Home Improvement Tips & Ideas For The New Year!

Over the past year, if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that our homes are truly our safehavens. When everything else goes wrong, there’s no other place you can be safer and no other place you can truly relax. Social distancing may have forced us all indoors, but over time it’s safe to say that most of us have gotten accustomed to it. Whereas previously, you might not have spent enough time indoors to realize what was missing and how you could improve your space, you now do.

Home Improvement Tips For This New Year!

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Personalizing your home comes with a range of benefits. It allows you to make your home a better reflection of your taste and create a much more comfortable space. So, if you’re looking for tips and tricks to make your home look even more attractive, keep reading below. These tips will help you prepare your home just as New Year’s Eve comes around!

#1 Streamline

One of the best ways to improve your home is by streamlining the place. Most of us have a ton of clutter lying around, which can impact our homes. This cannot only affect the appearance, but it can also make your home seem more cramped, stuffy, and suffocating, and that’s not the vibe you want to go with. So, before you get started on anything else, you need to streamline and do away with anything you might not need. These can include furniture, appliances, décor, and other pieces you haven’t used for at least a year.

Once you’ve sorted out what you do and don’t need, you can start putting it away. This doesn’t mean you need to toss it all in a spare room or give it away. Instead, you can use a storage unit to store everything away safely. If you’re in Thousand Oaks, California, you can find a storage unit nearby easily. These units are incredibly safe to store away just about anything. You can look up the keywords ‘self storage Thousand Oaks near me’, and you can find secure, affordable, and spacious units to store your precious belongings.

#2 Liven up your laundry and powder rooms

Even if you’re into home décor, most of us mistake neglecting certain areas when undertaking home improvement tasks. Some of the most commonly overlooked areas are the laundry room, powder room, and mudroom. We often feel these areas serve no purpose apart from functionality and neglect them in terms of décor. However, doing so can make your entire home feel drab and incomplete.

The mudroom, in particular, is vital to your home’s aesthetic. It’s the first place people see when they walk in, and if it looks dull, it can leave anunpleasant impression on your visitors. Instead, you can experiment and liven up these areas immensely. An excellent, cost-effective way to brighten up these areas is by adding bright paint or wallpaper.

Bright, poppy colors can give an instant boost and can make these areas look instantly more attractive. They can also lend a warmer vibe to the rest of your home and make the place seem much more welcoming. However, if you’re adding brighter hues, be sure to balance it out by adding them on just one wall.

#3 Pay attention to detail

Successful home improvement is all about being meticulous and paying attention to even the most minor details. You might focus on the large things, such as the walls, centerpieces, walkway, and more. However, the small things often go neglected. These can include doorknobs, bookends, book covers, curtain tassels, doormats, and more. If you do up every one of these things, your home can look ready for every event.

When it comes to your bookshelves, adding chic bookends can be incredibly impactful. Additionally,suppose you’re looking for a way to glam up worn-out book covers. In that case, you can cover them in metallic, marbleized paper. This can make each book seem magical and can make your bookshelves stand out. Apart from glamming up your bookshelves, you can focus on your curtains.

Add tassels and tiebacks to draw the viewer’s eye to the finer details and keep them interested. Adding eye-catching doorknobs is yet another way to make your home look complete. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can complete the look by adding bright, classy switches.

#4 Revive your pantry

Your kitchen is easily one of the essential parts of your home. It’s easily the area that gets the most traffic and the area where you make some of the best memories. Whether you’re whipping up breakfast in bed for your partner, cooking with the kids, or making yourself a comforting meal, the kitchen has a comfort that cannot be paralleled. So, if you aren’t paying attention to your kitchen, you’re doing your home and its inhabitants a disservice.

One of the biggest yet seemingly irrelevant ways in which we can neglect the kitchen is the pantry. Most of us have jars and boxes strewn around, and the most we do is organize them in the cabinets. However, if you want to focus on home improvement, you should go the extra mile. This can include bringing back mason jars, pantry organizers, and more. Storing spices, dry ingredients, cereals, and more in labeled jars can make your kitchen seem incredibly warm and welcoming and make a huge impact.

#5 Add some greenery

Last but not least. Adding some greenery is easy one of the best ways to brighten up your home. This step is crucial for people with limited access to green spaces, such as residents in apartments. Having the greenery come to you can make your home seem like a more positive space and increase your productivity.

Gardening can quickly become an addictive hobby. You can add indoor herb gardens, flowers, money plants, and other easy-to-maintain yet stunning collections when adding greenery. This can be an incredibly productive way to spend your time while improving your home.


Home improvement can seem like an arduous undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be with these tips. These tips can help you beautify your home and increase functionality, all while being incredibly affordable. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, these tips can work for everyone and every budget.

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