might break windows or doors quite easily if ordinary glass is used. Laminated glass, on the other hand, provides the strongest hindrance for such intruders. Its vinyl interlayer discourages the glass from turning into scattered pieces. This also saves kids and pets from possible injury from hazardous pieces of glass.

#2 Sound Reduction

Noise penetrates easily from the ordinary windows or doors and teases you. The three strong layers used in the laminated glass block the teasing sound up to a great extent. This provides a peaceful sleep during nighttime and stops traffic sounds or other unpleasant noises coming from the outside.

#3 Energy efficient

The three layers in laminated glass also serve as heat-resistant and save a good amount of energy bills. In summer, it blocks outer heat from coming in. And, in winter, it prevents the interior heat of the fireplace from coming out. Smart glass manufacturers would always prefer to deliver energy efficient glass materials.

#4 UV control

Laminated glass is rather a thick glass with three layers that serve as a perfect UV-resistant material and provides a clear view of outside nature.

#5 Durable

Being 5 times stronger than standard glass and high impact-resistant, laminated glass is a highly durable glass type that can withstand heavy wind. This property of laminated glass makes it a preferred choice despite the high cost.

Finally plan a budget to buy laminated glass

Laminated glass comes in different thicknesses ranging from ¼” to 1”. The price ranges from 214 to 402 per square foot for clear glass. If various other glass outer layer options are chosen, the price range may exceed $650 per square foot. Visit Fab Glass and Mirror, premium glass and mirror company in the USA that provides all kinds of glass including different laminated glass options that cater to your needs.

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