How To Create A Luxury Master Bathroom Oasis?

Your master bathroom is not just another room in the house, but a place where you can build your own little piece of heaven that can help you escape the stress of daily life.

Creating a Luxury Master Bathroom Oasis

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If you always dreamed of creating a soothing spot where you can retreat in your own home, take inspiration from the following tips that will help you transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis:

#1 Create an Open Floor Plan

Whatever the size of your bathroom may be, using an open layout will increase its flexibility and add a greater sense of quality to the space. Therefore, if there are walls separating different parts of the room, taking them down would be the first step towards giving your bathroom the open feeling of a spa. And even if that is not doable, you can still create a sense of space by simply floating the toilet and the vanity off the floor, or by installing a curbless shower.

#2 Add Luxury to the Shower

Many homeowners make the mistake of not including a well-designed shower in their remodelling plan, forgetting that the spot where they actually start their day is essential for the overall ambience of the room.

So, while choosing the design, you should look for bathroom supplies according to how you want your bathroom to look and feel.

For a truly luxurious shower experience and spa feel, it is essential to choose the right shower, considering different head options like rainfall or ceiling-mounted ones, as well as different levels of pressure that you’re most comfortable with.

And if you wish to add more functionality to the shower, you may be interested in some high-end options like programmable showers that can adjust to the needs of different individuals in your household.

#3 Stick to Clean Lines

In order to be able to fully unwind in your little oasis, you need to minimize clutter and use clean lines that will help your mind stay away from distractions. The best way to achieve this is to use both open and closed storage which will allow you to display the items that contribute to the overall design of the space, and keep all the other ones hidden from sight.

For example, you can keep a set of beautiful, fluffy towels in the open storage, as well as some smaller details like salt soaks, elegant soaps, and pretty lotion jars.

#4 Pick the Colour Palette Wisely

A spa-like bathroom should have a calming effect, and opting for a warm and neutral colour palette is the ideal choice that will help you set the mood and never become overwhelming to the eyes. Many actual spas choose to decorate their space with muted earth tones and details made of natural elements like cedar, river rock, and bamboo.

#5 Stay Cozy with Heated Floors

Stepping out of the shower and landing your feet on a heated floor is one of the coziest feelings ever, and you should consider treating yourself with such an indulgence. If you decide to do so, it is better to get porcelain tiles instead of ceramic ones since porcelain itself is not that cold. And if you’re really into the cushy feeling of added warmth, you can also get a wall-mounted towel rack with heating that will keep the towels warm at all times.

#6 Use Layered Lighting

When you wish to create a relaxing atmosphere, nothing will help you more than modifiable lighting, and in order to keep the bathroom both comfortable and functional when it comes to daily routines, you need to consider different types of fixtures.

For example, in order to have perfect conditions for grooming, you will want to include some overhead lighting and mirror sconces, and when it comes to creating a calming ambience, you will need under-cabinet lighting and dimmer switches. Also, consider adding a decorative fixture or a statement chandelier as a final touch to the design project.

Moreover, if you enjoy natural light, you can add more windows or expand the existing ones, and if you’re willing to go a step further, you can even install a skylight.

The image of an ideal spa-like bathroom really depends on your taste. However, if you take inspiration from the ideas listed above, you will soon be ready to start creating the initial draft for your amazing remodelling project that will take you one step closer to the oasis you deserve.

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