9 Interior Design Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes

If you have recently purchased a new house, you might be thinking of filling the entire living space with amenities. When we set foot in someone’s house, we first notice the interior design. A beautiful interior design of a house gives us an idea about the homeowner’s personality and the quality of their life.

It brings life into a house, making it look very efficient and well-established. Unlike home staging, interior design is not achieved only to amplify the outward aspect of your house. A good interior design will enhance the functionality of your house while simultaneously making it more attractive to fit in with your lifestyle.

Interior Design Mistakes that everyone makes

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However, before you get an ideal interior design for your home decor, you are bound to confront some unexpected blunders. If you decide to avoid making common design mistakes, you can save yourself from experiencing the mess.

Here is the list of 9 interior design mistakes you might experience while designing your house.

#1 Selecting the Wrong Color

People sometimes make the mistake of painting the walls with a deep, opaque color thinking that it would add contrast to their house. Deeper paint might instantly pop into the eyes, but it would not provide that aesthetic effect that everyone craves to look at.

A light neutral color is best-suited to paint the walls of your house. Lighter hues look beautiful and make the rooms appear quite bigger. If you have a problem picking the right color to paint your walls, you can make a color scheme to select the color according to your preference for your house.

#2 Not Balancing the Layout

One of the most common mistakes we make while designing our house is taking the wrong measurements of objects and space. We often add so much stuff in a small room that we forget about the space and storage areas.

Small objects and big furniture will take up too much space, eventually making the house a mishmash. Hence, it is important to measure the length and width of the objects and try different layouts before placing them in your room.

#3 Opting for Ill-Sized Furniture

While getting an interior design for your house, you might want to get distinctive-looking furniture to decorate your space. However, keeping black bean bags all around the sectional sofa would just create a jam in your living area, leaving no free space for anyone to walk. To get rid of the confusion regarding fixing the perfect-sized furniture, get the correct proportion of your items to adjust them beside bigger furniture.

#4 Using very Small Rugs

A rug can give out a cozy environment to the house only if its size is appropriate. Small rugs are not the right fit for the living space. The size of a rug that should be placed under a small coffee table should not be the same as the table.

In the case of bedrooms, small square rugs are good to go under any size of bed. A plush or shag rug would be a bonus for your bedroom sets since they are made of soft rug materials.

#5 Shortage of Lighting

A home’s charm depends on how lighting is. People might not initially realize its significance, so they get inadequate numbers of lights. Lighting plays a great role in bringing out the best in interior design. A lack of lights will never add any dimension to your house and instead can make it appear way too dim.

That also does not mean you should install plenty of lights in a single room to usher in luster. Choosing warmer-toned lights with natural light sources can help you create an amazing light scheme. Plus, setting small wall mirrors will allow light to bounce around the room, making it look luxurious.

#6 Avoiding Vertical Space

In planning for a perfect interior design, we tend to forget about the space in the vertical dimension. Avoiding vertical space might give a pleasing décor, but doesn’t provide your room functionality.

Using vertical space correctly will give you a chance to include enough storage. And it is not just in the case of small rooms, even if you have a larger space in your room, you can use the vertical space by creating art, gallery, bookshelves, ceilings, thin cupboards, holders, and so on.

#7 Lacking of Adding Variety

If you run behind a trend showing single color décor, you might want to do the same with your house without knowing the disaster it can bring. Usually, one color scheme does not work as it makes the interior design boarding and worthless.

It is an unnecessary step to match the color of the furniture with the walls. But if you are so much into the monochromatic trend, you can add one color of various tones for different items. If you pick a color in this manner, you will avoid the mistake of making your interior design look awkward.

#8 No Focal Point

It is pretty impossible to get the desired interior design result without fixing a focal point. Just because you have branded furniture and items, you cannot place them in any corner to decorate the house. Making this mistake can just leave your room looking unorganized and off-putting to the guest.

Generally, the center of your house is the most suitable space to create a focus. But, whether you have a large or small room, you can figure out the focal point and adjust items as per the size of the room.

#9 Incorrect Curtain Size and Height

If you dress your window with the incorrect curtain size, it will be a big bummer for your entire interior design. Hanging the right size of curtains can give a little depth to your interior décor.

While it is not essential to make curtains touch the floor to elevate the elegance of your room, you can simply measure the height and width of a long curtain and hang it a few inches above the window frame.

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