Kid-friendly Smart Home Gadgets

Often times parents shy away from piling up a lot of gadgets in order to keep their homes kid-friendly. Toddlers or babies learning to crawl and walk have a habit of exploring new corners of the home and touching everything in their way. Having loose wires or accessible plugs can be dangerous for babies when unsupervised. However, there are many gadgets that you can add to your smart home without having to worry about a crawling explorer.

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List of Kid-friendly Smart Home Gadgets

kids friendly gadgets

So read on for our well-curated list of smart home gadgets appropriate for homes with young children and make your life easier by automating daily tasks. Let’s explore safer ways of turning your home into a smart one!

#1 Help your Toddler Complete Homework with Google Home

Busy working around the house along with your child’s countless geeky questions like asking the number of planets in our solar system? You need a smart home speaker that can help your kid with their homework. Google Home is a great smart speaker that takes voice commands and can be connected to other smart home appliances like temperature control, smart bulbs, etc to control them from a distance.

Apart from managing other smart gadgets through voice commands, Google Home is designed to answer all your queries by accessing the internet. This smart speaker learns more every time you interact with it and helps you get answers like what’s the weather like today, or how many planets exist in our solar system. Your child can simply talk to the speaker to discuss their homework queries and stay focused as compared to surfing the internet on another device whichdevice, which may be more distracting.

Google Home can also do simple maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication, square roots, etc. Let your kid ask all their repetitive questions to the smart speaker so you can focus on your own chores.

#2 Control your Night Lights with Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs let you control your home’s lighting through smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo, or through your mobile app. With kids, you might not want to get up to adjust the lighting for fear of waking the baby up. Some children also prefer a little light while sleeping so you can control their room’s lighting from your own room.

Smart bulbs connect with your home wifi and let you set up a schedule for adjusting your lighting. You can feed your smart bulb to turn dim at a certain time of the day to set the mood for a nap or keep the brightness up to prevent your baby from sleeping at odd times.

#3 Monitor your child’s sleep with REMI sleep companion

The REMI sleep companion by Urban Hello is the best sleeping gadget that provides bedtime alerts and sets up your sleep mood with calming lights and music. There’s a digital clock that you can see even in the dark.

You can record your child’s sleeping sounds and maintain a daily record to track your sleep. Furthermore, there’s a speaker connected to the monitor that lets you listen to your child’s sounds from your room and be alerted when they’re calling for you.

#4 Keep a check on your child’s online activity with Circle by Disney

Perhaps the most difficult task for parents with young children these days is to keep them away from screens. Children are glued to their ipads, phones, and TV screens which is very unhealthy for them. You can maintain their health by restricting and keeping a check on their daily use of the Internet. With the Circle by Disney, you can monitor and control the access to the internet, setting up a window of time when the internet will be cut off.

Moreover, Circle helps you keep a check on your children’s online activity, including the sites they visit and the amount of time they spend online. If your child uses a separate mobile phone, you can download the Circle app on their phone and track their online activity on their phone as well.

Wrapping Up

Having smart gadgets to help you with kids around the house is always a great idea. Whether it’s a toddler with sleep issues or a kindergarten student who always needs help with school homework, make your life easy with our kid-friendly smart home gadgets recommendations.

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