Fast Growing Flowers For Classroom: Make Kids Love Gardening!

Have you ever thought of growing flower plants in classrooms, being a teacher? Otherwise, as a parent, think how the classroom will be if flowers decorate it lively? Read this post on fast growing flowers for classroom, join hands and create green classrooms for kids to learn pleasantly.

Why Fast Growing Flower Plants for Kids?

Indeed, to tract kid’s attention and interest towards gardening, there are few considerations. The seeds or plants you are choosing must be germinating soon. Further, it has to produce a crop quickly. Above all, it needs less maintenance, unless watering and necessary feedings.

Hence, it is obvious to choose flowering plants matching these criteria. There are Schools and teachers encouraging kids to grow flowering plants to gift it to their Mom’s on Mother’s Day.

Fast Growing Flowers for Classrooms

The flowering plants that are appealing to the sense of children likely be their favorites to grow. Like, if a flower smells interesting, or makes some sound, flavoured, or beautifully colored.

I am here putting together some of the typical but fast growing flowers for classroom that kids would love to grow.


Snap Dragon

The flower name itself sounds to be funny. SnapDragon flowering plants can add bright color pops to your classroom area. Children love to grow SnapDragon as it has a unique characteristic. It’s fun to pinch to make its mouth and close.

Kids would often engage with snapping the flower heads. Like other flowers to grow in classrooms, snapdragon also comes in multiple colors. You can either grow it in containers in case of classrooms. Otherwise, you can plant it along the border of the garden area.


The sunny flowers that has appealing bright yellow petals commonly. Sunflower seeds can even germinate within a week. These flowering plants would grow taller but very soon. Kids will find it interesting to grow sunflower plants in classrooms since a plant yields only a single flower. The exciting characteristic is that the flower faces the sun from sunrise to set.

Surprisingly, to make your job easy, even Sunflower grow kits are available in the market.



With its wonderful mix of colors and pleasing scent, marigolds have always favorite to children. There are many varieties in colors and flower petals shape. These flowering plants can yield more flowers. And these plants can even grow in smaller containers. Hence, these are best plants to grow in classrooms.

Marigolds are very easy to grow it from seeds as it doesn’t need much maintenance. Moreover, you can keep growing marigold plants for the whole year as its fallen seeds would be germinating itself. You don’t necessarily be collecting the seeds and then planting it for germination.



Zinnias are same as that of marigolds. It comes in different attracting colors and sizes. Though it may be less-smelling but you can mix planting different colors to make it more appealing. Or you can grow particular color

Zinnias in a single container. Organize the containers in different patterns based on the Zinnia colors and decorate your classrooms.

Fun Containers To Grow Flowers in Classrooms

Of course, we have seen some interesting but fast growing flowers for classroom. What kind of containers to use? Let me share you a few fun containers to grow flowers in the classrooms.

Clay Pots

Clay pots will be the most exciting container to grow any plants. It can retain the wetness ensuring plants better growth and yield. So, you may use tiny clay pots for growing flowers in your classrooms. You may also paint the clay pots in different colors and designs to make it more decorative.

Plastic cups & Cans

Plastic pots

Kids are in love with juices, ready-made snacks and drinks. As they finish it off, use those cups and cans to grow your plants. It will be more attracting and you can easily trash it. You don’t require maintaining to use it again. Just throw it off and go for another after growing your flowering plants for a while.

Glass Dishes

To make it appealing, growing flowering plants in glass dishes is of great idea. But, make sure you are placing it in a idle place and not-to-disturb it often. Since, it is easily breakable.

Egg Shells

Egg shells may be tricky for young children to prepare it for growing seeds. Take the egg shell in hands, using a pin put a small hole in its bottom. Just put single seed in an egg shell. Kids can draw faces on the egg shells or name it as they like. Apart from small flowering plants, children can try growing wheat or oat grasses to have the green classrooms.

Pro-tips: For any of the flowering plants or containers you go, prefer to spray the water not pouring. Take a water bottle and poke multiple holes in its head. Fill it up with water and use it for spraying water for the plants that you grow in the classrooms.

Singing Off: Fast Growing Flowers For Classrooms

Hope you love this article about the fast growing flower plants for the classrooms, and containers to plant it. Have a try, grow your favorite colored marigolds or zinnias, organize and decorate your classrooms.

You may also gift it to your favorite teachers on Teacher’s Day or on their birthdays. Why not, you may share it with your friends or classmates as a symbol of love and friendship.

Essential Planting Supplies To Grow Flower Seeds Faster

Seed Starter Mix

Flower Seeds

Seedling Trays or Grow Bags

Water Can  with Sprayer

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