How to Purify Borewell Water for Your Daily Usage At Home?

Ideally, borewell water is not too bad as it doesn’t pose any health hazards to you. But, you don’t likely drink it raw for its sour taste. Here is an article about ‘how to purify borewell water’ for your daily water needs at home.

The quality of borewell water is changing during heavy rain or prolonged dry seasons. By the time, it’s highly recommended to purify the borewell water for drinking. Sometimes, you don’t like your coffee brewed with bore well water.

Hacks to Purify Borewell Water for House Hold Use

Most of the families depend on bore water for their daily water needs. It has no serious effects on your health or skin though. Still, it’s better to purify the well or borewell for the following reasons.

  • Water hardness
  • Presence of heavy metals
  • Contamination

Best Water Purifiers To Purify BoreWell Water

Don’t hesiate! I don’t want to confuse you with more brands or products. Here are the top 3 handpicked water purifiers to deal with your bore water for different applications.

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

PUR Filter for Sink Faucet

Aquasana Water Filter for Shower

How to deal with Hardness of the Bore water?

The percentage of calcium and magnesium in the water decides its hardness. The water quality association declares that drinking hard water is safe and it doesn’t cause any health disorders. Notably, drinking hard water supplements calcium and magnesium to your body.

But, the presence of high-level of contamination is not recommended. For which, you must know the hardness of the water. TDS metre can help you to know that your bore well water is below 200 PPM or above. Anything above, the hardness will be more. As long as the PPM level is higher, the water will have deep sour taste.

Do we need a Water Purifier for Borewell water?

If you want to utilize borewell water for drinking purpose, then it becomes obvious to use water purifiers. Using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers are the better choices to eliminate hardness of the bore water. It can also improve the color, odor, and taste of the bore water.

What if purifying Bore Water for Other House Hold Uses?

Are you using bore water for your daily water needs like washing clothes, bathing, and cleaning? Then you will see white marks on skins after bathing, rough hairs, and marks on your floors, while scaling on the utensils, etc.

Also, hard water might damage your inner parts of washing machines, geysers, and bathroom fittings. Having a water purifier for the whole needs is not affordable. Hence, you may go for water softeners to install at your water tank.

To put it simple, bore water is safe to drink. Using RO water purifier is only to improve the taste and aesthetics of the water.

If your bore water has high contamination, then go for RO+UV water purifiers.

Best Water Purifiers For Household Uses

Don’t hesiate! I don’t want to confuse you with more brands or products. Here are the top 3 handpicked water purifiers to deal with your bore water for different applications.

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

PUR Filter for Sink Faucet

Aquasana Water Filter for Shower

How to deal with Presence of Heavy Metals in Bore Water?

Heavy metals in water like lead, fluoride, arsenic are dangerous for health. If you are unsure about the quality of your bore water, render the water testing services from laboratories. If it has high ratio of such heavy metals, then go with RO water purifiers. Otherwise just go with gravity based water filters that are cost-effective.

Still, if you are not budget focused, go for UV+RO water purifiers to purify your bore or well water thoroughly.

Whole House purification system for Borewell Water

A reverse osmosis plant or nano filtration system can be better choice for whole house water filtration. Consider a family of 6 members consuming 1,200 litres of water per day in total. Using RO water purifier, the rejected water will be around 20%. You may use the purified water for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. And, the reject water from RO unit for floor cleaning, flushing, etc.

Best Water Filters For Whole House

Check out some of the best whole house water filtration systems here –

Whole House Water Filatration Systems

Anyways the higher salt content in the rejected water might leave white scales on the floor and so on. So, you will have to give a final cleaning with the purified water.

Otherwise, as I said above, go for water softeners installed at your water tank.

FAQs - Purifying Borewell Water at Home

Still, you have questions about purifying borewell water for drinking, bathing or for any daily water usage. Check out these –

How can I purify borewell water at home?

Using water softeners or whole house water filtering system would be the ultimate choice based on your purpose and budget. You can also prevent your pipe lines and water-using appliances from scales and stains softening the hard water.

How do you clean borewell water for drinking? How do you change bore water to drinking water?

Above, I have helped you with 2 best water purifiers to soften or distil your borewell water for drinking purpose. Sure, you shall give those a try.

Which purifier is good for borewell water?

Though there are a wide range of softeners and filtering systems available, choosing the best water purifiers depends on your purpose. For drinking, you might need budget-friendly compact RO water purifiers, where as for bathing and other usage, better to go with whole house water purifying models.

How to purify borewell water at home naturally?

Naturally, hard water doesn’t have any health hazardous. Only for the specific reasons like water taste, skin protection and plumbing line protection, we prefer such filtrations. So, you will have to adapt to some modern water purifying techniques like RO to reduce hardness of the borewell water.

Final Verdict on How to Purify Borewell Water?

Armed with the above information, go with the right water purifier or filtration system depends on the TDS level of your borewell water. The water quality differs from place to place. Test your water TDS level using TDS metre or in the laboratories beforehand. Decide upon your water purification system and then do your house plumbing works, accordingly. Hope this article is helpful to understand how to purify borewell water for house hold needs.


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