How To Create A Relaxing Home Office?

Are you currently working from home and wondering how you can scale up your productivity? Frankly, working from home can be difficult, especially if there is more than one working adult. You might also be tempted to discard your work and plop yourself on the sofa.

How to Create a Relaxing Home Office?

create relaxing home office

To be productive and maintain a healthy work-home balance, you can create a nice home office space. Well, you have to plan the layout and structure of your home office carefully. In this article, we will provide you with helpful tips on how to create that relaxing home office.

#1 Consider basic wire management

The best place to start on the layout is to ensure you keep everything neat and tidy. For starters, nobody would like to work in an office full of messy cords and wires. Use clamps and zip wires to manage the cables in your home office to make it aesthetically pleasing at a meager cost.

#2 Invest in a standing desk

Sitting down for long hours is bad for your health as specific muscles become overworked. You could opt to invest in a height-adjustable standing desk or a standing desk extender. The latter alternative is cheaper and allows you to convert any surface into a standing desk.

#3 Declutter the space regularly

It is easy to lose track of time between work and home duties when you forget to clean your work office. Allocate time in your schedule to clean your home office and ensure the files and books on your desk are neatly arranged. Use detergents and special solutions on the floors and surfaces to get rid of all the dirt. Keep a trash bin and a dustpan and broom nearby to ease cleaning up any mess.

#4 Ensure you have high internet speed

Using an internet connection that is lagging can be very frustrating. You might also find yourself getting distracted easily when your workflow is constantly being disrupted. Do regular Wi-Fi speed checks and place your router high off the ground and away from other devices that can disturb its signal.

#5 Select a comfortable work chair

You will be spending most of your time seated in your home office, so make sure your work chair is comfortable and supports your back correctly.

#6 Maximize on natural lighting

Set up your home office in a manner that allows you to get as much natural light as possible to save up on utility bills and boost your productivity. Position your office desk next to a window where you can get maximum sunlight. If your home office does not have much access to sunlight, ensure you install ambient lighting so that you do not strain your eyes.

#7 Create a brainstorming corner

Sometimes, the best ideas come to you when you are away from your desk. Create a space in your office to brainstorm. Bring in a sofa or put up a whiteboard with easy access to markers to allow your mind to think freely.

#8 Bring nature into your home office

It is also good to bring nature into your home office to cozy up and give you a relaxing mood. One of the six principles of biophilic design is to include environmental features such as green plants that help purify the air and elevate your mood. Going green also adds color to your workspace and makes the environment more relaxing. Creating direct contact with vegetation is one way to connect our artificial environments with the natural environment, boosting productivity. Add some plants into your home office, and you will experience a positive change.

#9 Ensure proper ventilation

Working in a stuffy room can make it hard to concentrate. Ensure your home office is well-ventilated and keep your indoor humidity between 30% and 50%. Open the windows and let the fresh air flow in!

#10 Choose a relaxing color pallet

Pick bright colors such as white that induce energy and avoid dull colors as they make you feel lethargic and less motivated to accomplish tasks. Choose textures and textiles that complement each other and make you feel calm. You also need to avoid chaotic colors that will end up distracting you from your work.

#11 Invest in a second monitor

If you are not a fan of juggling windows, a second monitor will significantly boost your productivity. A second monitor makes multitasking more manageable and allows you to get your work done faster. It is advisable to buy a model similar to your current monitor to have the same experience.

#12 Follow ergonomic rules

Sitting down for long hours is sometimes inevitable, especially if you have a very demanding task. Again, maintaining good posture is crucial to your overall health as you work from home. Your arms should be parallel to the floor, and your back and neck should be kept straight. Avoid sitting in a slouching position to prevent injuring your back.

#13 Have an agreement with family members

Ensure your family members know your working hours and request them not to interrupt you. Instruct them to give you privacy until you can complete your tasks if there are multiple working adults, alternate house chores, and duties so that no one feels overwhelmed.

#14 Minimize distractions

Avoid working from the living room where most people congregate to relax. Keep working, and living areas separate so that your brain associates your home office with work and being productive.

#15 Personalize your workspace with decor

A fantastic perk about home offices is that you can decorate them however you like to suit your personal preferences. Good decor and artwork can elevate your mood and boost productivity.

#16 Purchase keyboards and mice

Please do not underestimate the comfort and productivity that come with using a comfortable mouse and keyboard. When buying a keyboard, go for the mechanical ones that provide good feedback and comfort, especially for writers. Coders and gamers will benefit significantly from using mice. Select a mouse that is large and fits your hand comfortably. Avoid the small travel mice as they are not suitable for long-term use.

Wrap up – How to create a calming home office?

Your home office is where you will be spending most of your day. Strive to make your workspace as relaxing and as comfortable as possible so you can get important work done. Select the tips that resonate with you and you will work better!

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