5 Important Tips For A Successful Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is among the few areas of the house that come into use extensively. Homemakers spend most of their time in their kitchens cooking, cleaning, or doing endless other chores. The kitchen is also frequently remodeled in home renovation projects.

Tips for Kitchen Renovation

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Often even a slight remodeling makes your kitchen more attractive, functional, and practical and enhances the comfort of people using it by more than a couple of degrees. The more practical and attractive your kitchen is, the more inclined you feel towards spending your time there.

But a kitchen renovation, like any other revamp project, is seldom without any challenges. Every homeowner who is starting a kitchen renovation project dreams of completing it successfully. But sometimes situations beyond their control impact the project—either delay or postpone it altogether.

However, if you are aware of the possible problems you can face during your home renovation project, avoiding them to a greater extent becomes much easier. Here are some ways to ensure the success of your kitchen remodel project.

#1 Get extra stuff out of the way

Your belongings in the kitchen can really affect the workflow and create a nuisance for workers remodeling it.

There is no doubt that everything you have put in there has some utility, but it can be a burden during a renovation project. Therefore, the first thing you must do before starting a home renovation project is to get stuff out of the way.

A storage unit is the most suitable place for keeping things during the time of kitchen remodeling.

A temperature-controlled storage unit is a good choice for areas like Kelowna, where the temperature reaches extreme cold and hot. Also, the availability of storage units kelowna bc in various sizes makes it easier to accommodate all your belongings without paying for extra space. A storage unit can be a great choice if you can have the same perks in your city. It keeps your stuff safe, saving you a lot of mental and financial trouble.

If there is less stuff that needs to be put away, you can go with a smaller unit. In the same way, you can rent a more spacious storage unit if your project involves a complete overhaul of your kitchen and there is more stuff to manage.

#2 Have a home renovation contractor on onboard

After the popularity of DIYing, most people started believing that everything could be done through DIYing, which is not the case. It is easier to DIY paint a wall, change a few cabinet handles, or do similar other small tasks.

But when it comes to undertaking an extensive kitchen makeover, DIYing might have more cons than pros. It is better to hire a contractor to oversee the project. Instead of hiring workers yourself, the contractor will have their own team. They will also be responsible for their team and completing the project on time. You will ask for the progress directly from them instead of the team members.

Hiring a contractor is a crucial part of any renovation project. You have to make a choice carefully after extensive searching and interviewing. Asking for recommendations from someone with experience working with a contractor can make things easier. But if this option is unavailable, you can connect with a realtor in your area.

These people often have acquaintances with contractors. Besides, you can search on the internet; look for the reviews by their previous clients and then make a choice. Interview at least three contractors before finalizing one.

#3 Get inspiration

Deciding what modifications you want before starting your project is very important. The easiest way to make this decision is by getting inspiration from various sources. Search the internet and visit new homes constructed in your locality. Take pictures of all the designs and colors you like.

You can also visit home expos and design shows where interior designers display their ideas. This exercise can take a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how dedicated you are to your search.

Planning your project becomes easier when you have ample designs and ideas. Shortlist all the features and elements you want to incorporate in your kitchen. Discuss the plan with your contractor to see the feasibility of your ideas.

Once all the design ideas are approved, you can move to the next step of actually putting your notions into reality.

#4 Prefer practicality and functionality

Always prioritize comfort and practicality over avant-gardism and trendiness. Focusing on practicality means thinking about how people will put the kitchen to use and what must be added to the existing space to enhance the ease and comfort of the users.

For instance, you can go for incredibly handy kitchen islands instead of adding a new built-in countertop. You can move them anywhere without blocking space for those entering and exiting the kitchen.

#5 Have a budget in mind

Starting a home renovation project without a budget is like going on a mission, which is bound to fail. Budgeting is that phase of a home renovation project which brings you to reality.

During the inspiration phase, you may have shortlisted a long list of ideas to incorporate into your kitchen.

Budgeting is when you know what you can and cannot include in your kitchen remodeling plan. Knowing how much you can spend prevents you from making extensive plans you cannot execute from a financial point of view.

The best way to estimate your project’s budget is by making a few trips to the market to know the price of the material. You must also include the labor and contractor fees, storage unit cost (if you are renting), and costs of ordering food from the outside when home cooking is not possible—during a complete kitchen overhaul.

The more extensive you are in your budget planning, the lesser the chance of making an unworkable budget.


A kitchen remodeling project can give you a 60 to 120% return on your investment. But, it is only possible if you don’t go overboard and never make your kitchen so fancy that it ceases to go with the rest of the house.

Also, always make a budget before starting the project and follow the plan to make your kitchen remodeling project a complete success.

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