Kids Room Decoration Ideas From 10+ Expert Interior Designers

With a little money and creative ideas, you can transform your kids room into a magical space. Looking for some more specific kids room decoration ideas? I have got you covered. To help you more ideas and tips to decorate your kids room, here I am gathering industry experts. The compilation of innovative ideas to decorate or organize your kids room or bedroom to make it more lively.

Kids Room Decoration Ideas – Expert Roundup

Certainly, the ideas will be easy-to-do. Indeed, this will make your little ones room more special. Not only kids room wall painting. It includes every nook and corner of your children room to look lovely. Lets get into it the easy kids room decoration ideas.

#1 Amber Guyton – Blessed Little Bungalow

Amber GuytonKids rooms are so fun to decorate! At Blessed Little Bungalow, I personally really enjoy designing them because it’s an instant permission slip from my clients to be more colorful, creative and step out of the box. I think the most important thing about decorating a room for a child is that the design or theme chosen can grow along with the child, no matter their age.

For example, even if your two-year old loves Elmo and Paw Patrol today, please consider not covering the room head-to-toe with bedding and decor based on a specific character or theme. If painting or adding wallpaper, select one wall as an accent instead of the entire room. Select a color palette that’s transitional and leaves a little space for the child or children to change their minds every few years.

Some themes that I love are animals, specifically giraffes. Select an animal or group of animals and pull colors out that will complement your selections. Another fun idea, especially for your first child, is to choose a theme that reflects the parents’ interests such as traveling or US national parks. These are fun, gender-neutral that can be subtle or dialed up to your liking.

#2 Michelle Meyers – Joli G Interiors & Designs, LLC

Michelle MeyersThe walls are the backdrop to the room, and when designing kids’ rooms, I like doing some sort of wall feature such as painted bold stripes, wallpaper or decals. Whether it is just one wall or all the walls in a room, this is a must-do in my design for kids’ spaces.

I love finding vintage or antique pieces that can be repurposed in a child’s room. This can be in the form of small decorative accessories, art work, or even furniture. Maybe this is something that you already have in your home? Antique and vintage furniture tends to be more small scale, which is perfect for a child’s room. Also, the durability and quality is often stronger with these older pieces. Chalk paint is perfect for updating and putting a modern spin on these furnishings. Thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces are a perfect place to score some one of kind pieces to incorporate into a little’s room!

I always like to put an area rug in a child’s room even if this means layering on top of wall to wall carpet. I tend to only use wool rugs as I love the natural fibers and in general wool is more impervious to staining and easier for cleaning.

If your kids are like my kids, they have a ton of toys. Toy storage doesn’t have to be unsightly. Upholstered storage ottomans are great for stowing toys and dual purpose as kids can sit on these. If you’re lucky enough to score a vintage bookcase, or book rack, paint and the addition of simple fabric baskets creates an attractive and functional toy storage.

I love to incorporate gallery walls that have mix of fun art and cute shelves. Etsy is a great place to find awesome artwork that can easily be downloaded, printed, and added into inexpensive frames. Cute shelves in fun shapes such as triangles and hexagons can add visual interest but also be the perfect spot to showcase cute trinkets and other decorative pieces.

More importantly have fun, don’t be afraid to mix patterns, texture, colors, and styles.

#3 Amanda M. Amato – AMA Designs & Interiors

AmandaDecorating a kid’s room is always imaginative and colorful. Decorating with color can be intimidating but there are several ways that you can add color without painting walls.

Before we dive into the ways that you can add color without painting, we need to start by selecting a color. When it comes to decorating with color, I invite children to get involved in the design process by showing me their favorite color on the color wheel. The color selected will be the inspiration for the room. Since kids tend to gravitate towards saturated colors, I use shades of that color for decorating.

Painting walls is one of the most impactful ways to change a room but it’s not the only way to bring in color. When decorating kids rooms, I prefer to use a neutral color on the walls that can transition with the child as he/she gets older.

Here are 7 Ways to Add Color in a Kids Room without Paint:

  1. Temporary Wallpaper
  2. Artwork and Wall Decor
  3. Decorative Accessories
  4. Pillows and Bedding
  5. Area Rugs
  6. Curtains and Shades
  7. Furniture and Accent Furniture

The great thing about having neutral wall color is that each one of the examples above can be easily swapped out for another color if you decide to re-decorate. Which way will you add color to decorate your kids room?

#4 Katie Malik – Katie Malik Interiors

Katie MalikBeing able to design a kids room could be quite fun but also challenging as the designer we need to take into account children and parents likes and dislikes and how the space is going to have to be adapted probably quite quickly.

Most kids rooms are originally guest bedrooms, or sometimes they get converted from offices or garages, and often have some pre-existing lights, window treatment, flooring and wall colours, so working with that and creating new, cohesive design can be challenging.

First of all, it’s important to create a list of must have items, which need to be incorporated. Depending on the child’s age, these could include a convertible cot, a changing table, wardrobe, some storage and seating. I would advise selected convertible furniture, which can be adapted easily and grow with the child i.e., the changing table could be converted to a desk. There are many suppliers which now offer such pieces; one I find and quite like is Meble Vox.

I believe it’s also important to keep the room somehow in keeping with the rest of the house, so it doesn’t feel too disconnected. For example, if the house is designed in a minimal style, then keeping kids room in that style is highly advisable.

If the existing floor is wooden, it’s worth softening it with a rug, which could pick up the accent colour or colours or provide a contrast, depending on the design.

Choosing lighting fixtures that are a bit more playful could be another way of adding a bit more fun to a space. I would also recommend some personal or fun artwork, to decorate the walls. For older children, it’s great to include more interactive, educational wall art, such as maps etc.

If you’re planning on creating a reading corner, think about furniture that are multifunctional or convertible. For example, a little storage pouff, like those designed by Magical Circu Furniture which have some extraordinary designs for children in their collection. I would also think about at least few shelves for books and various monitors.

#5 Joe Human – Designs by Human

Joe HumanKid’s rooms are some of our favorite spaces to work with, colors and patterns can all be combined with their interests in multiple ways. One element to think of is being creative with lighting, it is essential in any space but just as important with a kid’s space.

We like to incorporate lighting that evokes a sense of fun but is also functional, so both works together to stir the imagination of the child while they are in their space.

One of my favorites, we recently incorporated a cloud lamp that can change colors with music or with a push of a button, it was used as an educational tool in the room to teach the children colors but is also a beautifully designed piece of art!

Kid’s rooms are fun, we get to think like a kid for that time and reminisce on our childhoods which is how you should design it, so the child, when they are older, will have these memories to keep with them.

#6 Petria Field – Coco Rose Interiors

PetriaThere are three key focal points for kids rooms this year. Light colors, functionality and bright natural spaces that provoke an inquisitive learning environment.

Personally, I believe whilst aesthetics and decoration of a children’s room is important, the functionality and design of it is even more important. Parents prefer that a child’s space be a comfortable, practical place that is easy to clean and maintain. So smart, innovative storage solutions will be a major design point in 2019.

Rooms will continue to focus on nature-based designs with small touches of natural wood in contrast to light walls.

Neutral colours are big in 2019, as it is increasingly common to find rooms entirely in white or beige with small strokes of color. An added small plant, will be a perfect idea to bring nature closer to the children’s room and bring a tranquil focus to the room.

#7 Marina V. Umali – Marina V Design Studio

MarinaAs a Feng Shui interior designer I don’t recommend very bold or very dark paint colors in kids bedrooms. Kids are busier than ever and many are overwhelmed from the many daily activities so providing simple soothing colors will help them get the rest necessary and allow them to recharge.

Patterns and/or prints that are too busy are also not recommended as it might be too stimulating for kids.

As in all types of rooms it’s good to have multiple layers of lighting so that levels of light can be adjusted as needed. Organization is very important in kids rooms as well. Providing enough storage pieces is crucial in having the rooms clutter free.

#8 John Linden – MirrorCoop

John LindenBecause children generally weigh very little, raising the bed from the floor into the air by either the use of stilts or hanging from the ceiling can be easy way to make going to be more of an adventure. Enclose the bed with either a solid wall structure or sheets, like a homemade fort. Adding a slide will enhance the experience even more.

Showcase the child’s drawings on his/her wall by one of two ways:

(1) Paint decorative frames around certain pieces of artwork directly onto the wall. A variety of stencils can be found online.

(2) Hang a string across a wall and individually clip the drawing along the string. Using paint of vinyl lettering, write an inspirational message above the string of works.

#9 Adam Watson – Hollywood Mirrors

Adam WatsonThis is the perfect question for me as I have had 4 kids in 6 years so I know a bit about designing and decorating kids bedrooms.

I would always go for white furniture as it is timeless and neutral they can keep it for a long time as they grow up whereas anything novel they will grow out of it.

The number one thing is storage they accumulate lots of clothes, toys, gifts and books as time goes by so having plenty of shelve space I recommend the iconic Ikea Kallax shelving system and using their Ikea Drona storage boxes that come in a range of colors to add to the unit.

Also, you tend not to hang kids clothes up you tend to just lay them folded. And kids wardrobes are poorly designed for this, you only need a small hanging rail and more shelve space.

My fourth tip is to buy a cot that adapts and expands into a bed as the child goes from a toddler to a baby. Having a nice dimly lit nightlight is also essential also it makes the room look soothing so your child can relax and go to sleep.

#10 Alesandra Woolley – Mattress Advisor

Alesandra Woolley

Alesandra’s Kids room decoration ideas are below –

Bunk Beds

There’s a reason bunk beds have been a kid’s room staple for years. The wide variety means there is a bed for every child’s style and personality as well as an option for any budget. Bunk beds allow for more space on the floor which can help your child keep their room cleaner as well as have more room for a desk, drawers, etc.

Don’t think bunk beds are only for siblings sharing a room – they’re perfect for sleepovers and can encourage bonding between friends!

Make sure you review the proper safety tips before and after building a bunk bed to prevent any unnecessary accidents.


Adding a few potted plants to your child’s room is a simple and affordable way to add some life and color. In addition to brightening up a room, plants like Gerber daisies and lavender help purify the air and make it easier to sleep at night. Plants are more than just a decoration as they are a great educational tool!

You can teach your child about responsibility by having them care for and water the plants in their room on a regular basis. It will also give children an up-close look at the plants and nature they’ll be learning about in science classes at school.

#11 Allen Michael – Saws Hub

Kids room decoration ideas: Often times, a child’s room ends up being designed in the vein of how the parents want it to look and feel. It can look beautiful and ornate, decorated and detailed, but not always inviting for a child to dive in and play.

While this isn’t all bad, we love to incorporate features into a child’s room that makes it more inviting to the child themselves. And, its possible to make a room more suited for your child, and yet have lots of design features going for it.

We also love a room where a child can contribute to the features. There is something very special about building something that you see everyday, and tangible assets allow children to grow and learn by using their hands.

One area we love to incorporate in to a kids bedroom is pallet wood. This cheap, accessible wood is usually free, and comes weathered and scuffed up. Use this as your base to build some trendy shelves with pipe metal, or a bench and table for your kid to use.

Have them help you in the project. Pallet wood is already “damaged”, so there isn’t much they can do to mess it up. In the end, they’ll have some features in their room that they can point to and say the made. And, you can lean into some of the latest DIY style trends in the process.

Final Words – Kids Room Decoration Ideas

We must thank all these contributors for sharing little time for us. Hope you will find these kids room decoration ideas more impressive. Involve your kids in organizing and decorating their rooms. Come on. Start now!

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