Read This Before Buying Your Next Massage Chair!

Who says you can’t have a deep tissue massage without a masseuse kneading hard. Or you can’t experience the emotional calmness of shiatsu massages without lying on a spa bed.

A massage chair is an amalgamation of everything you could ever wish for in a massage therapy. From Acupressure to reflexology, these chairs are all-in-one machines that give you the goodness of a soothing massage whenever you feel like getting one.

Buying Massage Chair

If you are interested in buying one someday, here are basic talking points to kickstart your purchase conversation.

#1 Massage Track

Whenever you are ready to buy, your first consideration should be the track system. There are two basic track systems S-Track and L-Track. However, some newer models combine both track systems. They are called Hybrid-Track Systems.

  • ┬áS-Track

The S-Track roller takes the natural S shape of the spine, extending from your neck down to the area under your gluteus muscles. S-Track is the industry standard design. They are slightly shorter than L-track and come at a lesser price.

  • L-Track

The L-Track reaches further than S-Track to take massage to the next level. It follows the curvature of the spine and reaches beyond your lower back to under the glutes and thigh.

  • The Hybrid L/S Track

Hybrid track combines the extended reach of L-Track with the spinal stretching flexibility of S-Track. The best roller track is adjustable to different heights and widths, irrespective of the track design.

#2 Massage Depth or Intensity

Different strokes for different folks. That’s what your massaging needs will be like. You must understand the massage intensity of a chair. The depth of a massage chair depends on the number of motors within the chair. So, the more strength you want in your chair, the higher the number of motors you should select.

The intensity of the roller can help you customize your massage depth. There are three different roller systems. Each system has a distinct degree of penetration.

  • 2D Massage Roller

The 2D massage system gives a casual and the most basic massaging function. They work only in 2 dimensions- either up-down or left-right. 2D rollers work the surface without any deep penetration.

  • 3D Massage Roller

The majority of modern massage chairs have a 3D roller mechanism. They are more intense in their penetration and work deeper into the muscles. They operate tri-dimensionally on the X, Y, and Z-axis.

  • 4D Massage Roller

The highest degree of penetration and massage intensity is found in the 4D rollers. These rollers hit the body at various angles and offer a deep tissue massage. You can adjust the depth of the massage by using a remote to control how long you want the roller head to protrude.

Other features of massage chairs include but are not limited to the following;

  • Heat therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Vibration
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Air Massage Mode
  • Zero-Gravity Seating etc.


Massage chairs can give the therapeutic benefit of mental and physical wellness. Whenever you are ready to buy one, the above is fundamental knowledge. You shouldn’t start a purchase conversation without them.

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