How To Keep Cats Out Of Garden Beds?

Keeping cats out of your garden beds can be challenging. These cunning creatures have a sixth sense when it comes to finding hidden locations where they can exploit your plants and creepers for their own gain. However, if you’re persistent and use some go-to tactics, there’s no reason why you can’t keep them at bay.

Wondering where to start and prevent them from destroying the natural beauty of your home? Let’s start with concluding strategies for an eternal question:

How To Keep Cats Out Of Garden Beds?

How To Keep Cats Out Of Garden Beds?

Whether it’s your own mischievous fur ball or neighbor’s or just a stray cat, they can cause real problems to your gardens if they know you grow food (which now conveniently belongs to them!). and yes it can be irritating when cats start digging your crop beds and poop everywhere. From repellent sprays to citrus peel, here are some economical ways how to keep cats out of garden beds-

  • build a fence around the garden
  • keep the garden clean and litter free
  • plant catnip or other plants that deter cats
  • use a motion-activated sprinkler
  • fill garden beds with mulch or stones

How to keep cats off my raised beds?

Keeping cats out of your garden is a challenge, but there are a few tried-and-true methods you can use to reduce the threat they pose. The trick is to combine more than one method at a time and to be persistent.

If you want to keep cats off your raised beds, there’s no room for complacency.

#1 Install Motion Detectors

If you’ve got an animal intruder lurking about in your garden, the first step is to find out how many there are. You can do this by installing a motion sensor near plants and creeper beds that tend to be favored by cats. The motion sensor will trigger an alert whenever an animal passes through the sensor’s field of vision. This way, you’ll not only discover how many animals are present in your garden, but you’ll also have a better idea of what they’re up to.

#2 Trim Plants and Shrubs

Cats like to perch on raised surfaces such as planter beds and creeper beds so that they can use the vantage point to get a better view of their surroundings. Using shears and pruners, trim away any low-lying branches and shrubs that offer cats easy access to perching spots. Trimming away any low-growing branches, shrubs, and vines will protect your raised beds and creeper beds from cats which may give them access to these surfaces and will also improve the aesthetics of your garden.

#3 Use Sense-of-Smell Repulsion Strategies

If you are having issues with an excess of cats in your garden, you should try using olfactory repellent strategies to keep them out of your garden. Citrus Peel is a common olfactory repellent used to keep cats off your flower beds. Cats don’t enjoy the smell of citrus and finding a piece of orange peel in the garden is certain to deter them. If you want to create a more potent citrus peel deterrent, simply combine a few pieces of orange peel with a splash of water in a plastic container and let it sit for 24 hours. The next day, pour the citrus peel solution into a spray bottle and use it to spray pots, planter beds, and other areas that tend to attract cats.

#4 Try a Fencing Strategy

If you’ve tried everything we’ve outlined above to keep cats out of your garden, you might consider a fencing strategy. However, keep in mind that cats aren’t very tall, so you don’t need to install a full-height fence. Instead, try strategically positioning short fences at the edges of your garden and around planter beds to keep cats from climbing into your garden.

#5 Rotate your Crops

Cats prefer to eat fresh food, so if you rotate your crops, they’ll have less to feed on. If you’ve got an overabundance of plants and creepers in your garden that are favored by cats, consider rotating them every few weeks so that they have less to feed on. Keep in mind that cats also enjoy eating a variety of foods, so rotating your plants and creepers every few weeks may not be enough to keep them away.

#6 Try an Ultrasonic Repellent

While cats may enjoy perching in your garden, they don’t enjoy being subjected to high-pitched sounds that are non-stop. Using an ultrasonic repellent to keep cats out of your vegetable beds and other crops is a good idea. Try a device that has a motion sensor, which is activated by the movement of animals in the garden. You’ll need to position it somewhere close to the areas where cats are likely to come or are there.

These devices emit a sound that humans can’t hear but that cats find highly irritating and will be most effective if they can travel as far as possible.

Final Words

If you want to stop cats digging in flower beds, you’ll need to be diligent. Once they discover that they can feed in your garden without being detected, they’re likely to keep coming back. Cats can be sneaky creatures so you’ll need to keep an eye on your garden at all times to ensure that it remains cat-free. If you’re having trouble keeping cats out of your garden, don’t give up. Keep at it, and you’re sure to find a method that works for your garden.

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