How To Add A Contemporary Touch To Your Traditional Homes?

There are several types of home decors trending in today’s time. People are open to experimenting with the interiors and exterior of their homes to give them a new look. The new buildings in metropolitan cities have a modern build-up in everything; thus, it is easier to find your dream home.

Adding Contemporary Touch to your Traditional Home

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But if you live in a more traditional home, it is not easy to renovate it into a modern one. Renovating the whole house can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you can use different ways to add a modern touch to your traditional home. This article mentions tips to help you modernize the house without spending a fortune. Read on!

#1 Go minimalistic

The best approach to adding a modern touch to your home is to go minimalistic. You should replace the ornamental windows with single-pane windows, use soft roman shades instead of decorative curtains, and tone down the lighting to make the room look prominent. Likewise, you can apply the minimalist approach to decor items and paint colors.

If you are looking for a way to design a serene and warm minimalist home, you should also consider using monochromatic and modern upholstery fabrics as an essential feature of your minimalist design. The key to finding a fabric that works for your style is to choose one that is most suited for your home. For instance, a fabric that is bold, bright, and attention-grabbing might be best suited for a home with a lot of natural light. If you are looking for a fabric that is more muted, colors like greys and blacks will work best. The best type of fabric to use in your space depends on the style of your home.

#2 Mix and match the old and new

Another easy way to create a modernized home is to mix and match the old elements with something new. There may be some decor items and accessories that you want to use; you can combine them with modern furniture pieces such as book racks, showpiece space, etc. you’d be surprised to note how mixing these two can create a unique look for your home. It will have a modern charm with a hint of traditional elements, making it look calmingly beautiful.

For example, if you have a collection of antique flintlock pistol replicas that you want to display, you can arrange them in a custom glass display case. For an added modern flair, line the inside of the display case with LED lighting to better illuminate your collection.

#3 Replace the flooring

It should be the last resort; however, if you have the budget, you can go for floor replacement. Traditional homes have more colorful or vibrant flooring, making the space look smaller. So, it would help if you replaced it with modern and neutral colored flooring such as tiles, wooden flooring, etc. It will make the space look sharper and larger. Homeowners love the look their homes get after changing the flooring.

#4 Declutter and streamline the stuff

Decluttering helps find the right balance in your room. Many small elements in a room make it look messy; however, when you remove the unwanted stuff from your space, you will notice a huge difference. Furthermore, streamlining the leftover elements gives the room a more sophisticated look. In addition, it reduces your task of dusting and cleaning. Modern style is more about keeping the spaces uncluttered.

#5 Introduce transitional furniture

It is important to note that your furniture plays a significant role in completing the look of your home. A traditional home will have ornamental furniture pieces that take up a lot of space, so first, you should remove the extra furniture and keep what is required. You can introduce transitional sofas in your living room. They are sleek enough to give a modern look and bulky enough to complement the traditional elements in the room. You can choose upholstered material or textured fabrics like chenille.

Final words

Today, having your hands on a traditional home is a good thing. You can make little changes here and there to give a modernized touch without rebuilding the house from scratch. For instance, removing the extra wall art and decor elements, adding roman shades, decluttering the home, etc., can do the job for you. Make the residence look as spacious as possible, and you are halfway through with the modern look.

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