Bamboo Plant For Office Desk – Is It Good Or Bad To Grow?

Are you a workaholic? Still, success seems a little far?

LUCK – may be the small word that you don’t have belief in. However, let’s give it a try.

Try placing bamboo plants in your office! Despite its vastu or Feng Shui benefits, the lovely green bamboo plant on office desk can keep you energetic throughout the day. Indeed, you can be more productive in your work.

Today, let’s get a bamboo plant for office desk and see the wonders!

Small Bamboo Plant for Office Desk

bamboo plant for office desk

By the way, you don’t be a gardener or expert in horticulture to grow a small bamboo plant for desk. Also, a bamboo plant doesn’t occupy more space of your office desk.

So, it’s never a bad idea to have a bamboo plant on office desk.

What it brings when you place a bamboo plant at your office desk? Let’s have a glimpse look at the benefits of potting lucky bamboo plants in your office.

Bamboo Plant at Office Desk – What are the benefits?

Buy a bamboo plant for office desk to enhance your business wealth and fuel your recognition. But, know the benefits before –

  • The four stalked lucky bamboo can throw away the negativity in your work location and employee’s mind.
  • The six stalked bamboo plant ties with a red ribbon can bring luck, though you don’t believe in luck.
  • Curly or twisted bamboo plants can give ambience look to your office desk and work place.
  • Like any other indoor plants for office, bamboo plant can also purify the air, especially for the offices with no windows.

Knowing the ideal direction to place bamboo plant for office desk, make your office a place of productivity. Make your employees feel fresh and energetic offering them a eco-friendly environment to work.

Best Lucky Bamboo Plant for Office Desk

benefits of bamboo plant in homeGenerally, growing bamboo plant in a round glass pot would give an appealing look and of course, the plant will be healthy with full roots and leaves. Here, I shall get you an opportunity to buy the lucky bamboo plant for office desk that is affordable – just cost you few dollars.

“The two layer bamboo plant would be the best feng shui element you can add to your office”, comments plant & horticulturist professional Pol Bishop. “Every new growing leaf can bring luck and prosperity. The glass pot filled with color jelly beans would be appealing placing this bamboo plant on your office desk.” he adds. So, put them in such attractive glass bowl and decor your space.

This bamboo plant for office desk requires partial exposure to sunlight. Water these bamboo plants thrice a week to ensure better growth. Besides, this greenish lucky bamboo plant can also be a better option for business gifting.

As a traditional symbol of happiness, wealth and health, bring this two layer lucky bamboo plant to your office desk, today.

You may use filtered or distilled water to grow it. Replace the same once in 15 days. Make sure to maintain the water level above the plant roots.

Make sure to keep the roots covered with water at all the times, when you grow this plant in water.

Too much direct sunlight might burn it leaves. Probably, since you place it on your office desk, there would be lesser chance for the exposure to direct sunlight. When it comes to the plant maintenance, cut the offshoots only as it grows, not the main stalk. Moreover, imported from China, it comes with Phyto certificate.

FAQ – Bamboo Plant on Office Desk

If you’re still wondering about choosing the bamboo plant for office desk, here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers.

How many bamboo stalks are lucky for business?

Like the having a bamboo plant at home, different stalked bamboo in office offer certain benefits, especially, the six stalk bamboo plant brings in prosperity and eight stalk represents growth.

Where should I put my bamboo plant in office?

Since we keep the miniature bamboo plant for vastu and Feng shui benefits, it’s good to keep it on office desk. Also, it gives you fresh look and energy to work more productively.

Which plant is best for office desk?

You have plenty of choices like devil’s ivy, peace lily, cacti, bamboo plant and so on.

Is bamboo plant good for office?

The bamboo plants are considered lucky, auspicious and easy to grow. Indeed, it brings good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Final Words – Lucky Bamboo for Office Desk

So, there is no perfect day than today to get a lucky bamboo plant for your office desk or gift the one to your employees or corporate friends. Décor your office desk with a bamboo plant today and work more productive!

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